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  1. Rroe

    Sure hope they pay the Cast Member a BIG extra bonus to clean those gross carpets shown on the attached TikTok video…..UGH!!!!!!

  2. d

    I rode it once and although it’s an awesome ride I won’t ride it again until they tone it down. Too much preparation like don’t eat or drink anything 3 hours before, you have to look a certain way during the ride but the worst was when the ride was finished and we were in the holding area before getting off, the seat bar was laying hard on my stomach making me get very nausea. They should make the bar raise about 1/2″ when in the holding area. That will help.

  3. Ron

    Rode it a 4 times in two different trips. If you get motion sickness, don’t take the chance. Saw people vomiting into the trash cans at the end of the ride 3 of the 4 times. A 75% puke rate is not a coincidence. It’s a cool ride but not worth losing your $50 Space 220 lunch over. 🙂

  4. Mickeymouse3

    I guess “hurling through space” takes on a whole different meaning now.

    1. CarolineRN

      OMGOSH waaay too funny… good one!

  5. Deb

    Even if I didn’t get motion sickness the sight sounds and smells of riders being sick would 100% make me sick 🤢

  6. John G.

    Y’all are entitled to your opinions and observations, God bless America, but I’ve never seen nor heard of from anyone who has ridden the ride of someone throwing up, high fiving at the end definitely. In my opinion it’s the best ride in Disney. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but hey we all make choices, if you have to worry about not eating for hours before going on a ride I don’t know what to tell you and good luck…defiantly do not tone it down, it’s perfect. Have a great day everyone.

    1. Ecajoe

      I have to agree 100%. If you have motion sickness why get on any ride. You’re probably going to toss your lunch on the teacups. Cosmic Rewind is totally awesome and needs to stay exactly the way it is. A little tip for the sensitive people. Keep your head straight and look forward to where the ride guides you. You should be fine.

  7. Tedd

    It’s interesting how this ride affects certain people. I did it last week and (as a guy who about lost my lunch on Hardy Potter Forbidden Journey) I was completely fine. But I could certainly see how others could be affected.

  8. john j

    definitely NOT TRUE. BEST RIDE IN DISNEY WORLD. I have been on the ride about 10 times and i have never seen anyone get sick. the coaster is the smoothest ride ever. its like being on an invisible rail. i have no idea how anyone can get sick on this ride and i get nauseous on certain rides like the tea cups or any ride with a video screen like flight of passage or star tours, but guardians is literally like sailing through the air.

    1. Debbie

      Asked workers before if nausea was problem on ride…assured me…no. So sick afterwards that took at least hour to get back to hotel.

    2. DC

      Just because YOU didn’t see anyone get sick, doesn’t mean it doean’t happen.

  9. Michelle

    Never get sick on anything BUT THIS. Threw up 4 times and had to leave Epcot in a wheelchair because Disney thought it was a good idea to make you climb up and down many steps when exiting. All this with taking motion sickness med beforehand!

    1. Randy Hodo

      ALRIGHT, Disney finally built a ride that could be called the vomit comet.

    2. Joey C

      I feel SORRY FOR YOU…no really I feel sorry for you please be safe in life.

  10. Tim Morath

    It’s an intense and awesome ride. But just like other movie rides, if your head motion is not synchronized with the vehicle, you can get nauseous. Thankfully, they did a good job of placing the video where your focus should be to match the vehicle motion. So as long as you stay focused on the action, you’ll be fine. 🙂

  11. SP

    Love! Love! Love this ride. No problems with motion sickness for us. I’m not sure there is a ride created that can make me sick, including the TeaCups. Please don’t “tone it down”. If it is too intense for certain people, then they need to avoid riding it which could help decrease the line size

  12. Anna

    I have severe anxiety about rollercoasters (Had a literal panic attack in line), and I get motion sick while just in the car.. rode this during passholder preview, didn’t feel an ounce of sickness. (got off with a headache though. Nothing a little Starbucks can’t cure!) My advice: sit on the left side of the coaster, and sit in the middle row. Minimal G-force and you feel less drops which def helped my motion sickness & will prob help others. 🙂

  13. Michelle

    I was I need to ride as part of our day at the Epcot food and wine festival needless to say at noon when we got on the ride and I got off the ride I had to go lay down and we left the park shortly after I spent all that money and didn’t get to eat or drink or enjoy the rest of the day and it took me two days to recover from the motion sickness

  14. JC

    Rode it twice last weekend- I’m SUPER prone to motion sickness so I took Dramamine. I didn’t get sick, so I presume the Dramamine did it’s thing. I also never saw anyone else puking afterwards FWIW. For those that haven’t ridden yet- I describe it as a mix of the soundtrack off Rockin Rollercoaster, the atmosphere and coaster experience of Space Mountain while doing the teacups at the same time! The spinning really gets you—

  15. Jess

    My daughter kept her eyes closed & got really queasy afterwards. The cast member at the exit handed us a sickness bag & let us sit on a bench outside the exit. She was the only one on our ride that was compromised. I’m prone to motion sickness & didn’t take any Dramamine that day & thought it was one of the most amazing rides I’ve ever been on!

  16. Tony

    I can vouch for the motion sickness. I think this between 5 days of roller coasters triggered my dizziness issue I thought I beat in 2017. 2 months later, I’m still dealing with it.

  17. Lynatic

    I have a random brain issue, so Im probably one of those ppl that shouldn’t ride….but I did it anyways and it was AWESOME! I came off the ride walking funny for a few mins but other than that I was fine. Definitely keep your head back and straight! Wait for me Galaxy Rewind, I’ll be back!

  18. Kedra Wellborn

    Knowing it would likely make me sick (because a lot of rides do), I purchased “Queasy Pops” from Amazon and they got me through the ride with only the tinest bit of motion sickness. Now I take those with me to the parks whenever I go so I don’t have to miss out on rides like this one.

  19. Lori

    Best ride for now at Disney! My granddaughter loved it too. Sorry for those w motion sensitivity. I’d like to know if those folks skip The Tea Cups? If they do, then why are you choosing to attempt GoG at all? There are plenty of warnings posted. We Hope Disney doesn’t tone it down at all.

  20. Sarge

    I can’t be the only one that assumed this story was about “It’s a Small World”….

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