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Sleeping Beauty Castle

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  1. That one of my favorite ride that the first ride I alway come to when I come to Disneyland.Ive Coming to Disneyland sense it first opened in 1955. I always get the fuzzy feeling when iam there

    1. Kat

      You were there back then? That must’ve been so special! They used tickets back then, too. My mom once went in the early 60s, but that’s the earliest anyone I know has been there. I’ve always hoped to live long enough to see the time capsule dug up and opened. Knock on wood here, but I’m a curious person.

    2. Mel

      So did I, until I went this past January. Not what Walt would have liked to see, the shortcuts n poor customer care, bad hotel upkeep as well as poor maintenance on rides. Very sad!

  2. Thats one of my favorite rides thats the first ride I go on. The Jungle Boat ride.

  3. mark

    the movie totally revived the ride – b4 it you could walk on now the line is a train wreck

  4. Mitchell

    It’s time to overhaul the ride and fix everything they can. How long till the track becomes so jammed up that they have to tell people their going to have to wade through the water to get back to the exit? Let’s face it antique tracks and gears will break and be costly to replace, so just swap them out sooner rather than after people are extremely upset having to go for an unscheduled swim.

    1. Mel

      It’s poor management, not the ride. We are just paying more to go.

  5. Stan p

    I went this past August and got stuck on this ride for 30-45 minutes in the heat with no water. Was not the most fun moment of the trip.

  6. Kev

    It was a Jungle Cruise, but that woke do over turned it into a Snooze Cruise (I’m sure Bob Chapek the Bean Counter probably penny pinched during “that makeover”, because that’s when the entire water should have been drained so that Imagineers could install a new track + new have boats available!) Nothing will get fixed until Park Guests are left stranded due to a breakdown and it causes a few to suffer heat stroke!

  7. Cathy

    OF COURSE they need to repair ANY ride, especially those golden oldies we all grew up with!! Long live Disneyland!!💞

    1. Corina

      I think creating new jokes and having cast members be more animated in telling them will help! I go for the jokes!!! Lately, the cast members sound like downers and appear to not enjoy their job.

  8. Kat

    Jungle Cruise has always been a family favorite. It wouldn’t hurt to close for a while and re-do the tracks. Every ride needs some TLC here and there.

    It stopped when I went in October this year; thankfully it was night and not so hot. Our skipper kept us laughing for a good 7-10 minutes before apologizing again and saying we’d be there for a while… and asking if we had any jokes yo share.

    I remember asking, “Why are writers always so cold?” “Hm. I don’t know, why?” He inquired. I responded, “Because they’re always surrounded by drafts.” After a chuckle he said, “That one blew me away.” Dude didn’t even miss a beat. It was great.

    Another I tossed out, “What’s a skeleton’s favorite meal?” “What?” “Spare ribs.” “That was quite… humerus.” “Bon appétit.” So yeah. While we were stuck, at least we made the best of it and had a great cast member.

  9. Master White

    Well if a few people on social media have said it, it must be true. “Its old so get rid of it”

    1. Mel

      Sorry, not really. When it’s maintained properly, without shortcuts to save money, Jungle Cruise, like every other older ride at the Park, has operated great for DECADES until now managed by a non-Disney person!!! Awfully!!!

  10. That was my favorite ride when I was about 5. That would have been around 1957. I loved it when the skipper would shoot the Hippo.

  11. Sharon

    Instead of building DVC towers all over WDW, the money should be invested in the upkeep of the parks. Oh wait, that’s not their money maker anymore. Selling DVC is

  12. One of my favorites! They did some refurbishing not too long ago. It was closed for about a year, if I’m not mistaken – it was closed for refurb when we went for their soft opening after Covid

  13. Bri Sanchez

    I think one of the reasons it’s breaking down more than usual is due to them removing the old fastpass system. Now the popular attractions have 1hr+ waits and more people are riding less popular rides i.e. the jungle cruise. It’s probably had way more riders than average on years pass and the extra strain is taking its toll!

  14. Mel

    Raise by a single mom in SoCal, since the late 60’s our annual vacation was a day at historic Disneyland! Boy, Walt must be rolling in his grave at the short cuts and awful way it’s managed today!!! Short cuts on upkeep, customer care, the hotels, even no trams to and from the now-further-than-EVER parking structure, one mile walk to the big D gates! Then, after a day of dodging over populated attendees, another mile walk back to your vehicle in the increasingly expensive fee to park lot!!!! So very sad! It’s the first time someone NOT bloodline of the Disney family is running Disneyland, now Disney Resort. Heartbreaking!!!

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