"Disney Adults" Tell TikToker to "Grow Up" After Acting Inappropriately With Princess Performer - Inside the Magic

Comments for “Disney Adults” Tell TikToker to “Grow Up” After Acting Inappropriately With Princess Performer

A man in a face mask looks at Cinderella, who appears confused. Text reading "Yikes" in a red bubble has been added over the photo.


  1. Paul W

    I don’t give a flying rats behind about what people say about my behavior as a Disney adult on social media. I’m going to keep on hugging Pluto and going gaga over the princesses. Sure, they are just people in costumes, but I don’t care. I still have fun pretending otherwise.

    1. Tyler

      That’s what makes the magic of Disney special. It doesn’t matter how old one gets, at Disney people can let their inner-child out to enjoy the magic and wonder. It is sad that people harass others who still enjoy letting their inner-kid out at Disney.

  2. Mickeymouse3

    This guy, like so many other “tik tok influencers”, is an asshat who just needs to take his “look at me” dysfunctional self and go away. His 15 seconds of fame is lame.

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