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  1. Gary

    If and I mean if, they go back to the ways that made Disney a beloved place to take the family. Make it affordable for families to come and get rid of the Woke nonsense. Have alcohol removed from Disney property for good. Change things to where you do not have to look at your cell all the time, just bring back the old days in the respect.

  2. Steve

    Go back to no line cuts (of any kind), no reservations, and no price gouging.

  3. Kathy

    Make it affordable for families. Get rid of Genie +, bring back fast passes so everyone gets a chance to ride their favorite rides. Bring back Pirates and Pals.

    1. Sabrina

      OSBORNE FAMILY LIGHTS at Hollywood studios. The old fastpass, and no reservations for theme parks. As a Florida resident, I hate not being able to wake up in the morning and deciding at the last minute that I’m gonna go to Walt Disney World and then decide what park I’m going to once I arrive on property. I also do not want to be looking down on a cellphone all day trying to figure out what rides I want to go on. I want to be able to walk around at a leisurely pace and enjoy the magic that once was. I was a former premium passholder along with my father for a decade. Everything has been going down hill and I dont see myself returning anytime soon unless something drastic happens. WDW isn’t the only theme park in town. Oh and throw out the unruly people for God’s sake!!!!

      1. I agree completely we also were premium passholders for 18 years we stopped when they closed for Covid but also saw it going downhill. I actually saw dirty bathrooms for the first time in 2019. I own Disney stock, but I’m glad it has gon from $185 a share to $86. Maybe just maybe they will listen to us the vast majority of their once loyal guests.

  4. Ilene Keller

    Bring back Magical Express

    1. Sue


  5. Joanne

    Bring back the dining plans

  6. Gail

    Why fix something that wasn’t broken! There are wait times for all things that are worth waiting for. Disney needs to go back to the way it was! If you look back there wasn’t fights like there is now..listen to the people that are going to Disney..listen!!!

    1. Jayne

      Make it affordable for families and, for crying out loud, keep it maintained! The Seven Dwarfs Mine ride was in terrible shape. Missing fencing, trash that had obviously been sitting there for weeks, and paint worn off in many places. It certainly is not very magical right now.

  7. L_ernst

    Bring back the Electrical Light Parade to WDW, bring back Early Morning Magic with breakfast and bring back fast passes. No Genie+ or Lightning Lane!

  8. Mickeymouse3

    Disney has built new hotels which bring in thousands of new guests. The parks have not expanded. Do the math and it won’t be hard to figure out a major reason the parks are jammed up like they are.

  9. Susan

    When are they going to bring back the Hollywood street players and DPW men

    1. Doug Thomas

      Hollywood Street performers were the best!!!

  10. Nancy

    Please please please return The Electrical Parade!!!!!
    And the Hoop Dee Doo to nightly performances again . But mostly TEP!! It’s what brought us to WDW!!

  11. Nkp619

    Bring back fast passes and dining package as they were, remove “woke” agenda nonsense. Make Disney tickets/packages more affordable. Allow for one smoking section WITHIN each park, clearly marked so those offended by the smoke can avoid the area.

    1. William

      Bring back the dining plans and magical express

  12. Ed langschultz

    Another perk gone is valet parking for guess who have reservations on property a dvc members also the lounge at bay lake tower should not have scheduled events at all it was dvc members a thay just had a lounge event without putting on dvc web also the hots in the resorts are always broken a barber shop music in the magic Kingdom

    1. Doug

      Citizens of Hollywood and Mainstreet. Bring them back!

  13. Mason

    Disney should bring back Splash Mountain , fast pass, and at least half of the Jungle Cruise next. Bring back my boy Trader Sam.


    Bring back the dining plan and the old fast pass system. You will see how much of improvement things will be. Not just with crowds. More people will come back. The dining is not just for money thing. It is a big time saver for busy families. Parents can say to younger children. Just go put it on the dining card. We were on our last day My girls wanted an Avatar jacket. We were planning to go to another park. We changed plans and park hopped 3 parks to get the jacket. Pleased the whole family. YOU CAN NOT DO THAT NOW. Major Disappointment.

  15. MooreMagic

    What happened to Walt’s dream of a place where all families could enjoy being together. Disney has priced 80% of the population out. Right now you either need to be rich, or save your money for 5 years so your family can enjoy a vacation. And I also agree, bring back the old fass pass system, dining plan, and get rid of all this smart phone bull. How are you supposed to immers yourself in the magic when you have to spend all your time on your phone?!

  16. Brian Beggs

    We’ve visited Disneyworld at least 10 times but even my kids don’t care to do it again! Bring back fastpass and dining plans, eliminate park reservations and the rediculous price gouging. Then maybe we’ll change our minds.

  17. Bring Back the magic express, fast passes, and Dining plan. That what families can afford.

  18. Karen

    Get rid of genie+, bring back fast passes and Night of Joy!!!

  19. Steve

    Magical Express
    Dining plans and portion sizes
    Maintenance maintenance maintenance
    Many of the fan favorite shows, parades and fireworks
    Just treat everyone equally no one is any more special than anyone else
    Use technology to make the parks better. Things like order ahead, displaying wait times, great park maps. But the entire experience doesn’t need to be on the phone.
    You can keep Genie+ and Lightening lane just make it look like it isn’t an extra charge. Instead of charging $25 a day and surcharges for the people that wanted it they could’ve raised the price $10 on everyone and included it in the package. Probably would be the same amount of profit. Nickel and diming just pisses people off. Just like resort fees and parking fees on top of reservation costs.
    My 2 cents but seems that all guests are saying the same things and management hasn’t been listening.

    1. Sue

      I agree!

  20. Gary

    You hear all these folks, get busy Disney!

  21. Kkb

    Bring back everything! But DON’T get rid of reservations. I might just keep the local passholders from jamming the parks. Us distant passholders can’t just afford to change our plans because it’s crowed with locals coming in to take a walk or have dinner that day. Sorry local people. Disneyland belongs to everyone not just locals and we want to enjoy our time there too

  22. Marie

    Go back to Disney pre PLANdemic…. On EVERYTHING! Go back to being Disney…..

  23. Chris G.

    YES!!! Put everything back the way it was before covid and sell a parking pass to whoever wants one. Then my loyalty will be back. I also liked the idea of being able to buy a single piece of chicken at the chicken restaurant like knotts still does. It was the best!

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