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  1. Candice

    I think Disney needs to stay out of Politics. Iger is wrong and I hope in two years time, we have some new blood. Ridiculous & not fair to those children! Call me a snowflake, I really do not care.

    1. Becky

      So it isn’t fair to take the Disney channel away from Russian kids but it is okay for Russia to bomb Ukrainian kids?😒😑

      1. Bennett

        It’s not the Russian kids who are doing the bombing and I don’t think losing the Disney Channel makes much difference to to the Russian adults. Again, children on both sides suffer.

        1. Joseph Singer

          I agree. In this case I don’t think a boycott, if that’s what it is, is actually helping here.

          1. Ro R.

            Do you really think Russian parents care if their children get to watch programing from the west? They’re more interested in sending them off to kill Ukrainian women and children

          2. Tori

            You give 0 hope for those children. Even senior way to every adult in Russia is for the war in Ukraine. Thats an insidious lie

          3. S

            I don’t think the Russian people want war. It is only Putin and his leftover brass from the fallen USSR that want it.
            I respect Disney’s choice with regard to Russia, but I don’t think not having Disney is a very large concern for the Ukrainian people right now.

          4. B

            The Russian people want security from the US. They’re tired of the US moving weapons closer and closer to the Russian border and using other countries as puppet states to house weapons. And they were not happy to see Zelensky continue the attacks on Russian nationals of Ukraine. Putin didn’t want war and that was obvious before this year. But our news likes war and doesn’t show us the truth.

          5. FVlad

            What part of Russia are you from?

          6. When Disney Channel was brand new, we had it first day.
            It was great.
            Emphasis on the past tense.

          7. Starla

            Well, I commend Disney for taking a stand against “Murdering IDIOTS”. Yes, adults with children who USE TV as a Distraction, or Babysitting, N WILL Be VERY UNHAPPY about losing the BIGGEST, not to mention the BEST Network for ALL Children, Young, n Old!! No, it’s NOT the Children’s fault there are Such SADISTIC PHYCOS Everywhere, Unfortunately!! To think of ALL the Children, n Families who will NEVER be able to watch ANYTHING else because some SICK, DEMENTED, PHYSCHO’S took that from SO Many INNOCENT Children, n Adults. That is a Hell of A LOT Worse, than a Smack on the Hand, of Losing the BIGGEST n BEST Network out there!! The People Responsible for taking ALL of those Lives, should HOPEFULLY SUFFER in Many HORRIFIC Ways!! They Deserve, the Worse IMAGINABLE FATE of Suffering, n PUNISHMENTS that can be given for what they did. Losing a Network, is NOTHING Compared to what they DESERVE!! Makes Me Sick!! So, maybe Disney taking a Stand, will be a Push for Many others to take Stands, in many Different Ways!! We can only Hope so.

        2. Bob

          You are right. Losing Mickey Mouse funhouse is just as bad as your apartment being bombed.

          1. Bill

            I just watched deadpool on disney so there is plenty of adult content not for kids

          2. cj

            You didn’t watch Deadpool on the Disney Channel, which is what this article is about.

        3. CS

          And then again…Russian kids eat McDonalds, Taco Bell, use Apple Products, and wear Carter clothes…So do Ukranian kids….well…they did…until the parents/government of the Russian kids said it was OK to kill the Ukranian kids… but, your right…let’s not let the Russsian kids go without Micke Mouse when they can force Ukranian kids to go without for them.

          1. Fvlad

            Not anymore on McDonalds. They ripped the franchisee agreement.

        4. Emily

          Thank You! I Totally Agree with What You Have Said!
          Disney was once all about the children, by taking Disney away it hurts the children much worse than adults.

        5. Dennis

          Except Ukraine kids are dieing.

      2. Dylan

        Nice strawman

        1. Kathy

          Kids whine because no Disney, parents get mad. Parents complain to government. Government say no more war on Ukraine. So kids get Disney back!

          1. Cliff

            Sure is not the children’s fault and should not be punished. BUT children need be aware of the world happenings. When the Disney shows stopped, the children will ask why. Same as Easter. They ask why Easter ? Yes. Then later they know why. Is good the next leaders of Russia know the truths of Russia invading a sister country for no reason. Think wisely.

          2. Lofo

            This country seems to think we can throw around threatslike we are some kind of kings. Now we are cancelling Russian kids Disney channels? We just never stop. I’m pretty sure Russians couldn’t care less about what we say, just keep sending the money.
            These folks that protest Putin, please March your butts right on over there and lecture him instead of being a keyboard warrior.

          3. Powers2be

            This Country didn’t cancel Disney. Disney cancelled Disney. Get your story straight.

          4. Cameron


          5. KAnn


          6. Chris

            Why do children need to be aware of world happenings? Libtards really do hate letting kids be kids I don’t know what the problem is with that. This is not entertaining anymore anyway. It went from being an entertainment company to an indoctrination company

          7. Rick


          8. Rick

            This was posted to the wrong reply box.

          9. Jason P

            So Chris seems to find Disney’s actions to be politically minded. Yet as you’re judgment could be construed to be highly critical of Disney Channel content, why would you want it seen by Russian children? And if the Ruble has less spending power, perhaps Disney has made an economic decision to not spend the money for Russian translation of a channel that for economic reasons Russian viewers may have chosen to not pay for. While Disney, like many other companies, has chosen to cut ties in Russia for humanistic reasons, economic reasons should not me minimized.

          10. Powers2be

            And its a lollipop world powered by Unicorn gas and Reindeer droppings. Kathy you really don’t understand how authoritarianism works. Parents who complain disappear over there.

          11. Eric

            Yes, because the Russian government has SUCH a great track record when it comes to being sensitive to the concerns of it’s citizens! …Are you off your meds or something??

        2. Chris Wood

          Good, next they should cut ties with China. And stop with all diversity crap shows and movies pouring out of Disney. And they should actually ask those of us in the gay community about how we feel about these things, not just the ones in Hollywood.

      3. Briana Janel

        Honestly the only ones suffering are the kids and the Disney fans. I get that it may be because they’re taking a stand for Ukraine, but kids shouldn’t have to miss out because of it. That’s who I feel bad for.

        1. KAnn

          I feel for the Ukrainian children getting bombed….not Russian children cause the get no more Disney channel 🤔

        2. Katt Wentworth

          I agree.

      4. Stephan

        Ukraine has Ben shelling the eastern and Russian speaking regions since 2014

        1. Paulo

          Right? War has been going on for a long while. Why only now? Disney leadership sucks.

        2. Reality Check

          Disney is just another propaganda machine. Might as well cancel Disney+ in the US as well since this nation has as much to do with the ongoing war since we made no effort to stop it and made every effort to provoke it.

          1. How do you figure?

            How do you figure? Putin wanted something Ukraine had and tried to take it by force. US had nothing to do with that

          2. Sid Nightwalker

            Uhh, they provoked nothing. For once. You are sorely mistaken.

        3. Glint Breightly

          2014? You mean when Ukraine retaliated the last time Russia invaded it?

      5. Lofo


      6. Lofo

        My thumbs down is to Becky about it not being fair when Russia bombs Ukraine.

        1. Carol

          So the part of the population in the US who can only afford regular cable is punished? Thanks Disney!

          1. Tae


          2. Megan

            Tell me you didn’t read the article before commenting without *telling* me you didn’t read the article before commenting. 😝

      7. Daniel Oconnell

        Better late than never. Disney should have done that the day Russia invaded the Ukraine

      8. Denise

        I’m sure Russia wants nothing to do with the woke Disney shows on Disney +. They don’t want their citizens indoctrinated by leftists.

      9. Kari

        Well .. I am pretty sure it’s not the kids watching Disney that are bombing anyone why can’t they just be kids? Disney has no business in politics.

      10. Cheryl

        I’m about sick and tired of the Disney channel as it is. I pay for it every month and can’t EVER get connected to watch anything on it!!!! It’s just ridiculous! AND Disney needs to stay out of politics!!

      11. Dee

        I feel for the INNOCENT children, let’s admit sum of them let’s say 10 an up … 🤔 sum do believe deeply that the wrong thing(s) is the best an right way to go about, above an even beyond to prove eat they really don’t understand…. Anyway, YES TAKE FROM RUSSIA, NOT WORTHY 😤😕😡🤬

      12. When Disney Channel was brand new, we had it first day.
        It was great.
        Emphasis on the past tense.

      13. Ilum

        STAY WOKE. Russia is doing their part. You guys do know Disney is owned by the elite. Lmao

      14. Dave

        I agree with you. Disney should not be in Russia. Nothing from the US should be.

      15. Randy

        Russia must be must be punished for their murdering of people of Ukraine, by disrupting Disney it is one more thing to make the Russians to standup to Putin’s tyranny

      16. Cheryl

        Nothing like taking their good sweet time to make a stand. Almost a yr later but to fire, Johnny Depp after allegations they act Immediately! Disgusting group of small little men who will continue to lose $$ because they can’t Apologize or admit their wrong.

    2. Tara

      The Disney Company announced in MARCH that it was halting all operations in Russia due to that country’s invasion of Ukraine. This included licensing of content and goods. However, some channels would take some time to halt operations due to contractual quirks.

      That would be your apparent hero Bob Paycheck’s doing.🙄


    3. Suzy Q

      And Russia deciding to invade and take over Ukraine is totally fair.

    4. Joods

      Disney has always stood against Tyranny, Communism, and War

    5. Kay

      So glad Disney+ is taking a stand for Ukraine!! Those that have such loud voices should stand up for what is right! I only wish I could do the same and it would count as much in the worlds eyes. However, I can pray to my Heavenly Father and it will count as much!! We have to all stand together in whichever way we can!!

      1. Lofo

        Try standing up for what’s right in America before worrying about all these other countries first. This is why we are not the UNITED STATES anymore. We are traitors to ourselves. WE are our own worst enemy.

    6. Kay

      A vendor that caters to children should have the moral fiber to stand up when children are being bombed by a sociopath. Maybe if more people stood up, Bullies like Putin wouldn’t feel so emboldened to start yet another genocide.

      1. CJ

        Bombed by a psychopath? Oh yeah how about Libya by Obama? That was righteous correct? American privilage at its finest. Enjoy your Kool Aid!

    7. KAnn

      So not ok to take Disney from Russia cause of the children BUT ok to bomb Ukrainian children??? 🤌🤔

      1. Deez

        Ukraine bombed a Russian kids beach. And what’s the difference between Russia invading Ukraine and us invading America and killing majority of the natives here and taking their land? Quit crying over kids you don’t really care about.

    8. Emma

      Why did they wait so long

    9. Frank

      If this is about war and politics, they’re like 9months late.
      McDonalds, Levis and a bunch of other “Western” Companies took their businesses out of the “Near Eastern” country of Russia.

    10. Tae

      Kids just got Disney 12yrs ago, they not missing much. You made at Iger and he the one who helped get Disney there. Kids probably watch nickelodeon or some Russian channel. Disney might not even be popular

    11. Ariel

      Russian military killed 437 Ukrainian children and maimed 750 more.
      And you worry about Russian kids not being able to watch “Bamby”?

      1. Joe

        The Ukrainians have slaughtered far more and anyone that thinks Russia was unprovoked is simply ignorant, uneducated, brainwashed, deceived.

    12. Jim

      Once Russia pulls out of Ukraine and shows some humanitarian relief for the children of Ukraine then maybe Disney will be back up in Russia. Bombing children must be ok with you, huh snowflake.
      What about those children? Give me a break.

    13. Liz

      Yes I agree this is RIDICULOUS. You’re gonna stop children from watching shows because YOU disagree with politics of their leader.? Fist of all that’s childish and second of all I’m so sick of hearing poop Ukraine bla bla bla. It’s honestly none of our business except that’s the country that our own crooked government launders it’s $ in!!

    14. Since you don’t care; you said so just now. You’re a snowflake. And, you’re not a Christian, either.

    15. Bob

      Disney wants to protect azov battalion in Ukraine. Lol or maybe the other 400 brigades of neo nahtzis. It’s fascinating how you all support them because your TV tells you to.

    16. Nate

      Totally agree. Disney had gone woke, now it’s find broke. The ship needs major correcting.

    17. don

      Ok Snowflake (you wished it, you got it).
      Politics is a means of developing policy.
      Apparently you’re clueless about business going beyond its local area.
      A business dealing across county lines will care about state policies in many areas. It becomes more exponential the longer & more active its tentacles.
      If you think or believe the inherent power of a business does not stay only within that business’s means of making money I might suggest you expand your horizons on how & why businesses play in the economic arena.

    18. Karen L

      I am not a snowflake. I agree that this is wrong. I am a grandmother. What about the families who can’t afford Disney +?

    19. Marr

      Go woke, go broke

    20. Joe


  2. myself?

    Okay fine… You’re a snowflake.

    1. Keep it the way it is everything the way it is everyone in the USA like it the way it is cause they are movies on Disney t that is not on really Disney Channel

  3. They really want to put pressure on Russians for just their leader? Would it hurt if they just ban Putin from Disney plus, not his people, like they do with politics on Twitter?

  4. Veronica

    It’s not the children’s fault. You can’t choose where you’re born and to whom. Not cool, Disney. So not cool.

    1. Roger

      Since when did Disney care what WE or anyone else thinks? They are going BROKE WITH THEIR WOKE POLITICS. I SAY GOOD RIDDANCE. THEY ARE NOW OVERPRICED ON EVERYTHING DUSNEY.
      Walt qould be so proud. 🤣R

      1. Eli

        Wow, lots of russian trolls out today.

        1. Glint Breightly

          So, in your mind only Russian trolls are smart enough to see through the Disney BS machine?

      2. Glint Breightly

        So, in your mind only Russian trolls are smart enough to see through the Disney BS machine?

  5. Mason

    I don’t side with Ukraine or Russia but this is bull crap. Hey both places are corrupt because Putin supposedly wants to bring back the Soviet Union while Zelensky is being a fascist by raiding Russian orthodox churches and the azov batallion, and is running a money laundering scheme by unleashing propaganda and playing the victim to the rest of the world.

    1. Politics Bring Out the Worst

      Smart here. Don’t be sheep people! Don’t fall for the “us” vs “them” rhetoric. In the end, Ukrainians and Russians are all people. Just like you or me. They just want to live their lives. It’s not their fault that they have corrupt governments just like we do here in the US. This country lives on war and xenophobia, but we don’t benefit from it. Much less the people we’re taught to hate just because our government says so. This isn’t fair, there are no real “good guys” or “bad guys” in war, just victims all over the place. Shame on you, Disney.

  6. Mike_L

    They aren’t losing much. Disney Channel hasn’t had a decent series in 5-6 years and the original movies have been largely unwatchable.

    1. Jim

      What is considered decent or unwatchable is very different for an adult than it is for a kid which is the target audience of the Disney Channel.

  7. So they’re forcing everyone to pay for Disney+ just cuz they wanna remove the channel
    Not everyone can afford it

    1. ConcernedCitizen

      Disney Channel is not free. It has to be paid for.

      1. Jim

        Disney Channel isn’t free but it is part of basic cable/satellite service which a lot of people still have. So for people that are on a limited budget and have basic cable/satellite service for a bunch of channels including Disney Channel they probably won’t be cancelling regular cable/satellite service. So getting the stuff that was on Disney Channel will now cost extra compared to what they pay now.

        1. Glint Breightly

          No, not in my “basic” package with Commiecast.

    2. Peter

      This is Russia.

  8. Jstnlg09

    Is this going to be worldwide or is it just Russia or Ukraine

    1. John

      Only going to be in Russia

  9. Margaret

    I think the channel should on cable I saw where someone said Disney Channel is not free it comes as part of the cable package

  10. Even

    Why isn’t Russia in the title?

    1. Ttak76

      It says in the first few sentences that it’s in Russia

    2. M

      Exactly, include Russia in title

    1. Tea


  11. Steve

    I agree.

  12. Roger

    I think as Disney stops broadcasting to other areas they will start charging those of us here in the USA who supported them the most for admission to their theme parks, Resorts, Disney+ anything that has the name Disney on it will go up in price to cover the loss and they are akready losing their a**. Soon none of us will spend a penny on their overpriced products or broadcast.
    Soon they won’t be able to GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE.

    1. Lofo


    2. Ttak76

      It’s not free. I’ve payed for Disney+ since it came out

  13. Roger

    May not leave in the USA but it will definately drive everything (includind Disney+) up AGAIN in price
    We in America will pay for it AGAIN wait and see.

  14. Dss

    That’s multi-Billion dollar entertainment company with a “B”

  15. Elina

    I also believe that whatever does happen politically shouldn’t be taken out on kids. In any way. It’s true, there’s no Disney+ streaming service over there either, so kids r gonna be devastated. There’s already enough going on. I didnt live in Russia, I’m from Uzbekistan, but we have Disney Channel over there too, and I grew up on American shows before I even knew English. (So I know how amazing and lovely it is to watch Disney. There’s too many memories and feelings that connect us with Disney and it’s not fair to take it away. Adults r doing horrible political things, but what does it have to do wirh children?? They dont even know what the frick is going on :((

    1. Obsessive compulsive cleaning

      Every company should boycott Russia
      It’s the American thing to do .

      1. Lofo

        Being idiots is the American thing to do now, very true.

  16. Elina

    You’re wrong! There are people who care, and you’re the one who’s horrible to even talk to people like that!

  17. Naftali

    Shouldn’t do the same to china because of how they treat the Uyghurs?

    1. Scott

      But who will make the over priced Nike shoes??!! lol Too many American politicians in bed with Xi and the POS commies.. China is the greatest threat the world faces and people better wake up and figure out that Russia is not who we should be worried about.. China literally has concentration camps running for slave labor and are opening more for “COVID” cases but it’s really for anti-commies… Sheep wake up!

  18. M

    Screw you Disney. Watching some shows might be the only consistency those poor little kids have. You’re probably taking away the only highlight of their sad days shame on you you greedy jerks. You should broadcast for free In war zones.

  19. F. Poster

    Screw you for posting this deceptive click magnet post.

  20. Disgusted

    I hope Mr Disney himself is sad to see how his beloved Disney is being run now.
    Disney’s magic should only focus on NON- POLITICAL ways to keep magic in kids lives. I have canceled everything Disney in my life and that is extremely sad to me. Disney has turned into a selfish money hungry and sexual focusing distorted mess… no innocence or magic anymore.

  21. Joods

    Traditionally Walt Disney was always in politics.. in 1959 He Barred Nikita Khrushchev from entering the Magic Kingdom. Disney, and Disneyland have always been against communism and fascist dictators. The current incarnation of the conglomerate continues that view and tradition

  22. DH Compton

    I think it’s wonderful news! Now if other countries could shut this down would be even better! Disney needs to clean up their act and stop hurting children with the garbage the put out as entertainment, not to mention the underground doings to children.

  23. Putin Xi

    Finally Disney is doing something right. Disney should also be removed from China. Children in those countries do not deserve what the free world is entitled to.

  24. Jane

    As a Slavic person with roots from both sides (Ukraine & Russia) I’m really trying to imagine how this will effect the children and honestly I don’t think it will have that of an impact. Slavic people are resilient, so I don’t think this will have that much affect on the people. In fact I think Disney would be doing the Slavic people a huge favor as to stop brainwashing and forcing their western principles on the Slavic people. Remember the Russian people understand that this war is not about Ukraine… Though the paradox lies that it is on Ukrainian soil, however this war is against the west and their meddling in the lives of Russia. Russians laughed when McDonald’s left… They’re response to them leaving was “we will be the healthiest nation in the world, which would result in being the strongest nation.” So Disney is following suit and I’m sure the Slavic people would respond the same.

  25. Bubba Watson

    I suggest Disney show the new movie Strange World on The new Sun channel in Russia 24/7/365

  26. Thomas Rack

    Good for Disney. At least one major US company is willing to take a moral stand against the illegal invasion of Ukraine. I hope more companies show their support for Ukraine. I do not currently subscribe to Disney+ but I will now.

    1. Adam

      It’s all signaling.

      Disney ceasing business in Russia is not likely to make any material difference in Putin’s choice to continue his campaign.

      He went in and now he has no way out, without being eaten by his own, without “finishing” the job, even if that job looks seemingly impossible. The real concern is what he does as desperation sets in.

      What it does do is prevent all but the savvy from being to consume content with Western ideals, which might make future generations question their authoritarian governments’ agenda. The cheapest way to topple an authoritarian regime is from within, by rallying hearts and minds for the cause. Western media helps that. Absence of it isolates the people needed to affect change from the ideas that spark that change.

  27. Adam

    They’ll all still get the content. They’ll just pirate it instead.

    Their “Great Firewall” is not like China’s. Their populace is more willing to defy their government and still enjoys Western amenities/entertainment.

  28. Rick

    Big whoop…im in the states and live without cable,period……nothing but crap on tv anymore,anyway…..

  29. Laurene K

    I pay for that subscription, so am I getting my payment refunded for the month and they better not take any monies from me there in!

  30. Leslie

    This unbelievable! When did Disney get in to politics?! Just for Disney to Making a Political statement and hurting everyone one in Russia that loves Disney! Disney think of all the children you are hurting by pulling out of Russia maybe all of the fans of Disney will rethink in watching any movies or shows or going to your theme park’s because of your political statement! I know I will now not watch any Disney shows or movies because of your what you have done!

  31. Steve karsnak

    Why on God’s green earth would you take away something from little children all over this world that includes Russia or anywhere else! Those children didn’t do anything wrong to deserve that Disney is suppose to be a platform for entertainment and educational content for children to learn as they grow

  32. Brad

    You know what I think?…. Since you asked – It’s deceitful to lead with a tag line that makes it appear Disney is ceasing ALL broadcasts, which would include the USA, just to draw in more views and engagement.

  33. Jake

    This is a huge mistake. Why punish the citizens? The government could care less what Disney broadcasts. This only serves to further dissension between America and the russia people.

  34. noyb

    Russian soldiers killin kids and anyone in Ukraine, Russian soldiers destroyed destroyed power plants and generators there to keep them from havin electricity ,
    Ukrainian kids that be still livin can’t watch Disney now

    Disney needs to leave Russia

    Russia: that Putin doesn’t care about kids there in Ukraine.

    if he doesn’t get what he want, he be goin other the USA cause they lost Disney

    Disney leave Russian tv

  35. Peggy

    Good for Disney. Good for us. I am proud that they made a stand. We live in a free enterprise country and they have the right to do so.

  36. David Leinbach

    Disney was traditionally
    US politicly.
    Broadcast the truth in Disney style, cartoons
    Let Putin pull the plug to
    reveal paranoid Putin for what a true Scrounge he
    Disney is just playing into
    Paranoid Putins hands.
    Now he can say how cruel Disney is to Russian
    children! I am correct on this, trust me. Signal corps of cold war Vet.

  37. Frobbit

    Hoping their WOKE politics and grooming of children are a means to their end. It’s probably the best thing that could happen to Russian Children to protect them from the sick crap inserted deliberately in programming to groom children.
    Hoping that “Go Woke, Go Broke” works to end Disney as a whole. They are a sick entity. Bunch of freaks!

    1. Sam

      Your HATE for gay people is the issue here, not Disney. I imagine you had the same HATE for minorities in the 1950s and 60s or your parents did.

  38. Greta

    Disney should be shut down any and everywhere, and it would be great for it to be shut down in America. Disney is not who you think they are…

  39. Jorlyn

    Why does everyone keep saying Russia invaded Ukraine “unprovoked”.. if you repeat this lie you haven’t been paying attention for decades.. Russia & Ukraine have been having issues for years! And this is Ukraine’s mess up. But everyone jump on the Biden bandwagon & condemn Russia 🤦

    1. Sam

      Please enlighten us and tell us your fact check sources why Ukraine deserved to be invaded by Russia…

  40. Whocares

    Disney needs to stay away from politics! They need to have one base production where everyone gets to enjoy no matter the age! This is getting ridiculous! The manager of Disney is a joke! Walt Disney himself is rolling in his grave with all this petty nonsense and division where they produced Disney shows and all the other garbage stuff ! Keep kids out of politics and keep Disney where it’s stabilizing! Stop including Russia’s and Ukrainian countries. Russias is greedy country and wants more power they don’t care about Disney or the child populations getting upset over this! Wake up! This is simply ridiculous!

    1. TMFB

      SO TRUE

  41. Paul W

    I’m sure that the real reason they are stopping broadcasts is because they are not making money on the Russian platform, because not enough citizens can afford to pay for cable subscriptions. The war just makes a convenient PR reason to do what they are doing. Think the channel will resume once the war is over? I think not.

    1. TMFB

      This is also a good point. I’m sure it has some truth to it.

  42. Everybody


  43. TMFB

    I normally take the stand that companies should stay out of politics. However it’s nice to see a large company like Disney take a stand against hatred. I don’t see this as politics. I see this as Disney making a choice to not do business with a country that shows such aggression and hatred towards another country that is injuring and even killing innocent people. Good for You Disney.

  44. Shawni

    No they are removing it because they think everyone is suppose to accept this LBQGT stuff . And other countries not buying it . Period

  45. I definitely think this is the right decision! I have an open mind about most things but where is Putin going is wrong! This man is destroying a whole country, dismembering animals and people? I have 1 question what would you do if you lived in the Ukraine how would you try to stop the devastation of a country and where is Putin going next?

  46. Angela Sanchez

    This makes no sense at all! My mom is Ukrainian and would never want the kids of Russia to not be able to see Disney programs just because people act ignorant and want to fight and cause war!! In fact this gives kids a chance to escape all of the madness by watching Disney tv!

  47. Sid Nightwalker

    The teeny bopper drivel made that channel dead a long, long, time ago. So who cares.

  48. Glint Breightly

    Tempest in a teapot. Other than that, the “shine” has come off Disney. It foisted itself into areas of morality it had no business in doing.

  49. Katina

    Like I’ve always said to wrongs don’t make a right

  50. Deb Costello

    If it’s an American based business then they should make the call where to show it.

  51. Odawg

    I don’t understand how this is helping anything. take your issues up with the Russian government, not the Russian people

  52. Terry

    I don’t have kids but if I did I wouldn’t let them watch any of the movies with sexual/homosexual content.

    1. Sam

      Gay people exist and will exist despite your HATE for them. Representation does not stop just because you HATE them.

  53. Greg

    Disney doesn’t need to corrupt children in Russia with LGTB. Count your blessings Russia. Keep western broadcasters from your tvs

    1. Sam

      Who “corrupted” you to choose to be heterosexual? See how ridiculous that sounds… That’s how you sound to gay people when you say ignorant statements like the one you posted.

  54. Tiffany

    More greed on Disney’s part. They don’t want you to view their content unless it’s paid directly to them. This is why they are trying to phase DVDs/Blu-rays out of stores and keep new releases out of theaters.

  55. Brian McNeil

    No I don’t think it’s right to punish Russian kids for Putin and other Adult’s poor and unwanted decisions. I also think the author of this article should have titled it differently, because just reading the title you would think Disney was ending broadcasts everywhere.

  56. Doug

    Wish they would cancel in the USA for awhile. Give a break from their “woke” crap.

    1. Sam

      Ohhhhh please Doug. You just use that word to justify your HATE for gay people. I don’t know how old you are, but you probably did the same thing 60s against black people and would have called it being against “woke”.

  57. DFullerton

    Disney continues to lose money and viewers with its woke nonsense. But what does one expect when it has been run by a young entitled workforce. The Russian government could care less about Disney and like communist China don’t care what their people think.

  58. Frank h Taylor Jr

    Turn it off

  59. Frank

    Please don’t cancel it In the US I really enjoy this and can’t afford Disney plus so this is the only way that I can watch Disney shows and t h e Walt Disney world x Mas parade

  60. Aphrodite

    Why should children who are innocent of the adults be punished for their behavior it’s not children that are creating this war it’s grown ups so Disney thanks for slapping it to a child. You’re a real piece of work Disney you suck.

  61. Brandon

    Are they still playing in China?

  62. Me

    I think everyone should be doing it!! Disney is just the very brave to go first. Entertainment is the largest money making industry in the world along with government. It’s a great way to make positive change.

  63. Happy Artist

    Hell yea, I hope Russia uses all the Disney content for free. Disney as a company is worse than Russia when it comes to creative freedom. I only hope this puts a giant dent in Disney’s wallet from copy write infringing. Not like Disney can sue a country that is comfortable with their embargo and expect Russia to pay out

  64. Garou

    Expect it to happen elsewhere in the world including the US and not just Disney.

    Streaming services are making production companies more money than cable companies. Especially the ones they host themselves. That’s why more and more networks and conglomerates are moving to thier own services instead of places like Netflix and Hulu.

    If anything this is signaling the end of cable companies as we know them. Eventually they will just be internet service providers.

    While the timing and the fact that there’s not a Russian version of D+ may be political, it’s really just expediting what was eventually to come anyway.

  65. Mike

    As a Disney patron and fan for over half a century and tens of thousands of dollare, it seems this is actually a move that is counterintuitive to the true Disney spirit, and definitely not a reflection of what most of us see as their mission. A more prudent use of their resources would be to flood both “sides” of that situation with the message if goodness. The children (and by-and-large most of the adults that just want to live free) would be much better served receiving more rather than less “feel good information.” The stand a better chance of forcing change in their countries longing for what we have if they know it exists, not being deprived of it.

    1. Ariel

      Great idea!
      Let Disney flood their Russian sites with messages like” Putin is a murderer!”, “ Stop the war!’, “ Russian leadership to the Hague!”, “ Glory to the Ukraine!”

  66. Ladrakigus lott

    Ladrakigus lott putting up a 100 or more

  67. TMS

    I lost all respect for the Disney Channel back in 1991 when I was making dinner and listening to one of there shows my children were watching. Anytime a network is grooming my children to not listen to me as a parent I have a major problem. As far as I am concerned the whole Disney corporation can go away for eternity.

  68. Dee

    I feel for the INNOCENT children, let’s admit sum of them let’s say 10 an up … 🤔 sum do believe deeply that the wrong thing(s) is the best an right way to go about, above an even beyond to prove eat they really don’t understand…. Anyway, YES TAKE FROM RUSSIA, NOT WORTHY 😤😕😡🤬

  69. Ariel

    My hat is off to Disney!
    In the most recent polling 74% of Russias supported continuation of bombing Ukrainian cities. Because of that Ukrainian children sit in the dark bomb shelters with no electricity and cannot watch TV at all.

    Let Russian kids ask their parents why they cannot watch Disney any more and get the honest answer: “ Because most of us think that doing our best to kill Ukrainian children is OK”.

  70. Michael

    As long as it keeps on playing in America, that’s the only thing that matters. Other parts of the world don’t matter in the least. God bless the USA.

  71. Brandon Lesko

    Groomers ain’t gonna groom in Russia. Go woke go broke Disney!

    1. Sam

      Preach that HATE for gay people like your daddy did in the 1950s and 60s for black people. I’m sure he would have said “I’m against this woke stuff too” back then if that invited word to justify your HATE was invited then.

  72. Phil

    The sad part of all this is so many are buying into the Russia is bad and Ukraine is good propaganda. Have you guys forgotten WMD?

    If you leave legacy media and start looking at hard facts you will find that everything you are told about this conflict is a lie.

    The story goes back a decade and involves several agreements and those agreements have not been broken by Russia.

    Additionally, the propaganda that Putin is evil is a lie. Just wait after he is removed and the new guy takes over. You’re going to wish Putin was back.

    Start doing your own research and look for alternative media, there is plenty and it will help you understand what the true picture is.

    Asked yourself, doesn’t seem NATO and US are wanting a war, and why is there no peace maker anywhere to be found? This is all very similar to Iraq and WMD lie and propaganda. But, this time we are playing with a far more powerful entity that has more nuclear weapons than the US. Do you really want war over a tiny sliver of land that is almost 100 percent Russian speaking and was once part of Russia? Is that worth your son’s or daughter’s lives? Is it worth the rick of nuclear war? All wars are caused by politics. Why are you giving them that power?

  73. Mandy

    I wouldn’t call Nato recruiting closer to Russia in violation of the treaty unprovoked but regardless, I think companies in general should stay out of politics. Too many companies letting their personal opinions dictate their business sense and it’s ridiculous. And too many people letting their emotions over ride their common sense.

  74. When people or countries misbehave, there needs to be punishment. In this instance, anyone who wants to join in, no matter the importance, can and should help. There needs to be consequences -a price to pay. Over the past forty or fifty years society has become too permissive. When there are no consequences to your actions, people try to get away with murder, literally and figuratively. I think the hope is that the Russian people will apply pressure to affect regime change.
    So I applaud all effects at punishment, even though it is an indirect target. You never know where the breaking point is or what will cause the scales to tilt towards justice.

  75. April

    I don’t think stopping children from accessing and watching children movies and shows is doing anything other than hurting children who are already going through a very traumatic time. They have nothing to do with what is going on in the world and their country. Disney has always been a magical experience for children throughout generations and I’m sad to hear so many children in Russia will not be able to watch the Little Mermaid where a young girl dreamt of an having an amazing adventure and although seemingly impossible, she made it come true, or Beauty and the Beast where we learned at a young age that beauty isn’t something simply to be had or found on the outside

  76. Josh

    One mistake is thinking Russia was unprovoked. There was a treaty saying nato wouldn’t move north or on Russias borders.. yet where did nato go? To Ukraine on russias border. Putin warned everyone for years.. but the media in the USA brainwashed the masses into thinking this was all unprovoked.

  77. D

    Yes, they’re making a mistake. The kids learn peace and love through Disney.

  78. Oksana

    I actually found this article very funny! Because believe me, NOBODY in Russia cares for this perverted, pedo-driven channel that promotes gender confusion and screws up our children’s minds here, in USA. Russia is still very conservative country and actually does not support this type of abuse. They still value purity of a growing soul, which is not the case here. So do yourself a favor, stop the discussion and guessing, cuz no Russian parent is losing sleep over Disney.

    1. Lyle

      Screw Russia, screw Ukraine, screw Disney. They all belong in the same box

  79. Adriennepavloff

    The Children in Russia haven’t anything to do with the war. Disney channel could be the only thing helping kids through the horrible trauma they are facing. They need the fantasy as an escape.

  80. Lyle

    I wish Disney would cease streaming all content in America. Stop grooming our children and all their subliminal pedophile bullcrap. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit

  81. Lyle

    Grew Russia, screw Ukraine, screwed Disney. They all belong in the same box

  82. Patrick

    The blood-sucking face of corporatist US-centric capitalism never misses a chance to virtue signal, I see.

  83. John

    I think that this is right and proper because I think that Russia should be treated as the pariah country they have become. The world cannot tolerate the kind of behavior that Russia has exhibited.

  84. Juan

    Instead of trying to start childish games Disney, how about offer a balanced proposal to both European countries and do the right thing, share a little more of your wealth and not be greedy to the rest of the world.

  85. Jim

    Tough call but I agree with the move. Russia is a dictatorship. Bombing residential areas in the Ukraine hurts more children than them not watching Disney. Russia doesn’t care about the children of Ukraine. While many children might miss it, it’s not going to really bother them one way or another.

    1. Gf

      Russia doesn’t want Luciferian evil broadcasting in their Country.

  86. Salvador

    Why would you bury your lead so much? I shouldn’t have to get 5+paragraphs in before you give me the “where” in this story. That was either done intentionally or by mistake. Neither is a good excuse.

  87. Silas

    Not sure why ur requesting to be called a Snow Flake but I aim to please sooo… Whats up? Ur a Snow Flake

  88. Ron

    Many of these types of shows are useless fillers that annoy viewers and a waste of time. Glad to see Iger back!

  89. Has it occurred to some of you, that the Russian government controls what is broadcast. Read an article that stated the Russian people don’t even know what’s going on in the war against Ukraine. So I would doubt that Disney lost a deal with broadcasting in Russia.

  90. David E.

    A likely more realistic view of this is that Putin and the Oligarchy want to limit the Western influence on their children and have imposed sanctions on Disney likely making it necessary for them to withdraw. Let think practically and not let everything devolve into an argument of politics.

  91. Sam

    I see you’re keeping the HATE alive. I don’t know your age, but I imagine you would have said the same thing in the 1950s and 60s with the “progressive” fifth that was fought for then to get us where we are at today with equal rights for women and minorities.

  92. Renee

    Agree, if enough people stand up to things like war maybe one day we can all live in peace

  93. Deb

    I think Disney should stay out of politics. Only kids will pay for this terrible decision. Why make them pay????

  94. Rose

    Not sure that the Russian warmongers care about Disney and Russian children. Find another way to end the war.

  95. Hopeful thinker

    I think that Disney should stop and think about the hypocrisy here, where were they during WW1 and 2 “spouting propaganda” now they actually take sides in a war?
    They’re an entertainment industry that’s made their fair share of mistakes themselves and made up for a lot of them to but again they’re in the entertainment industry, considering the content doctoring they’re trying to do for japan and why and the decline in customers to their theme parks do to price gouging can they afford to loose any customers?
    I always thought the point of good wholesome family orientated TV was to bring family together and teach people to get along better, if Disney pulls out of Russia there goes a valuable resource for the future.
    And again they’re an entertainment industry not politicians and not war mongers where other people would be afraid for their lives or families or where morals and ethics are concerned their ethical standpoint/their obligation is more to change russia’s mind to make an apeal for everyone’s future to try and change things for the better and they can’t do that if they leave.
    I think Disney can act more as a mediator or diplomats between russia and seria and try to apeal to their future by getting them to think about what’s best for the children maybe getting them to put their differences aside for their future buy showing them the damage that war is doing to kids and families trying to apeal to their humanity if those people with their fingers on the trigger have any humanity left.

  96. Heather BC

    I think the Disney Channel should be maybe be cancelled permanently everywhere it’s broadcast in our world. Disney has become corrupt. They’ve added sexual preferences into their TV shows, TV series, & movies that are for children under age 18. That doesn’t need to be learned about & discussed in children TV programs & movies. Their TV programs & movies should just ONLY be about fun & with a little education mixed in. But NOT about sexual preferences. So in my opinion, I think Disney channel should be cancelled until they change their ways about putting sexual preferences in their TV programs & movies. And until they delete all TV programs & movies that have sexual preferences added in them. They must remake them w/o sexual preferences or make new stuff that’s w/o sexual preferences shown in them.

  97. Audie Jordan

    As long as it means Disney loses money, I am all for it. Disney needs to go away. Maybe they will keep making flop movies. Iger is worse yhsn Chapek.

  98. Isabella Twilight

    People watch too much TV. They need to read books. I hope they have some in Russia.

  99. Norm Nissen

    DeSantis is destroying Floridas Golden Goose! With Tuckers woke crap and all the false BS being spewed by the Radica Right crazies! We will support Disney in every way we can!! Buying tickets now!!!!!

  100. Screw Disney an Disney + they went woke an hope they go broke

  101. Let the cancel culture keep canceling eventually they will cancel themselves !! An beside all these woke business will quit being woke when there bottom line gets real low, because woke or not it all comes down to money…

  102. I don’t think it’s right for Kid’s to have to suffer not being able to watch one of the most highly watched channels. Hey Disney, What you should do is create an animated movie and a show series of Kid’s with the Disney Characters in the USA travel to meet up with Kid’s from all countries to form a team called Disney Kid Comando Troop just like the old movies but without violence. A team of Kid’s band together and set out on a mission to stop the wars of other countries from destroying the lives of
    their families. Bring care and share of uniting people once and for all.

  103. Donna

    Russia must be be completely made aware that what it’s doing in Ukraine is not excepted in any form or part of the world

  104. D Bajet

    Disney is in trouble! This is the first of more cuts to come. While Russia invasion of Ukraine may be a part of this decision. Disney executives choose to go down the WOKE road. At this point Disney had no one to blame but themselves.

  105. Tina

    I am so pleased that almost everyone agrees that pulling Disney is wrong. Why make the kids suffer in the effect that this is not their war. It is sad that the biggest suffering comes from the kids. Disney I understand their decision, but pulling Disney is not going to do anything. That’s not even a punishment except to the kids. We need to realize that we should not join in the political game of this war and consider the innocent. Put Disney back on and the kids have hope that some of us are their to support the innocent.

    1. Lydle

      Disney is crap. The kids won’t be missing out.

  106. Kimmy

    The Disney channel tv shows and movies instill feelings of empathy, love, hope and inspiration to young impressionable youths of Russias next generation.Its a shame to take away what could have a possibly positive outcome of thier future.They are already being robbed of thier childhood as it is.

  107. I think Disney finally stood up and said no! Enough is Enough! This current worldview has this attitude that anything goes as long as it doesn’t effect me. And I am the important one. It is all about self and selfish desires. No matter that people are dying for no good reason. Or babies as long as Russia can continue to try to annihilate a race of people it is ok. We need to stand up for what is right and no more.

  108. Wayland Koski

    I would suggest Disney not boycott priductions in Russia and instead invest the money earned from it in helping Ukrainian people with food, shelter, clothing, medical services, etc. The current various boycotts have not really stopped the Russian aggression. The United States, the United Nations, and other countries need to unite and take a firmer stance against Russia. This is so similar to pre-WW2.

  109. Patricia

    My granddaughter loves Disney. Come on over and explain why Disney is gone.

  110. BlackFlag

    Whatever. They are dead to me anyway.

  111. Rdunqe

    I believe personally that Disney has made a big mistake. Making children pay is not the way to go.

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