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  1. andrew

    after watching the full tik tok video i would have to agree with this one its full proof that minnie mouse was being full on rude well this one at least, like how are you gonna do that to a guest that waited patiently to meet their fav character. this is also why i focus more on rides and attractions at the parks these days.

    1. Christie

      I agree

  2. Sabrina

    Actually, she might have been trying to help the person taking the photo… turning the child towards the camera, but I agree she was a bit tough and rude.

    1. mila B

      No she was trying to have the child turn around for a photo op. Geez, stop reading into every darn thing!

      1. Christie

        No way! You must not have a young child. That video was ridiculous. All she wanted was a hug.

        1. Joann

          Totally agree. Very rude cast member. Needs to be reprimanded or replaced.

          1. K Kathy

            And if she HAD hugged the girl she might have been reprimanded or replaced. She was I. A no win situation.

        2. Veronica

          EXACTLY. Let the poor kid give you a friggen hug BEFORE having her turn for a photo. This made me so pissed. Like obviously she’s turning her for a photo. But it’s also extremely obvious that the little girl was trying to hug her and instead of hugging her she spins her around hella rough. The people who can’t understand why this is wrong are the reason why this world is crap. Straight up.

        3. It was not RUDE! Good grief people!

      2. We


      3. Peter

        Completely agree with you! Come on, lighten up people!

      4. Cynthia

        No how about YOU STOP OK SHE WAS BEING RUDE!!! And I said what I said!!!

    2. Debbie

      You know, when my kids were little, they were just happy to see the characters and if something happened we would just walk off a little disappointed. I am so sick and tired of parents being so self entitled and thinking everything should be the way THEY want it and not how their kids feel or want. If the adults would stop being ass***** I bet kids would be such happier

  3. Mike G

    I don’t see what the issue was. Minnie didn’t do anything. Meanwhile there are parents and other people out there who beat their kids (and worse) Maybe focus on that

    1. Aaron

      Uh that alone is not Disney related. There are issues of all types. Don’t downplay anyone’s issues

    2. Christie

      But you don’t pay thousands of dollars for that. No way. It was wrong.

      1. Dot

        Not rude, turning the kid around so the picture can be taken. I see how people would think it rude but why are we making it ok for kids to hug strangers in masks? They’re doing their job! Hug your own kids more and explain that strangers may not want to hug them back while respiratory viruses run wild!

        1. Cynthia

          What you just said didn’t make sense at all! She’s in full costume with a big Minnie Mouse head! If she doesn’t want to do her job then give it up and let someone do it! It’s just as simple as that!

    3. The little girl was obviously very excited,you could see how she was prancing towards her. The person saw her go for a hug and immediately spun her around. The child was probably confused and turned back around for the hug again and was spun around again. The mascot looked like they turned her by her head one time. It was insensitive and a jerk move for sure.

  4. SK

    Some audio would be nice. Maybe mommy is over there yelling at her to turn around so she can take a picture. I get so annoyed when i see parents making kids turn around with their back to the parade so mom can take their picture with the parade in the background. I think we are missing something here.

  5. Gregg Oreo

    Truly. 1.let us hear Minnie’s/ Actress’s side of the story and 2. Since “perception governs reality “, what was this Mother/
    parent: perceiving of Ms. Mouse? 3. May I project my own value system here? Maybe mom was irritated by waiting for one hour/ and maybe mom was looking to complain about something. And. If we want Judge Judy to weigh-in, on this, let’s ask the child to testify as to what the child felt was going on. Simply, there’s too many variables in this scenario for consideration without more information. Sorry, but, mommy’s complaint appears very one sided…. I am sorry for this entire subject to have to be considered. Yes, it’s all aggravating and just one element seems a bit off: waiting an “ENTIRE HOUR”? Honestly, I know of NO CHARACTER IN COSTUME who is subjected to 60 minutes interaction with autographs and photo opportunities. Ahhhh, hmmm, something doesn’t jibe in this recital of “facts”, I’m just saying. Respectfullysubmitted: Gregg Oreo long Beach Ca Etats Unis

    1. JMR

      Part of that 60 minutes could have been on/ break/on situation. You end up in line while the character booth is empty waiting for their return. 🙁
      Could have been case of Mom saying “photo first, hug after” and Minnie was trying to get the child to comply. Minnie was a bit brusque in her mannerisms to get this done, though.

    2. Not that complicated.
      When the child turn to face minnie the second time,she was abruptly turned again,even grabbed on her head. Any compassionate person or the very least,a person doing this job,should have no problem giving a 2 second hug. The person was kind of rough on the kid. If my kid was touched like that,I’d have a problem with it too.
      I’m sure their policies isn’t “get them out as fast as possible.

  6. Angie

    How heartbreaking the way this baby looks so confused because of the way Minnie is “handling” her. As a mom who paid a lot of money to get into Disneyland and waited more than an hour in line for my baby to meet her favorite character I would be livid. That is no way to handle a cute baby coming up to you to greet you!😤😤😤

    1. Christie

      I agree 100% with you!

    2. Kathy

      Minnie probably had a hundred people in line and Minnie was trying to process them through so people WOULD’NT be livid. It’s sad the little girl couldn’t have had that hug but the parents could have made it better for their daughter but having a cheerful attitude but they chose to be jerks.

  7. Mason

    Watch it be the Seasume Place incident all over again.

  8. Lou

    I don’t think Minnie was intentionally being rude. It looks like it would be hard to see out of the head and hard to use those big hands. I think she was turning her around to get a nice photo. Maybe she could have hugged her a bit longer, but the mother said they waited for an hour, I assume (which is what we are all doing here) many more kids we’re waiting and the line has to keep moving.

  9. That Minnie isn’t allowed to be there for an hour straight for one union rules. Minnie seems to be looking straight ahead . It looks like the kid was going to hug Minnie then go back to her parents and Minnie was trying to help out it looks like she is trying to feel the kid to direct her and maybe she can’t see her . It looks like there is more to the story , to me it doesn’t seem like Minnie is being purposely mean. Just my observation. But the truth will come out . There were at least 2 cast members and maybe some other guests there.

    1. Mary

      I totally agree…people are always looking for trouble..At least the little girl was still on her feet! If Minnie was really rough, she would have been on the ground…Way more to this story..Put that costume on and see how you handle it!

      1. I was a mascot in many different costumes and not one of them was so bad I couldn’t see.
        She may not have been on the ground but it was still rough.

  10. Rach

    She was making sure mom got the coveted picture. Other people in line waiting for the same.

    1. Bon

      No wonder people quit
      Kid was all over the place

  11. JW

    Looked fun, a little spin-around, and trying to set up a good pix for the parents.
    CHILL OUT!!!
    Does EVERYTHING have to be a possible OFFENSIVE DRAMA??????

  12. I think Minnie couldn’t see and was trying to pose her for the picture. I’m sure if her face wasn’t in the picture the mom would be mad about that. Minnie could have been a little more gentle but I don’t think she was being rude. Our society gets to easily “butt hurt” these days.

  13. _magicabula_fan

    Listen those crewmembers have a great deal of patience and those meet and greets can become quite frustrating when all those passing thru kids are fidgety and loud. Probably just trying to “one and done” it. Ugh, this generation is so emotional.Kid wasn’t hurt. She didn’t even know what was happening at the moment.You got your picture.Next!

  14. Pat

    One sided. No sound no comment by the cast member.
    Many children never get an opportunity to visit a venue like this. Lose the entitlement attitude and be grateful. Stop finding offense in everything. It’s not all about you or your child.

    1. Christie

      When you pay thousands of dollars, it is about you and your child!

  15. Christie

    That is horrible! It makes me sad and angry at the same time!!!!! They should do something about that. I’d be so upset if that was my child.

  16. K glatter

    Here my question where was the cast member that escorts the guest to the character when we met Mickey there was one cat member taking the photo and one that escorts the guest to the character. This would avoided the whole situation. Maybe lack of staffing.

  17. John

    I think the parents should take some responsibility for the kid’s none cooperative behavior. It’s the lack of discipline that gets me.

  18. BB-8

    Gee Wiz Not like the child will be traumatized!
    Give the parents a marshmellow for their LOW T

  19. Sue

    I don’t see anything wrong. Minnie was trying to get the child posed for a picture. Geez people, chill!
    My husband worked there for years. He said it isn’t easy to see out of those big heads and the hands are awkward too.
    I think people are too sensitive nowadays.

  20. Raquel

    Anytime that I have seen any of the characters interact with children they have always been nothing but sweet, loving, and patient. They are trained to follow along many different personalities that they deal with daily.
    That being said….. even if a mother was insisting the child “hurry up” and take the picture, or whatever the situation. I cannot imagine why the character wouldn’t let that child at least have one part of that experience be magical. You know……the whole reason why everyone is there …. Right?

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  22. K

    It is obvious that the cast member is simply having difficulty seeing out of and manuvering in the costume and wasn’t aware that the was being rough or rude while trying to HELP make a good photo. She may have been new to the role. Cut cast members some slack…geez.

  23. JCruz

    Hard to tell without sound and not being there. I can say that my two girls went running for the hug and Minnie was perfectly okay with it. We don’t know if her parents were asking her to turn around.

  24. C

    Not rude, turning the kid around so the picture can be taken. I see how people would think it rude but why are we making it ok for kids to hug strangers in masks? They’re doing their job! Hug your own kids more and explain that strangers may not want to hug them back while respiratory viruses run wild!

  25. SS

    It’s difficult enough for the cast member to see out the costume and maneuver their hands. I would like to see and hear the original video to fully understand what was happening.

  26. Jah


  27. Jay

    You can clearly see a flash after she turns the child around. She positioned the kid for a photo. Once again people trying to play victim and using edited out of context videos for personal gain, and at the expense of the poor worker in that costume just trying to make a great picture.

  28. Cynthia

    No how about YOU STOP OK SHE WAS BEING RUDE!!! And I said what I said!!!

    1. Kathy

      Nah, not rude at all. Just busy and trying to move the line so people don’t complain and she doesn’t get fired.

  29. Carmen

    Wow. I raised 2 children and I really think people are being a bit sensitive. I think she was trying to get the photo opp and no malicious intent. The little girl was just excited. In the end, she saw Minnie, she has the pic and she’ll never remember anything but the good of the experience unless her parents tell her otherwise. They see thousands of children everyday!!! They do an overall good job. Wait until something “real serious” happens in her life to be upset. Let the child be joyful.

  30. Bonnie

    Just to much about nothing. 50% are going to say it was rude and 50 it wasn’t. These stories get so boring.

  31. OMG, People!!! Minnie Mouse was NOT being rude whatsoever!! She even held her hand out for the little girl, drew her to her for a quick hug, then gently spun her around to face the camera. The little girl went for a second hug, and Minnie did the same, and they ended up in a lovely pose for a photo. Again, nothing rude here

    1. Kathy

      I agree!

  32. Kathy

    Not rude. Just trying to get the child to turn around for the photo. It’s was probably crazy busy and Minnie would probably get in trouble if she hugged every kid that she took a photo with. It’s sad and I’m sorry for the little girl but there is more to it. Besides, Minnie might not have even been aware that the girl was trying to hug her. I would bet it’s not easy to see out of those suits, even if there is a camera inside it’s probably a very limited view. Give Minnie a break.

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