Why ‘Star-Wars’ Isn’t Sci-Fi Anymore

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The Child AKA Grogu in 'The Mandalorian'

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What began in the 1970s as an epic space opera has since grown into a pop culture phenomenon that spans a multitude of different genres. From sci-fi serials to gritty war dramas, Star Wars has grown above and beyond the cinematic medium in recent years.

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In 1977, George Lucas planted a seed of science-fiction excellence that has since blossomed into one of the longest-running franchises still in circulation. With nine core movies, a slew of spinoffs, TV shows, video games, and a whole legion of novels and comic books, it’s safe to say that Star Wars is still going strong. That all being said, the series has grown beyond the realms of sci-fi. In fact, it wouldn’t be untrue to say that the series has flourished in other genres and motifs such as western, war drama, and even romance.

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This phenomenon can be exceptionally seen in the Disney+ series starting with The Mandalorian and running all the way to the recently-released Andor. While there will always be a sci-fi element in everything Star Wars does, watching the galaxy far, far away bleed over into other storylines shows just how versatile the universe can be. In a realm where western-styled bounty hunters can wield blasters instead of six-shooters and space wizards can communicate with a mystical energy that holds the universe together, there is an ocean of stories waiting to be told.

Cad Bane
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While most viewers are used to the drama of the Jedi and the Sith, the Rebels and the Empire, and the Resistance and the First Order, the extended universe has introduced brand new worlds of tales beyond the rims. The Mandalorian might have utilized a familiar setting, but it had much more in common with classic spaghetti westerns than something like A New Hope. Its spiritual sequel, The Book of Boba Fett, blended themes of gangster movies of old Hollywood and giants of samurai cinema that inspired the original George Lucas trilogy. By blending these contrasting themes and motifs, the picture of the Star Wars universe becomes clearer and clearer.

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The galaxy will always be home to Jedi and starships, but it will also be a place of gunslingers, spies, wizards, and even kaiju. By incorporating more than the standard motifs seen in one genre, Star Wars and the creators, writers, artists, and actors behind it have continuously breathed new life into an already impressive universe. The series continues to expand into new genres, mediums, styles, and narratives with each new series, film, novel, and beyond.  New stories are brought to new audiences on a regular basis, and the universe is practically endless.

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