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  1. Royz

    This decision would not be in the best interest of the Walt Disney Company nor in the best interest of representing values of a family entertainment company. The article details character flaws, and a hunger for power, of the supposed replacement of which should not represent in any way a company such as Disney.

    If this comes to pass I would object to the apponitment based on creative, financial, and character, protest and resign. It would be a public relations worst nightmare too.

    Again, it is simple.
    Dismiss the entire board of the company.
    Bring back Eisner and Katzenberg.
    Let Abigail Disney take the helm.

    Oh and there is one other, that can, and only can bring the studio animation out if its debacles.

    I would suggest not fueling the rumor mill.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      You were on to something right up until the end.
      Then you suggested incompetent and crazy people.

  2. Chris

    She should be fired (with cause) for her comments about waist lines alone, not given the CEO position.

    I have said it before and will say it again, George Kalogridis (sp?) would be the best choice at this point. Or steal John Storbeck back from Knott’s, he has proven extremely capable these past couple of years.

  3. I yam what I Yam

    So it’ll be business as usual… more of the same. Started with Iger, Chapek continued it , Iger comes back picks up where Chapek left off and then Iger’s baton gets picked up again by this person who will take his place.

  4. D Parrish

    I agree that she should not be the CEO of Disney. They need to either bring Eisner back or find someone like him. He wasn’t perfect, but everybody has flaws. Nobody is perfect.

  5. Gary

    I was reading on another site that Tom Staggs or Jim Cramer or Jonathan Storey might be good choices!

  6. Mickeymouse3

    Think Paycheck was a nickel and dimer? Wait til this Cruella Deville look alike gets the helm. She’ll trim everything down, including your waistlines, more so than Bobby ever wanted. She’ll be smarter about it tho.

  7. Steve

    I think I met him. He was trying to get money for beer on Apopka Vineland. Seemed like a suitable replacement, he has my support.

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