Mind-Blowing Secret Uncovered at Disney’s Creepiest Attraction

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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Credit: Disney

A shocking discovery was made by one curious Disney World Guest.

Credit: Disney

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Walt Disney World is home to some fantastic attractions and experiences. From rides like Space Mountain and Expedition Everest to the Haunted Mansion and “it’s a small world,” there’s truly something for everyone.

However, when it comes to scary encounters, there’s one ride that stands above the rest.

Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the most popular thrill rides located at Walt Disney World Resort. Inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Tower of Terror transports Guests to the Twilight Zone after boarding a maintenance service elevator.

The ride takes Guests up and down and back up again in a randomly-generated pattern of drops. The ride is fun, but half of the experience comes from the theming, which is some of Disney Imagineering’s best.

As soon as Guests see the Hollywood Tower Hotel “towering” in the distance, the mood is set.

Disney's Hollywood Studios
Credit: Disney

When Guests enter the queue, they are met with cracked pavement and cement, as well as overgrown water features and faded tilework. The lobby of the hotel is covered in cobwebs and dust. Upon walking further, Guests will find themselves in the boiler room way below the hotel.

This is the final part of the queue, but the atmosphere and theming don’t stop here. Now Guests actually board the attraction and are transported into “the 5th dimension”.

This is when things go a different direction, quite literally, as the elevator car heads forward and sideways. This is known as the 5th dimension and acts as a space for the ride to enter its second phase, that being the actual drop tower.

Credit: Disney

The ride is several decades old at this point and remains one of the crown jewels of not just Walt Disney World but all of the Disney Parks and Resorts around the world.

However, just because it’s fairly old doesn’t mean that you can’t learn new things about this experience.

twilight zone tower of terror lobby
Credit: Disney

We at Inside the Magic like to think we’re pretty knowledgeable about the Disney Parks and all of the attractions within them, but we have to say we never noticed this fascinating little detail on the Tower of Terror.

A photo of the ride with the lights on was shared on Reddit recently, accompanied by one Guest’s very interesting discovery. You can see the full post down below:

Fun Fact – The 5th dimension transition in the Tower of Terror shows that you’re climbing vertically through the hotel

Fun Fact – The 5th dimension transition in the Tower of Terror shows that you’re climbing vertically through the hotel from WaltDisneyWorld

As you can see, the hallway that is usually super dark is lit up, presumably because the attraction broke down. However, this hallway is more than it seems.

On the sides of the tunnel, you can see more doors to elevators, but these doors are horizontal, indicating you are traveling through a new dimension of the space.

This is admittedly a very small detail, but one that really surprised us when we saw it. This just goes to show you how dedicated Disney Imagineering is to creating detailed and highly-immersive experiences.

Did you know about this hidden detail?

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