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Guests in a round vehicle on Kali River Rapids

Credit: Disney


  1. AH

    Once was more than enough of it was totally lame.

  2. Deb

    I’m sorry but I like this ride ,it’s most enjoyable getting wet and drying of in the sun

  3. Lisa

    I loved the Avatar Flight of Passage and the Avatar River ride

  4. Bill

    They need to make this ride longer too short.

  5. Lisa

    TBH this ride isn’t one of my faves.

  6. Jack

    I never liked how they used the middle of the ride to put you in the middle of an ugly deforestation environment. That was a very cheap thing to do for Disney because all they had to do is not plan anything and put a concrete fallen tree out there. It was also a very poor theming and storytelling for the purpose of wokism. If they really wanted to tell the story of deforestation, what they should have done is made the entire ride beautiful, filled with tropical vegetation from start to finish, and then afterwards, while you’re walking through the exit, present some discussion on why we are losing that due to deforestation so that the woke drug cartels can plant their opium.

  7. Bryan

    I for one was so excited to ride this attraction amd me and my group of 6. We rode this and barely got wet. I was so disappointed. So for my experience with this ride is very low. I am happy for the ones that got to ride it and actually got wet tho.

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