Comments for Theme Park Attraction Suffers Fiery Crash, One Killed


Credit: Santa Wonderland


  1. X

    Anyone noticed Theme Park Insider is VERY biased against Disney? If your positive and neutral you’ll at best be ignored if you say one favorable thing you’ll be attacked for bieng a ‘Disney’ fanboy yet they can be fanboys of Universal all the time and get no trouble in response.

    It’s all tiff and tuff sadly these days online.

    1. Steve

      That is probably because you have to be a fanboy or an activist to defend Disney now.

    2. Tim

      ITM is not responsible for the commenters. Second is that until this weekend most people are very anti-Disney because of the way they are treating their guests and cast members. It is hoped that with Chapek gone things will improve and the negativity toward Disney and its diehard “fans” will end. Until proven otherwise expect much the same for at least the short term.

      1. Steve

        Nothing is going to change. Iger is worse than Chapek.

  2. X

    Mayor Red: “Crazy drunk driver.”

  3. JMR

    Looking at that bus it is lucky there was only one fatality!! I know that is harsh sounding but can’t help but say that the group experienced some luck here. Glad that only one person died.

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