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Credit: Fox News


  1. Turtle

    I wonder what side the writer is on, Disney’s or the truth. Based on the fact these he refused to even use the official name of the bill I’m going with Disney and the liars.

  2. PPP

    “Gov. Ron DeSantis continuing to escalate the battle with incendiary words and even more hostile actions.”

    Wow, what bias. Disney has escalated the battle with incendiary rhetoric. They decided to withhold campaign funds and donate to other organizations. In other words, Disney lost all leverage. Getting into politics, Disney can’t have it both ways with Reedy Creek. Threatening the ability to pass laws or repeal laws, exactly who are they asking?

  3. Trick Daddy

    Desantis = Mayor Quimby

    1. Steve

      He has a higher approval rating than any Dimocrat.

  4. Steve

    Florida doesn’t need Disney. Disney needs Florida.

  5. Steve

    Treasonous little dim.

  6. Acanthis

    Steve may rethink his fandom for DeSanctimonious when he and Dolt 45 are on the same cellblock for misuse of Florida tax funds ~

    1. Steve

      Try it and find out.

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