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SeaWorld Orlando Dolphin Encounter

Credit: SeaWorld



    What can we say PETA never lies and is always truthfully. Most know little.about what they say. SeaWorld cares they really do.

  2. Al

    Seaworld needs to publish more videos of all the saved wildlife .. fight back.
    At seaworld and busch gardens

  3. GHardy

    I have visited the Sea World in Orlando a few times in recent years and am always impressed with the care these animals receive. There is no way they have 140 dolphins in small enclosures. Dolphins that live in the Gulf are very interactive with people.

  4. Micki

    PETA is known for putting animals to death in large numbers. They spout off that they save them, but they just ship them off to be killled not saved.

  5. Delmar Shortt

    PETA should choke on their wokeness. If they really cared about the animals then they would support Seaworld so they can continue to rescue animals. If they drive Seaworld out of business who will rescue the animals then? PETA? Not likely.

    1. Jill E. Bean

      Are you really saying that if SeaWorld didn’t rescue animals, there would be no organizations to rescue them? 🤦🏻‍♀️

      1. Truth

        If other organizations saved every animal SeaWorld wouldn’t save any. That means the ones SeaWorld is saving others aren’t. Simple concept.

      2. Javie

        There are not many facilities that can save large sea animals like manatees and whales. They have the equipment and expertise and have been called far up the east coast to assist manatees and whales, some of which only SeaWorld can transport and care for, and then release. There definitely are some animals that would die without SeaWorld. They occupy an important niche in the rescue network.

  6. Robert

    Seaworld is awesome. Things happen and they do a great job training and caring for all living things for their shows.

  7. A moon

    Orcas, dolphins, belugas ect ect. BELONG in the WILD, NOT in a swimming pool. That’s where they are meant to be. END OF.

    1. Todd R Hudson

      If that is strictly the case then some of these dophins and such wouldn’t survive. Look at winter if it wasnt for a marina she would have died same goes with alot of the animals from sea world

      1. Jill E. Bean

        Some of these dolphins and orcas don’t survive. Also, there is more to surviving. An animal can survive in a tank, doing shows for crowds of people, but they aren’t happy.

    2. Jill E. Bean

      Spot on.

    3. Truth

      What’s average life expectancy of dolphins at SeaWorld, how about in the wild?

    4. Jacquelyn

      I agree 100% watch the documentary called “blackfish” that’s sick. Seaworld Isn’t about rescue as much as they are about exploiting animals for a profit. Think about it.

      1. IDK

        You really want to use a propaganda film that not only misleads the public, but steals footage and has copyright issues as your evidence? Oh boy.

        SeaWorld has contributed millions of dollars to marine life. They are the leading rescue organization in the world having saved over 70,000 animals. Their primarily focus is conservation, education, rehabilitation. Not only this, but they’ve saved over 30,000 homeless dogs and cats with their Happy Tales program.

        What exactly have you done?

  8. Michael Faussett

    I live an hour and a half away from SeaWorld Orlando go there every year have never seen any animals ben abused at all and I will always go to SeaWorld because I live in Florida the animals are very healthy and happy playful when you go up to the glass and they take very good care of them to.

  9. Julie

    I think as with everything the more we learn the better we are and more equipped to help and save these beautiful creatures and you can’t learn without experience not only does SeaWorld put on amazing shows and rake care of their animals but they use that money they make and raise to help out animals in the wild if you see an jnjured seal whale manatee turtle etc who you call ? SeaWorld and they come down and help I remember years ago going on a tour there called rescue rehabilitati and retirn it was a very informative and great experience and taught is alot as for Peta they put on a great show of how they ” rescue” so many animals yeah what they don’t tell you is how many thousand of jot million animals they put down every uear so they may rescue them but then what save the best for advertising then kill the rest people really need to boycott Peta and help the real organizations that are actually making a difference

  10. CT

    SeaWorld is amazing and takes great care of its animals. PETA needs to go stick their head in the sand and stop bullying companies like SeaWorld.

  11. Jill E. Bean

    I don’t like PETA as much as I used to, but they have a point here. I know all the SeaWorld fans are out to say that the animals always look happy when they go to the park, so they must be taken care of, but how much do any of you know about taking proper care of marine animals?
    I will never support them until the dolphin and orca shows stop.

  12. billnyenotascienceguy

    #Blackfish #thecove Educate yourselves people.

    1. Truth

      Blackfish the fake documentary filled with lies. It’s propaganda not a documentary.

    2. Jacquelyn

      Thank you

      1. billnyenotascienceguy

        I guess you two still believe the election was stolen too. LOL

        1. IDK

          This isn’t political. Turning everything into politics screams uneducated.

  13. Donna S.

    Once again, PETA thinks they know it all.

  14. Dolphin Jesus

    Stupid ass people.

    Sea World is enslavement.

    FK off saying its great and fun, people bigging up Sea World have little or no empathy and understanding.

    Would love for them as humans to imagine themselves in a 1 to 1 situation as the animals.

    Something like the type of people that would selfie themselves potentially with some sort of wild life at a Pier or Grand Canyon type locations and then fall in…and then if theyre alive or not… they or someone they know complain about it how there should be this and that, keep the animals away some bs to prevent it happening again…

    I realized as a Child just under my teens after going to loads of Sea World field trips in Cleveland how FKd it would be to be there, and the smarter the animal the worse off

    1. IDK

      You have absolutely nothing to say about how SeaWorld is bad except for it being enslavement (per your opinion) and the rest of your comment completely falls apart making no sense whatsoever. Do better.

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