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Splash Mountain entry sign

Credit: Disney


  1. Logan Hatfield

    source: trust me bro

  2. Logan Hatfield

    yall are literally trying to paint this ride in a bad light its obvious

  3. walt

    seriously? why do people go on water rides then complain about water? lmfao

  4. Steve

    Never been to Universal, have you?

  5. HT

    I was in Disneyland last April and rode Splash Mountain twice. The first time I got absolutely drenched, the second time I was barely damp at all. It just depends on who else is in the log, where they are sitting in the log (weight distribution) and where you are in the log (front gets wetter than back. Cast members cannot control all of these things with different groups of people all the time… It is a WATER ride, expect to get wet.

  6. Katharine

    It depends on what row you are in. And also the weight in the log. It’s also a water ride! It says EVERYWHERE you might get wet. So don’t complain if you don’t want to get wet. Best ride in Disney!!! #SaveSplashMountain

  7. WDWfan

    It’s almost like the ride is called “Splash Mountain”.

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