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A view of Pixar Pier at night, overlooking the lake. You can see Pixar Pal-A-Round and Incredicoaster.

Credit: Disney


  1. Bob

    Disney rides and shows are the reasons why park guests go to the Disney Parks. Venue breakdowns are clearly the result of the serious lack of maintenance and this issue seems to be getting worse each day. Just one breakdown event can ruin a park guest’s entire day. Disney needs to be held accountable and should be find by the state authority and it should be a substantial fine.

    1. John

      Serious maintenance issue? You need to get serious as these are mechanical and just by that alone should tell you they will and can malfunction at the least

      1. Heather

        @John Your response is why they won’t address these issues that need addressing. People like you allow them to keep spending pennies on maintenance when it should go back to the amount they were spending pre-pandemic and pre-Chapek. I was there a year ago and rides broke down all day every day and that was also the Christmas that It’s a Small world flooded due to employee negligence. That was also the first time in dozens of trips that I actually worried that my son and I were going to be seriously injured on a ride when the Splash Mountain log we were riding in slipped down about six feet on the steepest incline on the ride which has never happened before. There is a serious issue with lack of maintenance and apathy fueled by greed which has never been how Disney parks are run and Walt Disney world be horrified at the state of his parks now with broken rides 24/7, trash all over the place, and prices so high that many families will never be able to take their children. When you say who cares, rides break down all the time you just highlight how you know nothing of pre-pandemic Disneyland and how it was the gold standard for amusement parks.

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