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  1. Tyler Sillberg

    The simple hack: Book a dining reservation for one person at the hotel you want to park. For example, instead of paying to park at the Magic Kingdom, book a reservation for one person at the Steakhouse (you can even book lunch and park in the morning).

    Park your car at Contemporary (or Bay Lake) and walk to the park. You can remotely check-in for the dining reservation and save the $15 missed reservation fee (or miss the reservation and give $15 to the multi-national corporation.

    1. rmv

      sorry I’m not seeing the actual restriction details.

  2. RK

    With all the restrictions and other changes made to the parks, it has really changed my desire to ever want to take my family back to a Disney park. There are so many other theme parks that can be enjoyed without the Disney hassle and for a fraction of the cost.

  3. Laura

    This is normal during the holidays. We don’t always go into the parks, bc ticket prices & crowds during the holiday. So we skyline to transportation center, then monorail. Sometimes it’s more fun to see the other resorts & kinda of get a feel before you book another stay. That’s how I fell in love with Beach Club. My last resort of Disney transportation is the buses, so this kinda makes me sad. We are staying at AKL & I dread the transportation this time of year.

  4. David M

    With all the property Disney owns and not paying rent to another entity, there should be no reason to charge this much to park your car. Most airport parking is a quarter of that. Disney can always, if lots fill up, shuttle people from an open lot somewhere on the multiple acres of property on the WDW complex. The cost of the hotel is high enough not to gouge Disney folks to park their vehicle. Maybe $10 at most!!!

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