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Mickey and Minnie dressed as pilgrims

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While the Parks have changed from Halloween to Christmas overnight, many fans are still counting down to Turkey Day. Disney is home to some of the most marvelous meals, but here’s how to find the full Thanksgiving Feast on Park property.

Liberty Tree Tavern meal

From the Prime Time Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to the Tusker House at Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World offers a whole festival of culinary delights to satisfy even the hungriest of guests. Winnie the Pooh himself would have a hard time not being full after enjoying a meal at one of the many quick-service and table-service restaurants scattered all throughout Park property. The regular menus are all well and good, but the holidays are when many longtime park-goers begin to salivate with anticipation, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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A tried-and-true Thanksgiving plate needs the traditional standards of turkey, dressing, potatoes, gravy, etc. to make the meal meet those classic comfort food vibes, and Disney definitely has guests covered. The only question is where to stop for dinner. Any holiday spent at Disney demands a sampling of the various Parks and all their trimmings and trappings, but no matter where Guests might find themselves, a plate of turkey and all the fixings won’t be far away.

The Liberty Tree Tavern 

liberty tree tavern
Credit: Disney

Getting the most obvious answer out of the way, the first place many fans are quick to think of is the Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. Here, Guests can find a full Thanksgiving meal 365 days a year, regardless of the holiday. Even at the time of writing, a full Patriot’s Platter consists of roast turkey, Pennsylvania pot roast, mashed potatoes, stuffing and everything a Guest could want for an old-fashioned Thanksgiving at grandma’s place. Of course, if the Liberty Tree isn’t your style, it’s not the only place to grab a hearty bite.

The Diamond Horseshoe 

The interior of the Diamond Horseshoe
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A Walt Disney World classic, The Diamond Horseshoe is located the next land over in a cozy corner of Frontierland. Those suffering from a massive case of Thanksgiving FOMO will have their worries (and their appetites) put at ease, as the Horseshoe offers the exact same turkey and trimmings as the Liberty Tree. From the turkey to the same cranberry relish, the table-service restaurant might come with a different packaging but it still offers the same familiar feast.

50’s Prime Time Café

50s Prime Time Cafe
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For a truly traditional family Thanksgiving meal, look no further than the 50’s Prime Time Café at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While they don’t have the turkey and dressing found at the Liberty Tree or Diamond Horseshoe, there’s no better place for comfort food. Fried chicken, pot roast, and a meat loaf that’s absolutely to die for can all be found in this throwback-styled restaurant that will send guests back to Walt’s day with satisfied appetites.

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Garden Grill Restaurant

Thanksgiving Disney World
Credit: Disney

If you’re looking for something outside the typical turkey, dressing, and so on, there are plenty of restaurants that offer a little something different.  Case in point, Epcot’s Garden Grill Restaurant. Although it’s better known as a Character Dining experience, they do offer a seasonal menu to satisfy those Thanksgiving cravings. The grill offers its own take on the traditional roast turkey and stuffing, as well as the rest of its usual garden selections and international dishes. Simply put, it’s Epcot’s fine seasonal sampling.

Tusker House

Mickey and Minnie dressed as pilgrims
Credit: Mousekemoms Blog

A special mention has to go to the famous Tusker House of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Not only does the restaurant offer a full Thanksgiving feast, but a whole buffet stuffed to the gills with every kind of turkey day trimming you can think of. Everything from turkey and stuffing to delectable pumpkin tarts will be prepped to perfection in time for the holiday weekend.


Of course, this is all just a sampling of the seasonal delights available this Thanksgiving. The Parks are always home to a wide variety of magical meals, with and without turkey. Either way, Guests will be able to enjoy a full trip’s worth of treats and eats no matter when they decide to visit.

Where will you be spending Thanksgiving this month? Tell us in the comments below!

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