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  1. Alny (They/Them)

    Single m*n should be banned from all parks.

    1. Sean

      How about single women.

      1. Lighten up Francis

        I think “adults” is the phrase, so men and women and any person who is an adult is included… but WOW! Can you imagine if Disney did this! People would be freaking out! Hahahhaa

        1. H.G.

          If Disney and other theme parks across the US did this, none of those parks would be still in business because of the millions of dollars they would lose every year because they alienate those adults who don’t have kids.

          1. Jack

            It’s men AND women, ANY adult, even a group, cannot enter without a child. And that’s common sense IF they have very child like activities, which almost all of the Lego Lands do; It’s not like WDW or Universal, dippy. It’s like Peppa Pig World, and if you are there without a kid, you are either mentally the age of a child or you are a predator. There’s absolutely nothing for an adult to do in those type of kitty places. It’s nothing like other theme parks. But you’d only know that, if you’ve actually been there. So how about you stop running your mouth until you actually know what you’re talking about.

        2. Jack

          This place is like Peppa Pig World and The Crayola Experience and it is aimed for kids only with literally nothing or next to nothing for older kids or adults; it’s not a huge theme park like WDW or Universal. Y’all are intellectually challenged.

      2. D

        Wemon count as well. I knew a woman at work that was really upset about it. She said it should only be men. I told her wemon can be dangerous as well.

        1. Jack

          This is not a theme park for all ages, what is wrong with you people?? Y’all just like to complain to complain like children. This place is like Peppa Pig World and The Crayola Experience and it is aimed for kids only with literally nothing or next to nothing for older kids or adults; it’s not a huge theme park like WDW or Universal. So if an adult wants to go to a kiddy only place alone,
          that is a HUGE red flag. Y’all are intellectually challenged.

    2. But you’re perfectly fine with guys who abuse their wives and children. THEY can go into the parks. Right?

    3. Mike hunt

      Lol.. they them

      Mental illness is strong with that person

    4. Kyle

      Bahahahaha omg!

    5. TinCanJim

      Since you seem so adamant about this would you care to elaborate? Why should single men be banned from all parks? If you reply, remember, name calling and insults only make you look ignorant and do nothing to promote your argument.

    6. Yeah

      Any (They/Them) I have some pronouns for you. It/that and was/ were.

    7. Jarvis

      Men are men, women are women.

      1. Jack

        …morons are morons, and you take the cake.

    8. Ty

      You they and them can all f off with that non sense

    9. Leroy


      The real mystery is how you can have such hateful viewpoints and not immediately stick a gun in your own mouth.

  2. Holly R

    Men are problematic and are dangerous to women worldwide. Ideally, men are not allowed in the parks unless they are castrated.

    1. Steve

      Women should be kept in the home unless accompanied by a man.

    2. X

      It’s so funny to see the doublethink in this statement.
      1) women are strong, and they can do anything a man can do! #girlboss
      2) women are so poor, weak, and helpless that they are oppressed by men all over the world!

      Grow up.

      1. Jack

        The strength women have is not the same as being a victim of assault or trafficking. What is wrong with ppl like you? It’s not a woman’s fault that some man can’t keep himself in check enough to keep his have to himself and its CERTAINLY not a child’s fault. You need some serious help, incel.

    3. Me

      They have adult days when kids aren’t allowed in so it evens out.

    4. May

      ✨Friendly reminder that misandry in 2022 is still disgusting!✨

    5. TinCanJim

      It’s women like you who are problematic and dangerous to men and women all over the world. Maybe you shouldn’t be let out of the house unless you’ve had your medication and a trained handler

      1. Jack

        If you cannot debate somebody or try to prove your point without name calling or putting someone down, you’re the one that needs to be looking introspectively. And as a side note, a good man realizes that there are specific dangers to women and children. If you don’t realize that women do get assaulted and traffic and taken advantage of in physical ways more so than men and at higher rates than people want to acknowledge, then you, my friend, are the problem. These things do not happen in a vacuum, these things are statistically prevalent, those are facts. If you want to debate an opinion, that’s fine, facts are not up for negotiation. You should be man enough to want to protect those that are at increased risk of harm. You may not like the fact that there are men like that in this world, but there are a lot, and you either don’t have a woman you truly care about in your life, or, most likely, you don’t have daughters. As someone who has both, I am here to say it is a problem, and you should care. Very sad.

        1. Fembotkryptonite

          I have a daughter and I say when a woman talks so casually about castration and paints all men with the same brush, it is a sign she is not only a misandrist, but mentally ill. She also deserves to be called out as such. Vilification of men is also an issue in this world. Don’tyou have betyer things to do than enable this hatred with your whiteknighting?

    6. Butch

      Got cheated on for being fat, eh? Lmao

  3. heatnigh

    The comments are so weird saying men are the world’s biggest problem in the world I personally agree not to let a man into a children’s park if he has no children but to go to such an extreme is crazy to me I hate how extreme some people are these days

    1. Steve

      It is just the usual leftist scum.

      1. Arcee

        LEGO does plenty of marketing to adults. To restrict single adult access to only adult designated times is absurd. If they have concerns about security, they should hire more security personnel..

      2. Jeff H

        Odd that this article (page) has an ad promoting a product that will increase the size of the male…member

        1. TinCanJim

          The ads are personalized based on your browsing history. I don’t have any ads like that on my page.

    2. Myself

      I think if it’s a child’s or family theme park neither single men or single women should be allowed. If one isn’t neither should the other.

  4. Steve

    I guess men shouldn’t buy any Lego products.

  5. lisa shackelford

    No anyone should be allowed to enter

  6. Mike L

    Florida doesn’t have this. I live 5 minutes away, have an annual pass and go alone all the time.

    1. Dawn

      Legoland or the Legoland Discovery Center? This is only the Discovery Centers.

  7. May

    I find it funny how LEGO is implying that (single) men are just inherently dangerous predators. The misandry is strong.

    If single men are banned, then so should single women.

    Also, hey, look, the misandrists in the comments are rearing their ugly heads!

  8. Jenn

    It states “Adults must be accompanied by children to enter LEGOLAND Discovery Center. We will host exclusive adult nights for our Adult Fans of LEGO without children!”
    It does not refer to a specific gender. The comedian use the word men.
    I have children and they are with me every moment in public. I’m always on high alert because this world is crazy. This rule I disagree with, someone with a child can kidnap another child. Makes no sense.

    1. Dilbert

      Well, that’s how a lot of people, I clouding women, kidnap children, with another child. They have a child, often that they kidnapped prior, approach and convince the child to come “meet” their parents. Once the recruit child has separated the kidnap child from their family, the kidnappers take over. Just because someone has a child with them doesn’t make them, man or woman, safe or not a kidnapper.

  9. Denise

    I actually agree with this. Especially, when the suggested age for children at Legoland is 12 years old and under. So, rides there are in no way extreme. So, why would a single man even be interested in going there.

    1. TinCanJim

      Because it’s LEGO land… Hello!

  10. That is so ridiculous. I’m sure plenty of family men and women have kidnapped kids before. It’s discrimination plain and simple. You can’t just assume every single male is a dirt bag

  11. ManOfTheHouseShouldOfWonAnOscar

    It sound like it’s time to sue Lego Land. To discriminate against one’s sex is horrendous.

    1. Dawn

      It’s NOT, the rules state “ADULTS” not singling out men. Didn’t fully read, did you?

      1. ManOfTheHouseShouldHaveOneAnOscar

        To discriminate on one’s age is ageism. They still need to be sued for this.

  12. Cappy Jack

    This is for a smaller, indoor “discovery center “. Giving preference to children makes sense. The kidnapping comments were added for humorous effect.

  13. Jarvis

    Fairyland in Oakland does not allow adults to enter without a child. It doesn’t discriminate against men.

  14. Judy De Bella

    Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, CA will not let you in unless you have children with you. Even married couples without children cannot enter.

  15. Autumnelf Vally (They/Them)

    When my partner and I tried to go to the one in Mesa, AZ, what they told us is that the attraction was “designed for guests 12 years and younger” so it “wouldn’t be fun” for us adults, and because they had the no kids no entry policy, we couldn’t go, despite both of us being huge LEGO fans and really big kids at heart. They allowed us to shop in the gift shop, but rules like that killed the birthday trip for my husband who was so looking forward to going to Legoland.

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