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Disney officials presenting Disney+

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  1. Jayne1955

    To be honest, I don’t completely understand it yet. I’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

  2. Carl

    So Disney can lay out 900 million for a streaming service to prop up their money losing streaming service Disney+ but can’t pay their Cast Members a decent salary…

    1. Mr B.

      What is a decent salary? $20,$30 an hour. C’mon How hard is it to hold up a rope, stand and wave or to sit on your but pushing buttons. Most are low or no skill jobs. You don’t get paid a kings ransom.

      1. There are no unskilled workers, just underpaid workers. I guarantee you could not do their jobs.

        1. Jack

          I guarantee a 12 year old could do your job.

      2. Carl

        You are implying it takes no skills to be a Cast Member, they are trained on so much more than holding a rope. They keep Disney running so people like you who see no value in people holding down a job can enjoy themselves in a safe entrainment venue. Cast Members aren’t asking for a kings ransom just decent equity by Disney.

      3. Earl

        Cdl drivers getting paid almost as much as the rope droppers is ridiculous.

      4. Judy Beaujean

        Be very careful how you talk about Disney Cast Members and their insignificant value as employees.
        Perhaps you could actually know they rotate positions, work 60 plus hour weeks just to pay rent and food, and don’t make enough to enjoy their employee discount.

      5. JS

        Clearly haven’t ever worked for them company. There is a lot more to everyone of our jobs then what you see on the surface. As well as 95% of Disney cast that you see have a degree in something or are in college. Disney knows we stand by them even with our degrees. So nice try Mr B….

    2. Jack

      Don’t like your pay, go somewhere that will pay you 6 figures for your skills. You will NOT because a trained chimp could do the avg park job. You grossly overestimate your worth.

  3. Lillian

    Bringing Johnny Depp back in POTC would help!

    1. Abigale Buss

      I agree with you on bringing JD back!

  4. Teri

    Over just lives to go shopping.

    1. Teri

      Hate auto correct. Iger loves to go shopping. Fix a park! They are so badly in need of finishing and refurbishment. That is where your money is coming from.

  5. Teri

    Hate auto correct. Iger loves to go shopping. Fix a park! They are so badly in need of finishing and refurbishment. That is where your money is coming from.

    1. Holly

      Actually the parks are only about a quarter of their revenue. Media and entertainment is about half of it.

  6. It is complicated. I’ll now be “bunding” my Disney + and Hulu which includes ESPN. I’m not a fan of sports, so to me this is a waste. It would be good if 5here were other bundling options.

  7. Please excuse previous “fat finger” typos 🙃

  8. Helen

    Will not subscribe to Disney+and never will !!!!!

    1. Michael

      I bought it when it came out and less than a month I dropped them.

    2. KB2

      You’ll just come to articles about them, read them and then even leave comments

  9. Erin

    Will this stop programs on Disney+ from “buffering” every 15 seconds during the actual program (Andor, Chris Hemworth’s Limitless, etc)? Cuz that’s not what I signed up for.

    1. Holly

      I just thought this was my internet! It’s super annoying!

  10. Michael

    Pretty pathetic for “Disney “to keep buying, but yet haven’t released their entire movie vault.
    These suits won’t be happy, until they buy everything in sight.

  11. Cl

    So FTC says Disney can keep buying all these streaming companies creating a closer to Monopoly enterprise, but yet they have a stroke at Microsoft buying the toxic environment Activision to better that company.
    Honestly I just dropped Disney+ the price increase and packages are bs compared to content. Literally only takes 1 month or less to watch all they have worth watching. Most of it is old movies people own on DVD. I can not see wasting $10 + a month for nothing. All their bundles force you to take ESPN and I’m not a sport fan. Netflix and Hulu alone with more content and more regular releases are almost half their fees..

  12. David

    So is Disney going to do the same thing in china after all they just murdered hundreds of citizens for nothing surely they condemn that well Disney what’s your stance of china

  13. Jeff

    I hate Disney’s woke political position. I would be perfectly willing to pay the exorbitant price for a good product. I am a Disney vacation club member but I do not want to support there in your face politics.

  14. Jeff

    I hate Disney’s new woke political position. I would be perfectly willing to pay the price for a good product but their content for several years now focuses on agendas not good stories. I am a Disney vacation club member but I will not support their “in your face” politics and social agenda. I canceled Disney Plus HBO.

  15. Rick

    All I will say about this decision is the minute I start seeing commercials on another page site that I’m paying for. I will drop it. It’s getting ridiculous how everybody’s trying to make so much more money, Amazon now has commercials on their programming.

    1. KB2

      You’ll be able to get the version without ads for a little more but you really should have seen this coming. Add tear streaming platforms are what’s going to keep those platforms running along with Subs

  16. Joe

    Learn to driver a commercial vehicle before you hate. It’s your fault you don’t make what they do.

  17. Tina Pearson

    Well it’s sad when you own numerous companies, but raise the PRICE on everything you own. Raise the tickets at Disney so a family can’t afford to go have a good time, purchase media and go up. Look it is taking more & more for people to live now days so their amenities that they enjoy will keep being cut cause they won’t be able to afford it. So instead of raising prices why don’t you look into lowering cost so more people could enjoy things you own. More people, more money to be made. Raise priced, less people, less to be made! I for one am going to have to cancel Hulu cause it is just getting as high as cable so what’s the point! Good luck with raising all those prices.

  18. When you first came out I wasn’t impressed but definitely loving it now, would love more horror and when is that Casey Anthony documentary coming 😃

  19. Cathy

    I think it’s pathetic that Disney only thinks about the bottom line instead of people who can’t afford to get all these plus networks. But you go ahead & be selfish. However, I won’t be using any of your products or visit any of your parks.

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