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Jason Frank

Credit: Bat in the Sun


  1. Clay

    My favorite Power Ranger was Tommy.

    1. He wa$ mine too I alway$ wanted to know what it$ like to be in a fight $cene a$ a ranger particularly the green

  2. Jay

    Tommy kept me tied to the franchise. I’d check back every year and buy my kids ranger toys as a extension of my own geek out.

  3. Raymond Singleton


  4. Jesse

    Tommy, the legend

    1. Emily

      I got to JDF, meet my childhood hero, in a private setting, and he’s even more amazing than he is at events. I’ll miss seeing him riding his motorcycle with us.

  5. Not saying


  6. Gio

    He was an undefeated mma fighter.

  7. Richard ford jr

    R.i.p tommy go power rangers go you were the best got me threw a lot with the power rangers show you mighty Morphin power rangers going to miss you luv to the family

    1. Tierra


  8. Jacko* Moonwalker

    Tommy is and will always be the best ranger ever, the franchise is what it is because of him. Thanks JDF for everything you’ve done for us, we’ll never forget you!! :’-)

  9. Reese Najée LOPEZ

    Why no article on Chadwick Boseman && his Last movie Black Panther 2…? 🤔 He’s wayyy more notable, iconic, and legendary. Most of all, he deserves his recognition🙏🏼🤍💜🐆🇿🇦 as well as this man

    1. J

      Lots of articles have been written about the late Chadwick Boseman , and his involvement in Black Panther ,back when he first passed and rightly so . (it was a while back ) Now it’s another iconic actor that has passed and it’s recent ( last couple of weeks ) so it’s his turn to be recognised.

    2. William

      Probably because Chadwick Bosemans last movie, ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’s, came out two years ago. He was not in the new Black Panther movie. The last time he portrayed Black Panther was the voice work he did in Marvel’s ‘ What If…?’

    3. Me

      That’s not very classy…I’m sure the sentiment would be felt as well if someone had posted about another actor on an article about chadwick….just saying…

    4. Babylegs

      Chadwick was in a couple Marvel films. Tommy was a Power Ranger for 20+ years. No argument on who was more iconic.

    5. Emily

      There was an article on him.

    6. Austin

      Oh yes, so legendary you didn’t even know he’s NOT IN THE MOVIE.

      People and their fake ass outrage.

    7. Jay

      He isn’t as notable and legendary as JDF
      And didn’t accomplish even a quarter of what JDF did in the real world.

  10. MJ

    Tommy and Kimberly were my favorites. I liked their onscreen romance. The show was never the same when they left.

  11. Cmor39

    This article missed the one Ranger who is in the picture they used, the Black Ranger Adam Yost aka Johnny Yong Bosch.

  12. Sarah

    I always loved both Kimberly and Tommy.

  13. Geraldine

    Timmy and Kimberly and jason

  14. James

    What is this movie, Ranger Powers? Are they going to drive giant robots called Sordz? Seems like a P R ripoff…

    1. Emily

      This is Jason’s personal movie, made with his friends. He directed and produced it. Just because it’s a martial arts movies with costumes makes it a ripoff??

  15. Austin

    I loved Jason and Tommy as a kid.

  16. Manny

    My favorite PR is and always will be Billy. But JDF A.K.A Tommy, will truly be missed, R.I.P

  17. Mikey Kliss

    Johnny Yong Bosch was also a power ranger too. Cant leave him out (seen wearing purple in the trailer)

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