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Screenshots of a TikTok showing a woman yelling at a Cast Member outside a ride at Disney California Adventure.


  1. Mickeymouse3

    “Limited supplies”
    “First come first serve”
    Would “Karen” be demanding free stuff from an everyday type of company? Of course not.
    Stop trying to make it the AIAA show. Altho your tryout was a success. You made it.

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      Oh, I think you underestimate the gall of some people. I have seen them in my local grocery store, yelling at some poor teenage part-time shelf stocker because (fill in desired item here) was out of stock. At a restaurant, yelling at a server because they don’t serve (item) at that restaurant. It’s a salad place, Karen; they don’t have burgers. You get the picture.

      This was a fun, but inexpensive reusable bag whose only point was to say “I’m part of an exclusive club.” It likely cost 25 cents to produce. And it would end up wadded up on the floor of the car. But she WANTED it so she could walk around the park and let everyone know she was a MK holder. Who is probably on a payment plan.

      When people for the last decade have complained about AP holders, this is why. So embarrassing for those of us who are just grateful to be able to afford an AP and trips to the park.

      1. Al

        Just a typical liberal thinking she is entitled. She obviously just wants the back to shove in someone’s face and show how “special” she is being a key holder. Then she wants the lightning pass that cost way more than the bag. She is a spoiled brat that never got her rear end spanked.

  2. Mindy

    Sucks to suck, Karen. Next time be there when they first start giving them out. Don’t be such a Grinch. It’s Christmas, you quack.

  3. Lisa

    People are frustrated and tired of all the mishaps at Disneyland it’s way out of control with the ride failures the lightning lane nonsense it has ruined the whole magical experience I’m grateful my children are grown and they were able to enjoy all the magic as young ones they forever have those memories of all the characters and all the cast and workers so kind and friendly and working with smiles on their faces. Disneyland has resorted to hiring complete ignorant and rude and uneducated people. They act like they are doing us a favor by being at their job and doing it poorly. From the time u enter to the people managing the rides or working in the stores it’s horrible. It is very very rare u find an employee who loves their job there. We have overheard cast members making such rude comments about the people in the lines or the questions that people ask. The workers need some serious customer service training and need to be held accountable when they are rude and obnoxious we are paying customers you my friend are getting paid

    1. Usiku

      Way to Karen, Karen!

      1. Harvey

        Although I feel the cast mrmber was right and extremely respectful. The Karen was totally wrong. But the way it was handled was incorrect. As this issue escalated security should have been notified. Instead of her standing her ground and trying to handle it herself, she needed to use her other resources, security, to diffuse the issue before possible riot

    2. Chris Kinney

      If you really think this person’s behavior was excusable, and that the cast member was anything but nice and tolerant, then you have major issues.

    3. Mont

      Disney can leverage the boarding group function to limit one per day and tap scanning tied to the ticket.

      Same for all the limited edition merch sold.

      They just haven’t which is perplexing as it really smoothes out the experience for CM and park attendees

  4. Usiku

    Ok, Karen.

  5. Star

    I am in no way, shape or form condone what this woman did but because they handed out the bags incorrectly on one of the day letting people take multiple that is why they were running out on the other days. My little sister went from Disneyland to California Adventure just to get this bag and because she got there 30 minutes after 1 PM they had run out that day. The next day my mom and I instead of enjoying Disneyland like we wanted, to had to go and wait for California adventure to open so that I could run to the swings to get this bag because my little sister really wanted it. When you have to change your entire day to pick up a freebie item that should just be mailed to magic key holders so that those of us paying $130 a month for the privilege of making reservations to go to Disneyland, then, there is a huge sense of frustration when you get there, and they are out of the bags. There are multiple ways Disney could’ve handled this including signage, they could have put it into their tweets for when they ran out and they could have not given away too many bags in the first place, allowing people to take two or even three bags at a time, so they didn’t have enough for the later giveaway. I do not condone this one’s actions, but I completely understand her frustration, and how some thing like this could just be the straw that broke the camels back. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors. I am having trouble typing on the phone recently.

  6. Ronn

    Well two tears and fuk it Karen enjoy Disneyland wats next start brawl with goofy with young children present to watch your an a hole

  7. Janet C

    When a company continues to degrade (chapek calling key pass members “unfavourables”) and demean (when they said – thankful for shrinkflation in Disney portions because we are doing your waistlines a favor) your fan base, nothing good will come of it…. People will hold you at the very least to what you have promised in return for their patronage…..

  8. Anon

    And this is the fault of the ones down below… how exactly?

  9. Mario

    The way the Karen was talking, she probably already had one and was trying to get another. Beyond being rude and disrespectful, this goes against the policies of being a passholder. I would have taken her name and magic key information so that she could be logged as a do not renew. But I worked there nearly 25 years ago when this was a never to be seen occurrence.

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