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Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith Steven Tyler


  1. Steve

    Which liberal elite did he offend? This is clearly nonsense.

    FYI 16 is an adult in almost the entire world, including most of the US.

    1. Ron Mexico

      Steve you sound like a loser

      1. Steve

        You sound like a liberal.

        1. Bert

          Stevala needs a hug…

    2. Cat

      Steve, the age of consent in Oregon, where the victim lived, is 18. Also, crossing state lines invokes the federal minimum age, which is also 18.

      1. Steve

        I’m sure you cared that much about the letter of the law while your ilk were out burning buildings down. Face it, 16 is an adult and this accusation is likely fabricated even if that wasn’t the case.

      2. Bf

        Cat…what was the age of consent at the time?

    3. Corn Flake


      1. Steve

        Accountable for a false accusation about something that supposedly happened 50 years ago? This is just more Metoo anti-male propaganda.

        1. George

          Why doesn’t Disney bring In the woke crowd and redo the entire park and change the name to WOKENESS ! Have female impersonators greet everyone Gay parades 4 times a day !!

          1. Steve

            4 parades a day? Even in the name of wokeness, modern Disney would never spend that kind of money. They can settle for 2 pride parades and a drag queen story hour.

          2. Michael

            It’s coming to that.

    4. Beth

      16? Are you kidding me?? 16 is still under age. They can’t buy alcohol, they can’t buy cigarettes, their brains aren’t even fully developed. And they are highly influenced. You are disgusting if you think that’s okay. Whether he did it or not doesn’t matter- you excusing the behavior is scary.

      1. Steve

        Good thing we have a brain surgeon here to correct me. I bet they aren’t fully developed until they start suffering from dementia.

        1. Lonnie

          Brain surgeon to correct you. Too late it sounds like the dementia is starting in yours already.

    5. Chris

      You obviously aren’t a parent of a 16 year old haha

  2. Jules

    I think that ride gave me a concussion!

  3. Donna

    Time to add a different band, like Halestorm!

  4. Jon

    Disney-MGM Studios

  5. Janet Winslow

    How can Disney be responsible for a rockers behavior? I do not understand why this was connected to the coaster re teeming. Michael Jackson’s movie ran long after he was involved with children at Neverland Ranch.

    1. AH

      Just a few years ago they had captain eo running in epcot so it cannot be redoing the coaster cause of something that happened 50 years ago.

  6. Joe

    Powerline or Nirvana re-theme or bust lol

  7. Lona L Doyle

    This is nonsense I love you Steven Tyler and Aerosmith 💙❤️💙

    1. Lonnie

      They love you too! But only if your 16 or lower.

  8. Brian

    Perhaps it can now be Tiana’s Terrific Twister. /s

    1. Chris


  9. Steve

    If they’re going to retheme it, it would be more impressive if they made it multiple bands with changing themes. Disney loves screens, that’s an opportunity for per-ride changes.

  10. Vicki

    Good luck, Disney, in finding a musical group/act that doesn’t have something similar in its history. Even Backstreet Boys had their Xmas Special cancelled because of an old charge against Nick. If they look close enough they will find something related to

  11. John Wayne

    I read most of the crap written here. Plain and simple. Accusations are just that. Until somebody proves Steven Tyler did ANYTHING wrong and is actually charged it’s bulls__t!

    Wake up O great “woke” Disney. It’s simply slander and illegal to suggest this actually happened without proof. Condemning a ride based on heresay just gives us another reason to NOT come to your parks. There’s a perfectly good one nearby!

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