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Disneyland Space Mountain loading area

Credit: Disney


  1. Marcus the Standby

    Seems like some people don’t quite get what Lightning Lane and Genie+ are actually for.

    1. M LaCount

      There for me to cancel our Disney trip It’s all crap now

      1. Rob

        Well that’s stupid but more room for everyone else!

        1. Scott Jensen

          We went last year and it was like my wife wasn’t even there with me and our two kids, she spent more time on her phone doing the fast pass, lightening lane and trying to figure out Genie plus than she did experiencing the fun of a family vacation with us, very frustrating!

          1. T

            I just agree it’s not worth the time and money! The Genie is not an express or fast line you are still having to wait. Not to mention we were stuck on a ride for 30 minutes because of technical difficulties. Disneyland is a nightmare no longer the most magical place. Time in line with irate parents kids crying is not well spent quality time for your money!!! Rather experience an all inclusive getaway or cruise next time! Lesson learned!

          2. JoAnn

            Sad, they are hard to figure out. I have always said for a company supposedly way up on modern technology their websites are poorly lacking.

      2. Scott

        I totally agree with all these voices. Disney Parks need to go back to pre-maxpass days! Remember how elegant and efficient and beloved was fastpass? Yes we all do!
        Back when the spirit of Walt Disney was still in the Parks, when the experience was all about with the CMS could do for the guests and not just about extracting every last penny at the expense of the experience.

        1. DIANA

          I am going on sat for a few days and I’m already annoyed. Genie remi ds me of the old days when you had to pay to use the toilet.

        2. Tina


        3. Maria

          I do remember, I had worst Disney experience of my life after they introduced this new pay extra system. The people because they are now paying get preferential treatment, while lines are the longest I’ve ever experienced for everyone else. It’s just plain greed. Magic is lost, and I hate that because I love Disneyland parks.

        4. rob

          Unfortunately that is the fault of our current society and not Disney. I was there in December, and thank God didn’t wee any of that.

      3. Catherine C Black

        For the first time in 25 years I did not renew our annual passes, ANYTIME, ANNUAL PASSES. Sold our stock and are done.

    2. PS

      Yeah. To make more money. As if the +/- 150 entrance + 30 parking fee wouldn’t be enough.

    3. Rachel

      IT stinks, all you do is find something else to do while waiting on your lighting lane pass time. You get off that ride and your on your phone AGAIN trying to get your next lighting lane pass. I was at Diney World in Oct 2022 for 7 days & there are rides that I never got to go on. IT STINKS. They need to bring back the Fast Pass it was a much better system.

      1. Martin

        Well part of that issue is 7 days in Disneyworld?! Are you mad 😂 10 days – 2 weeks easy to be able to what you want. (And this was back in 2015)

  2. John

    Despite it being a light day recently at the Magic Kingdom, we were in line forever for the Haunted Mansion. When we finally got in, we found they were only letting in approximately 10 guests at a time. Why? Because they were artificially creating demand for the paid Lightning Lane passes. Shameful. Glad they dumped Chapek for these and other lousy practices. Hoping Disney returns to being an enjoyable experience for all, not just those with the ability to shell out an extra few hundred dollars.

    1. Steve

      Haunted Mansion should be a powerhouse for getting guests through, but I think the ride system is constantly breaking. Chapek was the worst CEO ever with his charge ‘em till you like ‘em style. Money out from customers, no money to fix things. Maybe Iger will get to straightening stuff out in the New Year. This holiday season promises to be a miserable train wreck for Disney. Avatar 2 is a giant money black hole and the Genie is a monster. Perhaps it’s Robin William’s revenge.

      1. Frank

        So many ppl refuse to acknowledge that Genie+ was developed under Iger and Iger was consulting and had a role with the company during the rollout. Maybe he will let Chapek be the fall guy for it being absolute garbage and a cash grab, but this was done on his watch.

        1. Pete

          It’s not even the Genie itself so much as it’s how the lines themselves are being managed. All Disney did was make people pay for the regular standby lines, and turned the old standby into the scum-class lines by giving such a high priority to the Lightning lanes. It’s optimized for the getting guests to pay for Genie just to have a normal day in the parks.

        2. HighC

          “Whether you like it or not, there’s still a good portion of Guests who miss the simpler days” of paper A, B, C, D and E ticket (coupon) rides…

    2. Netty

      Agreed. When we went during Halloween 2022 season we waited in the general line for 2 hours while everyone in the paid lines was flagged through! The kids in the general line kept asking their parents, “(referring to lightening lane) why do they get to go on the ride?” It was heartbreaking. Then it broke down and we all had to leave. I asked if we could have a voucher or something for the wasted time but we were told by employees “we don’t do that”. As we were leaving, an announcement was made that anyone on the HM porch (mostly lightening lane people) will receive a voucher to come back. We we’re only two people away when we were told to leave! I was so mad. We left after only 4 hours at the park.

      1. Kristina

        That’s sad I remember when they’d give you a fast pass if a ride broke down fir any ride. Not now it’s all about money and spending way to much time on your cell phones. Bring back the magic and free fast passes

        1. Shari

          My biggest complaint about the Genie is that you can only use it once per ride. With Fastpasses, you could ride your faves multiple times and skip others.

          1. MustangNights

            Not sure if it changed but last year I was able to get the same ride more than once on genie+ pass. Granted one was at beginning of the day and the other was pretty much end of the day availability.

            My biggest gripe with the genie+ was how long you had to wait to get additional passes when after its next eligible for a selection its pretty much park closing options. Like seriously you get maybe 2 rides out of the extra $$$

      2. Mrs. R.

        They can in fact give you a type of raincheck voucher, but you would have to be firm, but polite and ask for the line attendants supervisor. We’ve done it before and we’re allowed to reenter ride from the exit side. You can also go to Guest Services and complain (once again firm, but polite). They are allowed to give you front of the line pass for the ride you missed or another ride of your choice. Ours was good for same day or any day during our visit. This was our experience last year & the year before, as well as past visits. It may be different now, but worth checking. It’s not information they share openly, until you ask.

  3. Craigm

    Disney used to be the happiest place on earth. It is now the must expensive place on earth. All they want to do is find and ways to charge you more.

    1. Scott C.

      I agree!! IF Walt or Roy Disney were to return they would be cleaning out the park of the vermin they despised as kids and helped to place the Disneyland foundation for future generations – Until Michael Eisner changed Disney from Family to Corporate environment!

      1. Bob

        It’s a bit laughable to idealize the Disney brothers as anything other than business people as well. They weren’t Mr Rogers and it’s ridiculous how people try to pretend they were trying to create some sort of utopia.

  4. AMitra

    Stressful too but the pass on morning of visit. Multiple glitches. Save screenshots. Horrible experience with it

    1. David

      I watched several lightening pass go on the ride at least 4 times! What is going on here this seems some kind of greedy insanity has taken over the giant monster money grab from Disney. Not the happiest place now. Pure hell now!!

      1. Mike

        The best times we’ve had at Disneyland recently were when they had closed Fast Pass, Genie, etc. during Covid. Every line was Standby and flowed great. Sometimes, simple is better.

        1. Scott

          Absolutely agree Mike. Went Thanksgiving time 2021. The park had lots of people in it, but there was no fastpass/Genie plus. Lines flowed great, even when quite long. Space Mountain line moved great in spite of being quite long! Came back in April, doesn’t move at all other than the lightning lane.

          It’s a money grab, doesn’t make the experience better.

  5. Pete Padron

    Why do we have to pay for genie+? Fast pass+ was free. Genie does the same thing as Fast Pass but for $25 per person per day plus extra for certain lightning lanes. It’s like Disney is blaming us for the pandemic shutdown. I believe Walt is turning over in his grave because the parks have forgotten why Disneyland was built.

    1. John Scarfi

      Hey Disney. You destroyed everything that your park was, literally the happiest place on Earth for The Almighty Dollar. Your no better than the Mafia. Good job idiots.

    2. Bob

      Disneyland was built for profit. Disney is resting easy.

  6. Chris

    What no one talks about is that Fastpass+ allowed you to prioritize a few rides, Genie+ has basically incentivized Disney to have long lines so you have to buy Genie+.

  7. Tessa

    I bought the Genie Plus when I took my family to DisneyWorld in November. It was the biggest waste of money ever! I couldn’t get a fast lane spot unless it was at 9:30pm and this was at 9:00am when I tried. It was faster to wait in line then use the pass. I was extremely upset. I felt I got ripped off.

  8. zimp73

    I’ve used genie+ the last four times I went to Disney World. I must say, it was a positive experience each time. So I do not mind paying a little extra for it.

  9. Captain Jack's Revenge

    Why in the hell would someone schedule their entire trip, go do this and that at a specific time, that sounds like it would be a person’s job.

    And the whole point of a vacation is to get away from your job.

  10. Melissa

    We’re a solidly middle class family of five from Florida, and we are 100% completely priced out of Disney at this point. We used to go twice a year and stay on property for 3 or 4 days at a time, but between the increased ticket prices, new hotel parking fees, AND now having to pay additional money on top of the ticket costs just to avoid their artificially inflated wait times… its just too much to stomach and no longer a cost that we can justify. I guess this is what Disney wants, though. A park full of rich people staying in the deluxe resorts, buying all of the add-ons to skip the lines, and dining at the expensive sit down restaurants. Sad for us, but I really hope that Disney is pleased with their decision to alienate their largest demographic

    1. Jeanne

      So many other fun things to do with your family for less money.
      Don’t get sucked in by Disney hype.
      Kids prefer going to the beach!

  11. Robert

    I believe Disney should do away with Genie and Lightning Pass. They already price gouge you to get into the park. Everyone should have to wait in the same line. If you don’t like it, don’t go. It’s as simple as that. SHAME ON YOU DISNEY for turning great parks into the largest mouse trap in the world!!

  12. Rebecca D.

    As an old wrestling fan I’d just want to stand in front of the Space Mountain sign and record myself going “Wooooooo!”

    1. Jamin

      Because the Nature Boy is just like Space Mountain. The oldest ride in the park but it still has the longest lines.

  13. Bob HadABabyItsABoy

    saying “Queue Line” is redundant. please stop. It’s either a “queue” or a “line”.

  14. Jeff

    Disney has simply ruined the concept of pricing discretion.
    Make some weeks double price and cap total tickets at half. Advertise them as l such and price conscious consumers will avoid those weeks. No fancy systems. No apps. No crashing. No class warfare.

    1. Travis Weberling

      @Jeff,I hear what you’re saying, the problem with that idea is you’re making the “cheap days & weeks” WAY MORE CROWDED _ more of a nightmare than the “more expensive days”. I mean, that concept might work in MLB when it comes to teams like the Yankees for example charging more $ for the more “popular” teams when they come in to play at Yankee Stadium in comparison to when other teams play them, BUT I seriously doubt that concept would work in a theme park environment.

  15. MAS

    They truly made a mess of Space Mountain. It is if they don’t want anyone to ride it more than once and that one time only with Genie+. The merge is like 100:1 ratio. It is the worst of any ride I have seen. I thought it was one half Genie+ and one half standby, but I watched them fill both sides completely with Genie+, let through about 20 standby people, rinse and repeat.

  16. Dr. M

    I’m a Disney diehard, former pass holder. I’m not returning until they fix this lightening lane/genie+ mess. My last 2 experiences were so bad in the parks, I’ve decided that I’m done. Universal and Sea World will be getting my money until this Disney mess is cleaned up.

  17. The One Who Knows

    Sad and pathetic.

    Not merely the park, but the attendees…they know what will happen and they’re shocked when it does.

  18. Leon

    Who writes these stories? Please lose the “setting the scene” or brief history and get to the point! These articles have made me choose to pass on all Disney parks.

  19. Patrick

    Having used it a few times, I have to say Genie+ is trash. I was an adament user of the Fast Pass Max and expected it to be similar… But it’s far worse. You gotta wait forever before picking another ride, the interface and navigation is horrendous, and it’s like it’s designed for someone who has never been to Disneyland and has zero planning skills. It also doesn’t help that line management is just awful now.

  20. I liked spaced mountain when I was a kid.

  21. R.E.O

    What? The evil megacorporation based around using addiction science on your children turned out to be greedy, too?
    I miss the good old days of Disney, when it was just about objectifying women and making fun of non-whites.
    Wait that’s right, Disney has always been terrible.

  22. Vincent

    Went to MK last week, and yes all things true about Genie. It’s not the most intuitive system, and the fact that you must wait 2 hours before booking rides makes for a very trying day as your next window to ride may be 4 hours after your reservation. One needs to play with the app for at least 4 hours before understanding its nuances. By then half the day is gone. I will admit it was convenient but after paying $120 per ticket, the additional $25 just seemed like a money grab. I thought this article was going to mention the guardians ride. We bought the lightning pass thinking we could use it for that only to see minutes later you’d need a special lightning pass so we bought that then tried to cancel the first lightning pass. Nope! No refunds. It’s hard to recommend general lightning for epcot as it’s only good for a few rides. If you plan to go to Disney, don’t even think about winging it. Download and study maps in advance. Plan your trip strategically so you don’t walk 17miles in two days.

  23. Bryan Reynolds

    Thegreed of Chapek and the board has caused thid mess. Whatwas built to be apark for all to enjoy has become a park for those willi g to spend tons og money only to be told to spend even more to get preferential treatment. I spent a childhood lovi g the park as we only got to go once a year at best. That was in the 70s and 80s. Dre
    am became when i shared it with my kids in 90s and 2000s were AP even when Premier pass arrived in 2010. Now its a nightmare to get my grand daughter to have that experience.
    Walt and Roy must be turning in their graves to see the magic being stolen from everyone because of greed.

  24. Kip

    Visited Disneyland Anaheim last week, and I will never ever go back. Not because of the extremely high admission and food prices, the place has become a “woke” freak show. Grown “men” dressed as Tinker Bell, and Beta Males wearing Mini Mouse hats(ears). Then there’s the rest of the “trans” community and urban thugs that have taken over. Disneyland is no longer “family friendly.” It’s an open sewer flowing with American Societies decline into oblivion. If you’re 50 or older, you’ll be shocked to see “It’s not my Disneyland anymore.”

    1. Grungus 7


    2. Scott Jensen

      Amen brother!

  25. Jennifer Hutchinson

    I took my family to Disney World this year in September. Most of us had only been once before and some had never been. We were all disappointed with the Genie line making the regular line wait so long. We felt like all we did was wait in line for only a few rides each day. It was not a fun trip and unfortunately none of us care if we go back again until this issue is fixed. I personally feel that after saving money for a year to take my family, it was not worth it at all.

  26. Carol Nogueira-Messer

    It’s absolutely AWFUL! Also the damn virtual queue! I signed up at 7am for guardians ride at Epcot. Was told callback should be estimate around 4pm. I was in park at noon and when i checked about ride it said our time was expired and we weren’t eligible to join again. Unbelievable I have an annual pass for a reason and have not been able to go on anything the last 6 times I’ve been to parks. I hope this changes soon. What’s the point of an annual pass if I can never do anything 😑

  27. Richard

    I don’t see the issue. It’s a tiered system: pay for Genie+ and you never wait more than 20 minutes in line. OR don’t buy it and wait in standard queues. How valuable is your time worth at Disneyland? It’s not fair, but Disneyland prices have never been fair and they are under no obligation to provide ride access equality. It’s essentially pay to play

  28. Jenn

    We went to Disneyland in January 2022 and Genie+ was fantastic. It was $20 per ticket per day and was well worth it. We never waited more than 10 minutes in any line. I’d gladly pay for it again to not have to wait in some of the lines that had 2 hour+ wait times.

  29. Cher

    When we went in October, we wasted the money on Genie+. It didnt work half the time and Disney didnt care. We wont be wasting our money.

  30. Keith

    Went to Disney in November. Absolutely sucked. So much money between park hopper and lightening lanes. 8am til 8pm, two parks and only got on 2 rides ( Rise of the Resistance and Guardians of the Galaxy). Ridiculous and they need to lower the max amount of people in the parks. I have gone to Disney Work at least 2 times a year for 49 yrs and it is the worst it has ever been. Rather go to Universal, Busch Gardens and Sea World which are extremely better with how they handle crowds.

  31. Marilyn

    The new genie system is horrible! I hope Disney is listening! Go back to fast passes or just eliminate it altogether! Standard lines are fine. We did it for years. I agree that Walt and Roy are rolling in their graves!

  32. Jason

    Count me among those wishing for the good old days of paper fast passes: free, no having to mess around with your phone, and fair to all ticket holders.

  33. Bern. Bell

    It may seem like a good idea to have some people pay more for a faster experience but what happens when everybody goes “what the hell, they almost have been every penny I got anyway?” Now lines so long when we went to go on the rock and roll roller coaster it was 180 min for the lighting lane the same as for the stand by. Tell your kids that Disney isn’t one coaster after another like tv. It’s a comedy duo doing a tutorial on horror make up right after the rock and roll roller coaster and then the Blues Brothers singing. Only one rollercoaster per park except the Magic Kingdom. If you take children only go there for many reasons.

  34. Jo

    I love it. I just went to disney world and used my genie plus to get LL to all the rides I wanted to do and then some. I got to ride guardians of the galaxy 3 times in one day. It was Epic. I then flew to Cali and used it at Disneyland. Rode every ride at CA by 2pm. It works just as good as the fast passes did if you know how to use it. Plus I love how they include photos at Disneyland. Wish they did it for WDW. There are a number of YouTube videos out there explaining how to use it. My only complaint is that once you ride 1 ride you can’t ride it again.

    1. Nobody

      You just said you rode guardians 3 times in 1 day and then followed up saying you can only ride 1 ride per day haha. So which is it?

  35. Phoebe L Ho

    I went to D-land 2 weeks ago and considered myself lucky to get one ride on Space Mountain. The standby line wasn’t too arduous but I did not appreciate being kept in a cramped hallway with a bunch of others. They could always have a single rider line but nooooooo……

  36. Prices will never go back to what they once were .. try using actual cash money for a change ..see how many actually go there without their credit cards ..go ahead folks .. keep raising the national debt..📈⬆️💹😵🤞🍀

    1. RichS

      Credit card debt has nothing to do with the national debt.

  37. RichS

    Genie is more pay-for-play. What’s next, loot boxes?

  38. Scott Jensen

    We went last year and it was like my wife wasn’t even there with me and our two kids, she spent more time on her phone doing the fast pass, lightening lane and trying to figure out Genie plus than she did experiencing the fun of a family vacation with us, very frustrating!

  39. WildBill

    All I see with Disney lately is all the stuff Walt didn’t want his parks to become. He wanted a place where everyone could go and have a good time, instead it has gotten outrageously expensive and then on top of that guests are gouged for every little thing imaginable. It makes me sad that the Disneyland I grew up with and worked at for 16 years is gone and it has turned into this. It really breaks my heart to see it. It’s not magical or getting lucky with finding a good parking spot, or short line, etc. No, it has become an up charge for everything. Even the quality of cast members has gone down hill. Not all of them, but enough to make it noticeable. Disneyland is not what I remember, now it is like a hungry vulture going after peoples wallets while preying on their dreams to do so. I absolutely hate saying this, as much as I hate seeing it. Walt wouldn’t even recognize his dream. He would see it as everything that he didn’t want it to become. Anyone who believed in Walt’s dream will know exactly what I mean.

  40. Luz

    Genie+ is absolutely amazing. With it you can EASILY get through all the more popular rides in one day. We left super early on our last (3rd) day at the Disneyland Park because we got through all the rides we wanted to by 6pm.

  41. Jay

    I get so claustrophobic waiting specifically in the Disneyland Space Mountain narrow walkway with so many people packed in with no way in or out. I don’t necessarily mind waiting but that part is so uncomfortable.

  42. Philippe

    Disney has just found a way to make more money by cancelling the free and easy to use fast pass. Moreover they announce the raise of park tickets as they made 87 billion profit. 87 billion seems to be not enough. I went to DisneyWorld last September and, even if I’m a big Disney fan, I have to admit that Disney moto is now More money for less services. They canceled the free fast pass, the free Disney shuttle and luggage handling from the Orlando Airport, the room service (no one made the room during 5 nights at the Coronado Springs).

  43. Patricia Wilken

    I was in Disneyland in 2001 and Fast Pass sounds like it makes a lot more sense than Genie +

  44. JoAnn

    We probably will not use it. Owning our small business, we are fortunate to have the weekday pass(now Pixie Dust). We love going to the parks. We enjoy just walking around, sampling food
    generally beer, and talking to guests. I would wish that we could book a ride being a pass holder. Oh well, we just wait for a slow day.

  45. Andrea

    I hated it because I’ve paid for a service that gives you a CHANCE to be able and book a line while if I pay I want to 100% sure I have the service I’ve paid for

  46. Mickeymouse3

    Not a numbers person, but if the Genie+ cost $20 per person, per day and those who purchased it are standing in line, doesn’t Disney lose more money by them standing in that line, rather than buying food, souvenirs etc? The stand by lines barely move because of the “expedited” service to LL users so they lose out on that money as well. We all know the ridiculous cost of food and souvenirs. I would think they would bring better profits than the Genie. I know there is more to it than this, but I’m in favor of bringing back the fastpasses soooo……

  47. rob

    I agree the magic is mostly gone. I was at the magic kingdom last month and spent way too much time on my phone trying to get on my next ride while in the ride cue. When you do this you miss all the features in the ride cue. Our family usually go once a year and we love disney world but we don’t have any plans on returning back anytime soon.

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