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Disney World Guest posing in front of Cinderella Castle

Credit: Sam Paige TikTok


  1. Fran

    How’d she get into the park in that outfit?

    1. Doug Cobb

      I have been hoing to Disney sence 1971 and it has going down.hill rapidly, with all the changes thay should have done better. But dont worry in the near future kids wont be at Disney the parents will not be able to afford it.I would like to go back but thay have taken so much away from the children and playing with there mind. I will find a better place for my kidS AND A LOT SAFER.

      1. Fran

        English, please.

    2. Mary

      I was thinking the same…nothing to do with her shape…everything to do with inappropriate fit. It is a “bit” revealing..plus, people come into the park and change clothing.
      A few years ago, some of the princesses were deemed “inappropriate” and had their costumes revamped because of too much showing (Jasmine)..so why is this ok?..on ANYONE!…Not just full figured gals (like me)

      1. wesley

        Because skinny girls are attractive. No one wants to look at full figured (aka fat n sloppy) chicks like you.

        Like I said earlier “full figure” is just another PC way of saying fat. Stop trying to sugar coat it and just accept that you are.

    3. edward

      Lots of bacon grease and a little luck.

  2. Linda

    Cover up

  3. Monica

    1. The sleeves aren’t even attached to the “shirt”.
    2. No bra or bikini tops. That bustier thing isn’t even giving her any support.
    3. Her skort is so short.
    ~ Doesn’t matter what size you are, that outfit is kinda skanky.

    1. Maria J

      Not appropriate attire for any size person at a place that has a dress code. How did they let her in is my question. It has zero to do with body shaming – what parent or guardian want to explain to a 4-5-6 year old why someone has that outfit on. Not to mention a 2.5/3 foot child caught standing in line having to stare at the back of her skirt… SMH, I seriousily don’t know what goes through peoples heads when they get dressed in the morning…. Yes, great body positively and all that, that’s fine … So is having good sense about dressing for the place you’re going … Work, a Play, a fancy Restaurant (with a dress code), Disneyworld a Night club or whatever…. Lots of places have dress codes and for good reason…. Some folks j look ack common sense and respect for others – only thinking about themselves and their wants/needs and who cares about how what they do impacts others…. In this case a lot of young and impressionable young kids smh…

      1. ?

        I mean. It is a bit much for the location she was visiting at the time, but what 4-5-6 year old is going to ask, or even care, what a guest is wearing when they’re at Disney?

        1. Mr. B.


      2. Voice of Reason

        Why would you have to explain to a 4-5-6 year old? They wouldn’t even ask. I’m not a fan of the outfit but no child has ever asked me why a person is wearing what they are wearing. I was at the Saratoga Lobby and family was checking in from the pool and many of the girls were wearing bikini thongs. None of the adult males were complaining and they kids were saying nothing until their Dad pointed it out. Kids don’t care about our projected beliefs until they are projected onto them.

        1. Andrea

          I think it wasn’t appropriate for a girl to wear at a family theme park. It didn’t cover much or gave her top support. It’s OK that a big girl is not ashamed to wear an outfit like that, but somewhere else.

      3. Kim

        Nothing to do with size, inappropriate for where you are.

    2. Kate

      Exactly. I see a lot of that kind of outfit at Universal in early September but that isn’t usually acceptable at Disney and I didn’t see that same stuff when we switched over to Disney.
      It’s not a matter of body size. It’s a matter of appropriate attire for everyone.

    3. Mindy

      Yup. Nothing was ever said about her weight either. She’s just saying that. She could be skinny and still get that backlash. It’s a family park, not a club.

      1. Mr. B.

        Doubt it. The fact that overweight people don’t look good to some, (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder) in outfits like that. There are plenty of young skinny girls roaming the park with similiar outfits no one is complaining about.

        1. Nativenyc

          I think the problem with hers is that it’s a couple of sizes too small in the bottom and the top is sliding down.

          I see plenty of thinner girls and women inappropriately dressed at Disney these days. Scanty clothing 2 sizes too small and I would say the same to them – I didn’t come here to be thinking about anyone’s “sexy” – there are lots of places that are already venues for that. This is a place to be a kid or a kid again. In my book childhood doesn’t include the sex shop version of sleeping beauty – and the prettier they are the worse, because that does influence our children! It does leave a lasting impression about sexual availability and beauty. Something that is far more dangerous when a 6 year old copies it without understanding what signals it sends. That’s grooming mindlessly!

          1. Casey

            Agree. It doesn’t really flatter her figure either

    4. Brian

      Good, get out! If you didn’t know that it was WAY inappropriate, you really need to study the dress code and get help before you leave your house.

    5. PAM EVANS

      She looks like a “HO” who’s ready for work! A family theme park is not a place for that. Some people are just so immature and crave attention. It’s really sad that she’s that way. Some day when she grows up she’s really going to regret dressing that way.

      1. PAM EVANS


      2. PAM EVANS


    6. Jaxx

      Amen! Although I’d say it’s fit for a downtown Orlando hooker!

  4. Chris Muta

    Completely inappropriate outfit. Not because she’s overweight, but because it’s absolutely inappropriate. I don’t want my child to be standing behind her when she bends over to pick up something that she’s dropped on the ground. Absolutely disgusting.

    1. ICS

      Ugh. You said it and now I can’t unsee that image…

    2. Barbara Ann Horan

      Agree 100%. She needs to go somewhere else with that outfit, like maybe home!

      1. Homer

        She’d fit right in at Universal Studios.

  5. D

    Didn’t know there was a dress code. I rented a scooter since I am of the age that standing and walking is very difficult. Was there the end of September 2022. The sights I saw from my sitting position were really interesting. Some people should not wear Spanx as outter wear. Leaves nothing to the imagination from front nor the back. Alot wearing all black when the temperature was in the low 90’s.

  6. VGarza

    As a fellow plus size girl who is all about body positivity I cannot agree with this attire for ANY reason at a Disney park, plus size or not.
    This is a place for families and it should be respected as such. I wish the Disney workers would 100% enforce dress code STRICTLY regardless of body shape.

    1. wesley

      “Plus size” is just PC for fat. No one thinks that fat people are beautiful. There is a reason that all the highest paid supermodels in the world and slim or skinny. No one wants to see a human whale out in the wild.

      1. Unity

        Believe or not there are people who find plus size people beautiful. I also know a lot of high paying models that are also plus sides. It’s ok to not be attractive to plus size people but being a crappy person will keep you single.

        1. wesley


          No one finds fat people attractive except for chubby chasers. And I still stick to my point that no one wants to see Shamu out on display at Disneyland or Disney World.

    2. Mr. B.

      There is no respect….Skinny or overweight.

  7. JN

    They let her in. Enjoy your vacation and let her enjoy hers. Who is she hurting? Freaking state of the world…there’s much worse things we should focus on.

  8. A McCoy

    Inappropriate and just a scream for attention. Disney workers should do their jobs and enforce the dress code.

    1. SD

      That outfit is neither appropriate or attractive. It doesn’t even fit her properly. You can be plus sized and still buy cute clothes that fit you and are attractive!

  9. Sam

    Yikes she looks terrible. She shouldn’t wear that to Disney or anywhere.

    1. Mr. B.

      What are you wearing today? Do you think you look good? It’s subjective.

  10. Big J

    Sounds like an attempt to score points in the Oppression Olympics, from where I’m at.

  11. wesley

    Dear god. This thing probably eats sticks of butter as a snack. She better lose some weight before she needs knee replacements in her 20s and gets diabetes not long after.

  12. Christopher

    Outfit shouldn’t be worn by anyone at Disney. It’s not a ghetto fashion show, definitely not six flags. Have some respect

  13. step

    …because it’s on a big body that it’s bothering you […] I’ve seen literal booty cheeks hanging out under shorts, but because I’m fat it’s inappropriate?”

    Yep, finally a moment of clarity from this idiot. This thing is a 500lb lump of blubber trying to stuff herself into an outfit designed for someone about 400lb lighter in weight.

  14. Melanie S

    I think your fine in your clothes. The ones they should be screaming at are the ones walking in Disney with there ass cheeks hanging out, walking around in bras not bathing suits. Thing is there is way worse to complain about than this. Peace sake she’s fairly covered up.

    1. I have seem worse at Disney ! Mostly every one wears those black stretchy yoga pants and shorts that show everything ! Let the girl go ! She looks cute Disney should worry about all the rude cast members! They are so mean these days to young children.

    2. Melanie S


  15. Rose

    Honestly, the only one’s upset are parents and adults. Children aren’t scared or negatively affected if they se this person. The one’s sexualising the person is the one’s complaining. Showing skin is natural and not sexual. If you don’t like it, just look away

  16. Sabra

    While I’m all about being comfortable in your own skin, there does come and time and place to be so. I like the outfit, but feel any theme park isn’t quite the appropriate place for it.

  17. Laura

    Since everyone says this is innapropriate for Disney then maybe Disney should ban bikinis at the resort pools where kids are swimming?

    1. lorraine

      bikinis are worn at the resorts for sun bathing and swimming, not in a park where they can fall off when riding certain rides

  18. George

    Just wondering if the folks complaining about her outfit are the same ones who applaud and welcome the transgender drag queens into grade schools?

  19. TJ

    I get it, you’re confident in your body & you want to show it off. But this is Disney, you can’t tell me she was not pulling up her top and pulling down her skort all day, just to keep it decent. The outfit is not bad but I can see where at times it could become inappropriate if she’s not conscious of it moving.

  20. Walt

    Everyone should be allowed to come nude – just make it a nudist destination – it practically is in some cases anyway. And you know what – you’re right – the kids probably don’t notice it – maybe – BUT I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT!

    1. Mason

      I only see Disneyland Paris doing that. Since those Europeans are perfectly fine being in clothing optional lifestyles.

  21. Andy


  22. Diztravel

    Not the worst outfit I’ve seen at WDW. But the outfit is ill-fitting and not very flattering. Full stop. She’s a beautiful girl. Me thinks it’s done on purpose for her social media accounts.

  23. lorraine

    It looks like an outfit people would wear to a concert or a bar……….Disney is for adults and for children, but adults should be a little more respectful……..She should not have been able to wear this in , and if she had it covered then took off the shirt over it, she should have been made to put it on, buy a new one, or leave the park. My opinion…..Young people have their own style but lets be a little more respectful of your body.

  24. I’m 5’2 and my shorts are shorter than this without my butt hanging out. Her skirt is cute, but her blouse doesn’t fit her chest properly. If it did people would hate it even more. Men are wearing shirts with guns talking about killing people, but people have a problem with this?

  25. JT

    Have you seen some of her other videos? She’s a vulgar POS with serious self esteem issues.

  26. Dave

    Another member of the I do whatever I want wherever I want…..I’m sure she’d get upset at some kid for telling their mom “that lady doesn’t have any clothes on”. I just don’t understand women these days wearing clothing that totally does not suit them….whether it’s a pregnant meteorologist wearing a tight dress and getting upset when someone messages the station about it being inappropriate to the women who think nothing about going out in public wearing sweats with the word JUICY plastered across their butt. It’s about you needing to have some self respect for yourself. People don’t wanna see that garbage…you wanna dress like that for your man, then go for it…but if you’re gonna be out in public, show some self respect for yourself geeez.

  27. Voice of Reasobn

    The outfit has nothing to do with her weight.

  28. Mason

    Nobody wants to see a fat woman dressed like this.

  29. Paul W

    She got exactly what she wanted…media attention. She’s probably thanking all the trolls.

  30. Teddy Gingerich

    First, she does look terrific – but not for a theme park. I don’t think anyone of any size should wear a skirt (even a skort) that is that short. And a bustier style top is also not a great look at a theme park. It’s not about size for me; I do think she looks really good. But I kind of wish Disney parks would get a little more serious about their dress code.
    Please stop letting people with offensive t shirts in. And ladies (and girls), your skirts and shorts need to be longer than your butt cheeks.

  31. Joe H

    How did I get on OnlyFans?

  32. Jayne1955

    Yes, it has sleeves, but it’s way too low cut. She’s flopping around in that shirt. It’s got nothing to do with her weight. She’s got unconscious bias against anyone who is critical, thinking it is about weight, but it’s not always and isn’t in this case.,

  33. OceanSky

    I’m a BBW myself, and I think (at Disneyland!) that outfit would be inappropriate at ANY WEIGHT! You’re a beautiful woman, but there’s a time and a place for that much skin, and a family oriented theme park isn’t it.

  34. Devan

    This is something that would be worn out to a club not a family friendly environment. Her boobs aren’t supported in any way and they’re practically completely exposed. Her belly is hanging out, and if she didn’t have shorts on under that skirt everything else would’ve been completely exposed. Nothing about this outfit is proper attire for where she went. It doesn’t matter your size. When you’re dressed inappropriately. You’re dressed inappropriately.

  35. Sue

    I hope she was told to leave. Doesn’t matter far or skinny you don’t dress like that unless you r standing on a street corner. And yes you see it all the time at the parks you wonder if these people have mirrors bc they look like trash. Do t can what you weight is. You look jut like a street hooker

    1. Sue


      Sorry I flopped English so I am really bad at it 🙁

  36. Mary

    No dear, it’s inappropriate, nothing to do with being fat or thin. But by all means, never let an opportunity to play the size card by suggesting it was about your weight go to waste otherwise, you might miss out on your 15 minutes of internet fame. Yours truly, also person of size who knows what a proper outfit it.

  37. Mike G

    Pretty gross all the way around. Go to a nightclub if you want to dress like that

  38. Not a fan of that outfit BUT What do you expect, at this point, Disney encourages anything/everything from ALL “walks of life”…do you not expect the line of decency to be pushed by everyone- look at the trash walking thru the gate EVERYDAY…

  39. Unknown

    I think it is disgusting for people to dress in such inappropriate clothing. I do not care what your body shape is there is absolutely no reason for someone to dress like that unless they are trying to gain attention. Attention that belongs in the bedroom! There is nothing wrong to want to look nice and it would not take much to make the outfit more appropriate. People need to stop being so selfish and be a little more considerate of others especially children. Oure universe revolves around one point and that point is NOT you! Today’s society is all about me, me, me!

  40. Rose

    As the CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek has managed, on his own, to denegrate and destroy the whole concept of Disney parks forever. Walt Disney was a visionary and Dad who wanted to enjoy a park with his daughters, not just sit by and watch them enjoying themselves.
    He imagined a place, a theme park, where an entire family could enjoy themselves together.
    Walt also wanted a place where magic became a reality, and reality turned into magic, a place where you could enjoy the past, present, and future all in one theme park. Also, he wanted to give visitors a break from the real world for a while. His visions came true in the building of Disneyland, (the happiest place on earth)and soon after Walt Disney World became (the most magical place on earth).
    So, when a young lady dresses like a “lady of the night”, I say who cares? The magic imagined by Walt Disney no longer exists in any Disney theme park. Now, Chapek has turned Disney into just another business deal, with politics, world events, wokeness, and has become the total opposite of what Walt would have dreamed of. I don’t think as long as Chapek is in control, the magic will never return to any Disney park

  41. George Boers

    She is dressed that way to get a response from people then complains when people call her out , she got what she wanted
    She really should just shut stfu
    And she is proof some people should not use the Internet

  42. Casey

    That top is really unflattering and more for smaller chests. Her boobs are sagging to the point of an old lady’s..does not look good and comfortable. She wouldve went with a regular t shirt.

  43. KMAN

    TikTok’s , Influencers and Streamers ALL REVERT TO EXTREMES just to get that click on their Name or channel. Disney should Follow DISNEY JAPAN and BAN these people that are selfish for their own gain and vanity. We just want to enjoy the day .
    This has nothing to do with her Obesity period !
    It’s purely Distasteful in this setting that’s a Family oriented we’re children are the focus .
    Everything has a place and time to express your self and Disney is not the place for this conduct.
    This would be Rejected no matter who it was . And she knows this !
    but just to BOOST her case she has elected to use her OBESITY to make it ok and
    that’s NOT OK !

  44. Jamie Coughlin

    Those boobs are just waiting to spring forth! Would hate to have to explain that to my 10 year old son! Not appropriate for any size body at a theme park.

  45. Jackie

    I feel the shirt is inappropriate and maybe the skirt could be a little longer but I honestly feel that kids aren’t looking at her they are more worried about the rides and characters

  46. Rw

    Who ordered the HOOKER?????

  47. Stephanie Hudson

    I completely agree with her. If her chest was big no one would even notice. I can’t even count the number of butt cheeks I have seen poking out of shorts while walking around Disney World.

  48. Foghorn

    EEK! Woof Woof!!

  49. Marie

    The only problem I have with her outfit, is that her top is falling off. She needs to get one that fits properly.

    Other than that….I’ve seen so much worse there. Like too many size 24s squishing into size 14s. It has nothing to do with someone being big….just wear the right size clothing.

  50. Sharon

    If she was 110 lbs, this article wouldn’t even be on here. It’s only here because she is heavy. While people are saying it’s not appropriate for any weight, there are not articles written about the perfect body wearing something similar, which is done every single day at Disney

    1. edward

      She ain’t heavy. She is FAT. Say it with me! F-A-T.

  51. Miriam

    The kids aren’t even looking at her they are too busy enjoying themselves I am pretty sure those kids have seen worse, so don’t take your children to the beach.

  52. Tom

    “Body positivity” should be for handicapped people, disfigured people, people with vitiligo, not people who don’t wanna stop eating and still don’t wanna be considered fat, non good looking and unhealthy.

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