Disney’s “Discount” Insults ‘Star Wars’ Fans

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Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser is one of the most elaborate and interactive offerings on Park property. In spite of being a dream come true for most fans of the galaxy far, far away, the experience is still one of the most expensive on the market. Chances are, the average Star Wars fan can barely afford one night’s stay.

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With the most basic price starting at $4,809 for two Guests, Disney has iced out some of the most dedicated fans of the franchise. Reserving this interactive stay for the more affluent visitors isn’t just hurting the overall experience being offered, but it’s nearly an insult to a sea of dedicated supporters. As if throw add salt in the wound, Disney is offering a discounted rate to draw visitors to the hotel, but only for Disney Vacation Club members. With a single membership alone costing roughly $450 a month for some guests, even a 30% discount on an almost $5000 stay seems like a steep price for two nights.

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Even with the discount, the offer is only available on “certain voyages,” meaning that fans are still not guaranteed a consistent stay window. Regardless of the discount, length of stay, or any strings attached to it, chances are that this is still an opportunity not being enjoyed by the average Star Wars audience. In short, these experiences are still trapped behind a carbonite paywall.  To take a page from Bluey, the game is more fun when everyone can play.

Ouannii from Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser
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Granted, the Starcruiser isn’t made for everyone. Not all Guests are going to want to commit to a huge, immersive, roleplaying experience, but there are several longtime Star Wars fans who are committed to the fandom who are chomping at the bit to give this a try. However, only a select few can break down that enormous price wall. Add that to the thousands of dollars spent on the basic theme park experience, the numbers continue to add up.

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With Bob Iger’s recent comments about being alarmed at Park prices, someone needs to show him how expensive this massive Star Wars fan opportunity became. Thousands of dollars for a measly two days is a debatable value at best and a cash-grab at worst. With all the restructuring hopefully coming to Disney soon, hopefully some attention will be given to Disney’s Galactic Star Cruiser.

Would you pay that much for a weekend at the Starcruiser? Tell us in the comments below!

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