‘Back to the Future’ Icon Stars in a Legend From The 1930s

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Nandor Fodor

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Our favorite Professor, Judge, Doctor, and Uncle is back. This time, our Back to the Future icon is reprising his role as a doctor. Only now, he’ll be playing Dr. Harry Price, a psychic researcher.

christopher lloyd in back to the future
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Christopher Lloyd has joined the cast of Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose which is inspired by real-life events from back in the 1930s.

Lloyd took to Twitter at the beginning of December to remind everyone of his upcoming role.

He wrote: Twitter please meet “Dr. Price.”

This film is based on Dr. Nandor Fodor, a real-life Hungarian American psychoanalyst, author, and parapsychologist who gets called to a farmhouse where the family claims they have come in contact with a talking mongoose.

This isn’t the first time Lloyd will be playing a doctor. Probably his most famous role is that of Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown from the Back to the Future trilogy.

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Simon Pegg (Star Trek and Shaun of the Dead) is starring as Dr. Nandor Fodor, and Minnie Driver (Phantom of the Opera and Gross Pointe Blank) will be playing his assistant Anne.

Nandor Cast (back to the future lloyd)
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Neil Gaiman was also recently added to the cast as the voice of the infamous mongoose Gef.

“I first read about Gef, the mysterious talking mongoose, when I was at school in a book of true-life ghost stories,” Gaiman said in an interview.

Credit: George Scott

“I never thought I’d find myself narrating a film about his exploits, or indeed, providing his voice. But the chance to work with old friends like Simon Pegg and Minnie Driver was irresistible, and I hope very much I have managed to do the mysterious mongoose justice.”

There is no official release date yet for the film. All we know is that it is currently in post-production.

What would you do if you ran across a talking mongoose?

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