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Credit: Oliver Povey


  1. Lori Porter

    This is incorrect. Aulani resort is on the island of Oahu. The volcano that is currently erupting, Mauna Loa, is on the big island of Hawaii far from Oahu and Aulani. I live on the Big Island and am currently monitoring the volcano activity here in our island.

  2. Jeff

    Whoever wrote this article needs to bone up on their geography.

  3. JDR

    Good grief go back to school and look at a map of Hawaii.

    Aulani is located on Oahu. Mauna Loa is on the island of Hawaii. It’s over 200 miles away.

    Learn some geography please.

  4. Puna

    Get your facts straight before putting it out there. Now all the ignorant americans are gonna believe what you’re telling them. SMH

  5. Good Grief

    Good grief. This is by far the worst and most incorrect article I have ever read here. I would like to recommend a tool called The Google where you can find correct geographical information for your future articles.

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