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  1. Greg

    Thrilled to see Chapek out! Chapek did more damage to the Disney brand in the 999 days he was CEO than possibly imaginable. There really was NOT room for 1,000! He greatly damaged the treasured TRUST between long-term, dedicated, committed guests and fans in the catastrophic ways he treated us through the miserly policies he implemented and the “unfavorable” comments he made. Chapek did not demonstrate an acceptable level of commitment or understanding to the Disney guest. The harsh damage was very obvious within the parks when interacting with discouraged cast members as well. Mr. Iger must boldly focus on repairing this severe damage by re-establishing TRUST and RESPECT with the avid Disney fans (DVC members, annual pass holders, etc.) in the Disney brand if the Disney Parks are to remain sustainably successful. Iger has a monumental job ahead of him following Chapek’s disastrous term of “anti-leadership”.

  2. Mickeymouse3

    Bob Paycheck visited the parks frequently. I don’t recall him getting any warm receptions…ever.
    Bob Iger will continue to get the warmth…if he does things correctly. Time will tell on that one tho.

  3. I Yam what I Yam...

    The man who started all this mess…that Chapek picked up the baton from and became the fall guy. Not that Chapek was any good either.

  4. Jayne1955

    He’s not perfect either, but at least they realized their mistake trying to keep Chapek. Let’s hope in two years he can get someone decent ready to take over.

  5. S

    I look forward to my book about his reign of terror at Disney comparing him to a certain mustachioed German dictator being published. I will also be smearing his wife too like William Randolph Hearst.

    1. Christina F

      We’ll see how long this honeymoon period lasts, until the next PR disaster. Seems to be their hallmark.

  6. AH

    Iger was the one who chose Chapek. Iger is also more Woke than Chapek. Iger is certainly better, like knowing when to shut up or say a lot of words without actually saying anything, but the wokeness will continue if not get worse.

  7. Walt

    hahahah idiot uninformed fans. IGER is the sourc eof this evil crap – Chapek was his hand picked successor. I would not doubt he and the board (which is also mostly evil look them up) planned this all along. And Bob needs the money – not the rank and file cast members.

    1. Scott

      And the damage is done too. They aren’t changing back to more people friendly tactics easily, and ultimately money talks to all of them.

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