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Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon at night

Credit: Disney


  1. 2 articles on the same ride, interesting… Disney is not investing in ride maintenance, again. Money grubbing Bob is not worried about ride maintenance; he is more concerned with putting up another DVC tower. I am guessing the attraction is running on solar power. I remember universe of energy breaking down over and over and it was on solar power.

    1. Shast LeLow

      I know the easy answer is to say “Bob Cheapek” is intentionally doing this, but both parks are still severely understaffed, including maintenance. It’s why when a ride goes down now the time it takes to reopen is longer than pre-covid. And when maintenance does come to fix it? It’s usually just enough to keep the ride going.

      The canons not moving, for instance, don’t prevent the ride from running.

      Should it be fixed? Absolutely. But this type of down time would require one of the most popular rides in all of Walt Disney World to be down for an extended time.

      Add to that these types of repairs/maintenance used to happen during the no longer existing “slow periods” and what you get is what is happening.

      Again, I know it’s easy to bash Chapek, he has certainly given us many reasons to, but sometimes thinking about reality for a moment before grabbing the pitchfork is the better path. The bashing is the path to the Dark Side.

      1. J

        Well they froze hiring lol

        1. Mike

          I have one word, Yeti. How long has it been down? Is rise heading in the same direction.

          1. Joanna

            Yeti was scheduled for repairs. We were told years ahead of time that it would be closed for months do your comment is irrelevant

      2. Joshua

        Disney pissed off alot of people and workers going “woke” so let them sink

        1. Spencer Cline

          Once the woke political agenda arrived, the magic died. At least I’ll have my memories of what Disney once was.

      3. Marie

        Bobby stopped hiring…..so….

      4. Fire Chapik

        Well it’s a good thing Chapek announced hiring freezes and job cuts then… ya know, since he isn’t the problem but lack of employees is! LMAO
        Chapek is the worst CEO in Disney history, but apparently for you to see that requires bankruptcy.

        1. Shast LeLow

          Well, since the Orlando Sentinel reported the Union boss did not expect the freeze/layoffs to impact the parks, I guess your hatred has consumed you. Logic and facts won’t persuade you. Continue down that Dark Side path.

  2. Justin

    Just get rid of it. Dismantle it, sell off the assets and forget the whole farce ever happened. It’s becoming a bad joke at this point.

  3. Eric

    Most like the pre- sequel movies the best. Re- tool for that.

    1. Brib Tosh

      Tried to ride last year, no luck. Building a ride that few can ride is idiotic and will keep me from returning.

  4. Chris

    I don’t know. The whole time we visited this summer the ride was broke. My son cried. This is our last trip to any Disney Parks.

    1. Robert Dexter

      Me & my husband went 2 WDW in earlt September 2022 & the ride was working just fine, no issues.

      1. Joanna

        Same here. Rode twice no issues

  5. DeLaunhardt

    Disney RIP 2019…..
    …..and don;t get me started about what happens to Disney’s “dominance” when Epic Universe opens…..

    1. Joanna

      Universal will always be second best. It cannot compete with Disney. Done both numerous times. Always Universal first then Disney and once you get to Disney its a calm great feeling. Universal will never get rid of all the trashy people and just the low class atmosphere

  6. John

    How about let’s kick him out since he doesn’t seem to care about the parks. Ie price increases, no free things the park should have like fastpass parking etc. and a down crease in stock prices. All he cares about is money. Don’t get me wrong, the shareholders do to but we see that the magic is the driving force behind the success of the company.

  7. Mason

    Probably because you need reservations to ride it.

    1. Joanna

      You dont. You can choose to wait in line.

  8. Edward Davis

    Rise of the resistance was a huge letdown that i paid extra lightning lane pricing for and it’s a one and done ride for me,I compare it to the Mickey’s runaway railroad ride which was another one and done ride. Huge disappointment. Wont waste My money with a disney trip ever again.

    1. Urania

      I am with you 100%. The biggest waste of money

    2. Joanna

      There is something mentally wrong with you if Rise of the Resistance is a let them. Did you go on the right ride??

  9. Jon

    Fire Chapek!

  10. Urania

    The ride was down when I was there this past weekend so I guess that answers that question

  11. Jim


  12. CasaBonita91

    My husband and I went to Disneyland in 2021. We tried 3x and it broke down every single time: first right as we were entering the building after a 90+ minute wait, second barely 1 minute into ride experience and we were stuck on it for 45 minutes, and third about 5 minutes into the pre-ride experience in the hallway before seeing Kylo Ren. We tried Disney World this year and when it broke down the first time we just gave up entirely. We had more fun drinking at Oga’s Cantina than I think we ever would have on Rise of the Resistance. Smugglers Run was really fun though.

  13. Miguel A. Alarcon

    Let the ride move to Tokyo Disney where they fix it right.

  14. BobC

    Disney is no longer magic. Can’t they use some of that MCU and Elsa money to have working rides? Never again.

    1. Joshua

      Putting all their money in the upcoming attraction, “Transgender World” and yes itll come with a mind numbing tune too!!!

  15. Brent

    We were there in September and it was closed on Monday but the rest of the week it was open! Great ride

  16. Rob

    I rode it as a cast member preview and it was awesome. After covid they cut out cast members in the star destroyer bay. They use to give you stern instructions which made you feel like a real prisoner. Now you just which stand there looking at the troopers. Also there are a lot of tech during the ride that no longer works.

    Disney missed the epic opportunity to use covid to make repairs everywhere. Cast members are literally holding some areas together with duct tape.

    1. Joanna

      They still do that….
      Also during Covid who was suppose to fix the rides?? Noone was allowed to work etc.

      1. Rob

        They could have let maintenance work. They would have been al I ne in the parks with only security around. Plenty of people were working during covid around Florida.

  17. JoeNYWF64

    None of the rides are broken – even ones from the past if you ride them for FREE via youtube. I prefer PREVIOUS versions of Spaceship Earth, Universe of Energy, Figment, etc. – & Kongfrontation, Back to the Future, Jaws, etc.

    1. Joanna

      You need a life if you think thats even close to being the same thing/ experience. So sad

  18. Brian Farmer

    In Disneyland I waited about an hour and half for the ride to reopen after it was shutdown. I have to assume I got A Mode because the ride was by far the best ride I have ever been on.

  19. Steve

    Just rode it two days ago. Worked just fine and it. Was. AWESOME!!

  20. Joanna

    You need a life if you think thats even close to being the same thing/ experience. So sad

  21. Edward

    Disney Star Wars is garbage and not real SW

  22. Lemoura

    I was there a few days ago (WDW). We rode Rise three times. I noticed the cannons weren’t working on 2/3 times we rode. On our last ride, Kylo was hidden and they went to him being in the fighter ship outside- on that screen where the battle is taking place.

    The cast members are very nice there, I was talking to one of them while waiting.

  23. Jen

    The technology used in Rise of the Resistance is cutting edge theme park technology. Even with the best small scale testing before opening, nothing compares to full time operation. It takes a while to work out all the bugs when you are pushing the envelope. I understand there are problems with Chapek, staffing, etc. but the fact is, there are growing pains in any leap in entertainment technology. Indian Jones, Star Tours, and Toy Story Midway Mania all had down time issues in the beginning.

  24. Angie

    I was just at Hollywood Studios on 11.17.22 and it was down half of the day! The wait at one point was 4 hours long

  25. Stacey perez

    I was recently in Disneyland, last week. Went on both smugglers run and rise of the resistance. We were very disappointed of rise because it just wasn’t very exciting. Major let down. Smugglers Run on the other hand was awesome.

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