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A set of motorcycle style cars sail down a track inside a blue lit up dome.


  1. Steve

    Disney is too greedy.

    Outrageous hotel prices.
    Paid parking at hotel.
    Paid parking at park.
    Outrageous ticket prices.
    Overcapacity crowding.
    Paid line cutting.
    All to ride a sponsored ride.

    I want to know: where is all that money going? Fraudulent accounting is going on at Disney.

    1. PPP

      Fraudulent accounting going on despite corporate sponsorships and outrageous price increases.

  2. wesley

    Enterprise also has an ad in Carsland over at California Adventure as well. I wonder if this is part of some nationwide contract that Disney has with them.

  3. PPP

    Six Flags has nothing on Disney’s corporate sponsorships. What do they think Epcot is? Entire park built on both corporate and country sponsorships. Disney has sponsorships because they pay for the design construction, and upkeep of the rides. Otherwise, how can they profit from it if Disney has to spend its own money. Disney fans are so naive and quickly forget history.

    1. Steve

      Sure, shill. That was also a time when families didn’t go into several years of debt to be packed in like sardines into underbuilt, poorly maintained parks.

      1. PPP

        Nobody is making you go.

  4. Better than Lightning Run sponsored by Taco Bell

  5. Dodger

    Well, the Disney purists who maintain a “What would Walt do?” philosophy about how the parks are managed should be thrilled by corporate sponsorship of any attraction, because that was the Walt/Roy way of doing things when they were alive. The Carousel of Progress comes to mind as a perfect example. It always had a corporate sponsor from its origins at the 1964 World’s Fair through its time at Tomorrowland. Because of this, I will forever associate it with GE in my mind.

  6. Mario

    If this bothers you, you must be new to Disney parks.

  7. Deb

    Disney has historically had sponsorship of things at their parks. This is nothing new and for people to get bent out of shape over it is ridiculous. How many of those people have tried Beverly? Ziploc bags at waterrides? For those not old enough to remember when Innovations was there, most of those amazing things were sponsored. I still remember telling my husband when trying out the phone that had video with the call, I would never do that considering how I look in the morning. Lol. Get over it.

  8. Mickeymouse3

    Disney was and is well represented by outside companies. Eastern airlines and United used to be a major sponsors. Coke is a major sponsor. Starbucks? They’re in there. These are just a few. Disney will continue to have outside companies within, just as many other businesses have outside “logos” in their operations.

  9. Tracy

    There was a time, long ago, when Disney World was an escape from real life. It seemed like once I drove on property all my troubles disappeared. Now seeing businesses that we are familiar with brings back the real world in Disney.

  10. Rteker

    It’s called sponsorship, they help pay for operations of the rides that you see them at the Disney parks. Otherwise the prices of tickets would be very high

    1. Steve

      Nonsense. Look at Universal. Just Disney’s endless greed, pulling out every dollar they can.

  11. CRT

    I am all for the corporate sponsors. They are what keep the parks running.

    1. Steve

      No, that would be the billions they make from overpriced tickets, overpriced and under portioned food, overpriced and under serviced hotels, and cutting any costs they can.

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