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  1. Carl

    This makes me crack up, charge for a prime viewing area. Disney isn’t about magic unless you pay for that magic. Why not charge for breathing the Disney air or smelling the Disney smells pumped out throughout the parks. How about charging for getting on board first for a bus back to a resort. Or charge for a seat on that bus. Charge for a Cast Member saying hello or happy birthday to a guest. So many more things for Chapek to make more money on. The only magic Disney makes now is how the money in your wallet magically disappears.

    1. Alicia

      Please don’t give him anymore ideas!!

  2. Ed

    I am glad that our upcoming vacation will be out last to Disney. With all of the new fees and charges, I feel that they are nickel and dimeing us to death .if the ceo is trying to manage crowds, he has succeeded. He has controlled the crowds by pricing families out of the picture. What will he do once he has priced the middle class out of this vacation? Be careful what you wish for.

    1. Alicia

      It makes no sense to charge for a standing location. How is it a prime spot? Everyone needs to look up!! All these extra charges are making Disney trips confusing, annoying and frustrating. Let us pay for our rooms, food and and any extras WE choose…the pandemic hurt EVERYONE (except you) Now that we can go places again, stop forcing us to choose between our love for everything Disney and one less day in the park because we paid for a ‘prime viewing’ spot.

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