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A woman speaking at a camera, an angry emoji, a sign advertising wheelchair rentals at Disneyland.


  1. Steve

    They’re worried about stools while fatties in scooters run people down. Ban scooters.

    1. Deb

      You are ridiculous.

    2. Jan K.

      Tacky comment do you know what has caused the weight gain for these people some have a weight gain due to medications do you know this? I go to WDW as often as possible and have medical issues that just looking at me you would never see but if you knew just half of them you would understand and not be so judgmental for those of us needing DAS.

      1. Steve

        Oh yeah every fatty at Disney has a medical condition, it is called being lazy and eating too much.

        1. Jo

          What about people who are in scooters due to medical issues three tours in Iraq and can no longer walk properly? Ban scooters for those people too?

      2. Shadup

        Spotted the fatty!

      3. Shadup

        What’s tacky is fatties running over people in their fatty mobiles

        1. You’re the AH who jumps in front of a scooter without looking and then expect them to stop the scooter on a dime so they don’t run you over. You are disgusting

  2. Jaxx

    These stools should be banned, or eventually everyone, no matter what their “needs” are, will be sitting in line.

    If you can’t stand in line, get a disability pass (if you truly need one) and then come back at the time they provide. It’s not rocket science.

    1. Javie

      I have 4 herniated discs on my neck and back that I am treated for, but as long as I can keep moving, I do ok. I have a pretty good pain tolerance. Indo ok with moving lines. But standing still in lines when they aren’t moving can start to get excruciating for me. I have to crouch and my husband rubs my back to help. I dont look like I have any disability. A little stool would help, but I don’t really need the full accommodation of an accessibility pass. That should be for those who really need them. A small accommodation that takes up a lot less room than strollers and those giant backpacks, etc seems like a nice compromise. How damaging to your life is someone carrying a little stool? Also, sometimes I do need to sit for a moment while you are walking through the park and all the benches and seating are taken up. Again, walking is good for my pain, so a scooter or wheelchair is a bad idea for me, but a small stool could make my experience a lot nicer. I just don’t understand how that hurts anyone else’s experience or causes danger to anyone.

      1. Jmc

        Javie, I couldn’t agree more. Some people will never understand what TRUE BACK AND NECK PAIN really is. I have similar problems and more. I go for injection every 3 months to take off the edge. Sometimes i sit on the ground when waiting to take away the pain. Then you hear people making comments. We will never win. I like those who complain about possibly using a small seat to walk in our shoes for a day. Some people will never see others disabilities.

      2. CB

        Not to be insensitive, but with a bad back, do uou teally think it is ideal to go on rides?

    2. Clifton Brewer

      So, how exactly does someone sitting in line bother you more than someone standing in line?

    3. E

      They changed their policy on DAS. It is only given for mental health, autism and similar concerns. Mobility issues are no longer a valid reason for DAS issuance.

    4. Bob

      Disney no longer provides dis pas for people who cant stand or walk for prolonged periods of time even if you show medical proof. They force you to rent their outrageous priced scooters or wheelchairs unless you have your own of course.

  3. Will

    Walkers have a built in seat. They are easy to fold up and set aside when you’re on a ride.

  4. George Reynolds III

    I can understand Disney’s point of view…. These portable stools could possible be used as a weapon!

    1. BJ

      So could a normal standard cane.

    2. Steve

      Ridiculous claim. You know that has nothing to do with this.

    3. Beverly

      I’ve gotten hit and tripped so many times by all that stuff And! And I’m sorry but its mostly the morbidly obese that are to lazy to walk or stand

  5. Steven

    First off name calling won’t fix nothing. I understand why Disney is doing this.

    1. Confused

      Name calling won’t fix anything. Are you really trying to argue that name calling fixes things?

    2. bna

      To all who are throwing down the “fatty” card in these comments – just remember, karma’s a b!tch. It may be you, it may be someone you love, but one day you’re going to understand.

  6. Sarah

    This is so people don’t use them for fireworks or waiting am saving spots for fireworks. Plain and simple.

  7. Martha

    To those who say to ban those small chairs, I hope when you get older and things don’t work as well as they do now…suffer when having to stand in any line. For a lot of us, we don’t need to cry “disabled” to get ahead in any line, we don’t require wheelchairs or walkers, just something to keep us comfortable for a short time. We don’t bother anyone, why make us suffer. So, if Disney decides to “ban” these items. I guess they don’t want my money.

    1. Roberta Frisbie

      Begin a disabled person I would think I that a little stool would be allowed to help us. You all should worry about bigger things and make your parks safer

      1. Confused

        Where at Disney have you ever felt unsafe?

        1. Jo

          The bathroom. Main Street. Haven’t you seen the videos of the crazy fights that have been breaking out?

      2. NewJerseyfan

        The solution is to use a cane with a seat attached if the person is that able, so they can walk and rest as needed..

    2. Poofy

      Sounds like a personal problem. I mean everyone has one.

    3. Poofy

      There’s plenty of paying customers. They’ll be ok.

    4. L

      Please add more obscure acronyms and advertising.

  8. M. Stein

    Yes, most certainly! I’ve had several back surgeries & cannot stand or walk for over 10 minutes without excruciating pain in my lower back & burning pain down one leg. I carry I tiny folding stool that weighs about 1 pound and hangs on my shoulder. I use it to get thru art shows, etc. WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM? I have a mobility problem & they seem to want to ignore it & make me suffer? How nice of the Disney people!

  9. Diane M Miller

    Enjoy just my memories of when Disneyland was a magical place with my family. The idea of reservations for everything makes it less of an adventure. No more.

    1. Joem

      Wrong article.

  10. Deb

    My hubby also gets those shots in the back. Last trip the shot wore off 2 days before we flew out. He rented a ECV. Here’s the thing… most people with back issues are limited to what they can ride. I have a DAS. Bottom line is that since the DAS and the Lightning Lane is the same line, it kind of defeats having the DAS if the line is long.

    1. Clifton Brewer

      I also get the shots, the epidural injections, and the RF nerve burns. My neck is fused from C2 all the way down to T1, I have stenosis and collapsed disks down from T4 to T7, and the same from L3 to S5 none of which can be surgically repaired. I also have an implanted spine stimulater that has really stopped helping for the last couple of years. To see me you wouldn’t know that I’m considered 100% disabled from the VA, civil service, and social security. You might know if you saw me from the back with no shirt on From the large collapsed hole in my lower neck going down to my upper back.

      When I go to parks like Disney or Six Flags, etc.I always take my electric wheelchairs otherwise I’d slow down my family a lot. Folks probably look at me like I’m trying to cheat the system when I get up out of my chair and walk fairly well. Then again I play golf as well, as long as I use a cart and have my handicap flag when I’m playing.

  11. Scott

    Why do so many people think they can get away with whatever they want? Just because you have social media and post stuff that a butt load of other wannabe entitled sissies would agree on, they think rules should not apply to them or try and find a loophole somewhere. This country was founded on hard work and determination. The only determination people of this country has is to screw omebody over to get there way. And then act like they love everyone. We are so screwed.

  12. Steve

    Everyone is talking About neck and back issues, cant stand for more than 10 minutes it hurts so bad but yet you’re gonna get on a ride that’s gonna jerk you all around? I guess you could be online to see a show, And before you start crying yes I’ve had Back surgery I guess mine went well,

  13. Chris

    I just rest on my wooden leg which has a fold-out chair built in so someone else can sit too. Also serves as a side table for when I can’t find anywhere to sit my food while standing in line. My leg also has a cup holder and an ash tray so everywhere is a smoking area. Cheers!

  14. Susan

    Your big advertiser, the original flying orb is a scam! Dump them!

  15. Glad to read the article. Coupled with a previous article concerning the long waiting periods in the lines to rides and “Disney Genie”, makes me happy that it has been 30+ years since visiting a Disney park. I can relate to those with back issues and standing for long periods of time. Thankfully the park admission tickets are priced out of reach for my finances and fixed income. Even with free tickets, I wouldn’t want to put up with such B.S.

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