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A photo of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios Florida.

Credit: Universal


  1. Rteker

    To be honest it does need some TLC

  2. Crystal

    Only down a few days? Probably removing Kanye West’s song “Stronger”.

    1. Kevin

      It’s down for a year – Nov 2022 til Nov 2023

      1. Harry

        Hey your facts right 😒

      2. Jake

        For the love of god please don’t waste time and money refurbing this POS. RRR is easily the worst coaster in all of florida. Selecting a song is a lame gimmick and a waste of time, it’s one of the worst paced coasters in existence, and it has been almost painful to ride since previews when it was first built. Not to mention it’s been incredibly unreliable since day 1. A refurb isn’t going to fix any of that, so please just move on from this waste of space.

        1. Ladyredrider

          Please consider that there are others who may enjoy this coaster. My 8 and 9 year olds just enjoyed their first big coasters rides on it this year. They and many others love it. If you don’t please choose to ride other things.

        2. Karral

          What are you taking about! There is nothing wrong with it. It a fun easy to ride coster that lots enjoy. If you want to ride a coster that gives you no chance to enjoy the ride because it’s so bumpy and changes direction to fast then go ride hulk.

        3. Shawn

          I almost died on this roller coaster 7 years ago. I am a fat guy and I was supposed to be placed in one of the larger seats. They squeezed me into the regular seat and kept trying to close the bar. They barely get one click and left it like that. The bar came undone shortly after the rude started and I had to try and hold it closed the whole time. The whole conveyor belt design needs to go away first. The coaster should always come to a complete stop and should not start until EVERYONE is securely fastened in their seats.

      3. T

        You are crazy. It hasn’t been closed for a year.

      4. MB

        The article says 11/13/22-11/17/22..

    2. Alex

      I rode it one night at HHN, they’ve already removed it

    3. Chris

      That’s exactly what they’re doing.

  3. Jeff

    A whole year???? Wow! What, they doing a Hulk where they’re going to tear it down completely and rebuild it?

    1. Kelly

      Article is wrong. Universal’s website says “Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit™: 11/13/2022 -11/17/2022”

  4. Michael

    So it will be closed from November 2022 until November 2023??
    Please clarify, Ed Aguila.
    If it’s going to be closed for a year, it better be like a new ride when they are done. Right now the ride is so rough, it gives you a headache from all the rattling around. I can’t be the only one.

    1. kelly

      The article is wrong. Universal’s website says “Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit™: 11/13/2022 -11/17/2022”

      1. Pat

        Please arrange for it to be open for the Orlando informer meetup in a few weeks!

    2. Ant

      Definitely not the only one. I rated it as my least favorite in all Universal. Needs a major revamp. Even the way the safety restrain sits on your body is awful.

    3. Jake

      It has been like that since day one. A refurb won’t change it. The first and last time I rode it, was in previews. I went on it twice, and I’ll never go on it again. I’d put it up there with the Matterhorn as far as how unpleasant it is to ride.

    4. Mary Love

      Same for me. I try to follow the instructions but still end up whacking the back of my head

  5. Steve-O

    “Long overdue” is putting it mildly–I haven’t ridden it in years, but even then the wheels on the cars were so worn out it was one of the rougher rolllercoaster rides I’d had in a long time. Had no desire to ride it again afterwards, even though it should have been a great ride. Hopefully this will fix some of those issues…

    1. Jake

      It’s been like that since day one. I haven’t been on it since previews, for that reason.

  6. Kelsey

    This article seems incorrect about Mummy still being closed, I just rode mummy Saturday night! Had 0 issues.

    1. Dustin

      It’s in “technical rehearsal” meaning it is open, bit can close at anytime. They are still ironing out the last few bugs before they officially declare it open again.

  7. Trent

    Hopefully they’re replacing the square wheels with round ones and removing about 40 of the brake runs.

    1. Vincent

      They aren’t gonna do that, the break runs are there to increase capacity, I really don’t understand why they bought a coaster with such low capacity for the park. The constant break runs really.ruin the flow.

      1. Jake

        It was an off the shelf POS that cost them almost nothing, during their “let’s spend as little money as possible building absolute garbage attractions” phase.

  8. Chris gapske

    Fire the person who wrote this story !!! CLICKBATE AND WRONG!!!!!

    1. Chris

      While they are at it they should shut down the whole website

      1. Jeremy

        I agree. This site is the worst. I hate that I always come here to see actual news just to be swindled.

      2. S

        TRULY. this website is the worst. I hope the people writing these stupid articles are happy.

  9. Melissa

    I felt like I was punched in the face after riding it in July. Never again. Such a rough ride. Gave me Such a headache

  10. George

    Can yas take out the ball buster on the seats?
    Fun ride but very painful…

  11. Lizzy

    It was the worst part of our trip, 2 hr wait when it said 75 minutes. Saw empty cars. And we had someone wand us 6 times and freak out over lip balm in my buttoned pocket. Oh, and the music didn’t work.

  12. Christina

    I like RRR so much better than the Hulk (which gives me a horrible headache after riding it). Hopefully it won’t be closed for long!

  13. Debbee

    Really, “No More”! Its down for refurbishing, however long that takes. It’s not like it’s being taken out.

  14. Cyndi

    This ride was never the best copy of the original 2008 Hard Rock Park ride was complete with Bose speakers and great Rock music that accompanied each twist and turn and dip and rise perfectly. Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love really started in that show. Sadly the park in Myrtle Beach closed after that economic crisis of a year. I still have the park mag with pics.

  15. Mark

    If they’re updating the trains so the seats don’t crush my nuts every time I ride it, then yes. Let’s do this!

  16. Ash

    I have a friend that works on the ride and they have told her it will only be down for a few days. We shall see.

  17. Shay

    I have been on worse rides. I love this coaster. It’s a bit rough yeah, but so what. It’s still a fast, fun ride… I also love the Hulk. Feel free for anyone of you to build a coaster in which you’re doing speeds over 70 plus mph and twisting and turning, looping etc where you’re not going to feel it!!! I’ve been on a ton of coasters and you feel them all. Go on Kingda Ka that will give ya a bit of a shake

  18. Mark

    I rode this last week and hated it. I was in the last seat and my head was thrown all over the place. I had a very sore and stiff neck for days and my range of motion was substantially reduced. I ended up using a heating pad to try to relieve the stiffness. Thankfully I only waited a few minutes to ride this terrible thing. Love the Hulk and Velocicoaster though.

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