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Tom Cruise as Iron Man

Credit: Stryder HD, YouTube


  1. Brian

    Screw that crap and screw tom cruise. It would be a total injustice to cast him as iron man.

    1. Nick

      Tom Cruise will cause the loss of so many fans. Sad

      1. As much as I ❤️ Tom Cruise, it might not go over as well bcuz people r used to RDJ as Iron Man, that it would b too hard to think of anyone else as Iron Man

        1. Sher

          I sincerely apologize, however, Tom Cruise is a complete and utter douche and would ruin the role.

          1. Dan

            I agree?

      2. Tammy

        I completely agree. Marvel messed up big time. Tom Cruise is creepy and Will be a horrible replacement for Robert Downey Jr.

        1. RST

          You people that feel the need to trash others is disturbing. Tom is creepy to you. Big deal not to others. I agree about RDJ but the trashing of others is bs

        2. Stephanie

          NO! Tom Cruise would absolutely ruin the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man. No one can play the role like RDJ.

      3. Dao

        Hi out for it tom!!! That’s great to here you play tony stark??!!

      4. Myst

        Hope this stays as Satire

        Find someone new who could do it justice if you even consider bringing in another Iron man- either from multi dimension or what not.

        Not Cruise.

      1. Danielle

        Not true Tom is amazing actor, tropic thunder, born on the 4th of July, rock of ages. Just because personally he is off makes his acting better. I LOVE RDJ have since less than zero, but he wants to move on Let him. If any of this is real. Tom will be awesome. Juzt remember it’s about the acting not their personal life.

        1. Tropical Thunder was RDJ I believe

          1. Sher

            They were both in it 😬

          2. Darren Negron

            Tom Cruise was in Tropic Thunder as well

      2. Chris

        It’s just fiction, anyone or anything can be Iron man. Just needs good story writers with imagination.

      3. Derek

        Leave it alone.

    2. Carol

      Totally agree. How to kill off a successful franchise (when it had the most awesome end)? Hire Tom Cruise.

      1. Cawl

        No. No Cruise. 🤨

        1. Kevin B.

          Y’all need to remember that variants can look different, look at the Loki series or Multitude of madness. And even Spiderman no way home had 3 different spidermen.

          1. Lou

            Three different Spider-Man’s is the reason why I didn’t watch them.

          2. Bet you regret not watching the spider-man actors now Lou as there multiversing spiderman up And I Know this, no matter who can be Iron man, even a caterpillar is a better choice than Tom “insulting to the role” Cruise

      2. Bebe

        Tom Cruise is to big to play in low movies from Marvel…hes on other level to entertain grown up kids

        1. RaiderX

          Yes he would rather be a white guy who is the last samurai in a land filled with Japanese guys.

    3. Edgar

      Couldn’t agree more. RDJ is Iron Man.
      Period. Paragraph. Turn the page.

      1. Mark

        Too bad they screwed themselves by killing Stark off. Stick to how it really was in the comics and you’d have the right story line. Unfortunately writers and directors have no realization on how to keep it true.

        1. phil

          Mark, no one dies in comics.

    4. Gary Chulack

      Does not make sense…SMH

    5. Yes it would only cuase robert Downey brought all that brash snide silly remarks he would say like he did in Sherlock Holmes no Tom stick too mission impossible 200 or whatever number they are on no did too Tom but Robert played Tony stark to a tee

      1. James Woods

        1st and most important, an actor considered for filling RDJ’s shoes, should be convincing in at least one of the complex dual roles. I cannot for the life of me, see TC convincingly as Tony Stark, nor Iron Man. RDJ knocked both personas, out of existence. It’s dead for anyone else.

        1. Patricia Park

          Come on Marvel, get your thinking caps on and revive RDJ. No other actor can fill his shoes!

          1. It’s not Marvel’s fault they were bought by Disney Disney don’t F this up with a mockery like Tom Cruise Robert Downey Jr. Brought not only success but also Captain America and all after iron man as he cared for the real life version image of these characters not just the acting matters here when you touch on, NOT YOURS, BUT, Our Marvel Heroes we want Marvelous not just exemplary Characters RDJ or Nothing.

        2. Tammy

          I concur! No one will be able to fill the shoes of RDJ EVER

      2. Dave

        Tom can play any part both great actors give it a chance.

    6. Laz

      Is anyone else tired of a fan edited picture or video being reported as a trailer? It’s sleazy and exhausting.

      1. Rich

        Yes, it’s getting annoying.

    7. Veronica

      I agree with you greatly! And how are they going to bring back a Tony Stark that first of all died and looks different?

      1. Stephanie

        As a variant in the multiverse.

    8. Rich


    9. Fanny Franks

      No way…Tom cruise is a cult follower.. he can’t be Iron man

    10. Denise

      I agree, No to him, he need to stick to his MI movies, I don’t watch those, I rather watch the tv show from the 60’s ! NOCRUISE

    11. Mike

      I agree it’s gonna be hard to recast as that part was perfect for robert downy Jr. Idk who could actually replace him to be honest

    12. Monica M

      I totally agree. Tom Cruz can NEVER BE IRON MAN. Never!! RDJ is, was and will always be the only Tony Stark

    13. Eduardo Gaskin

      Tom cruise, it take a lot for him to replace, the original , iron who ever made the change, need to put , it back the way it was, as a fan they lost me.

    14. Robert T

      Exactly my thoughts, no RDJ, no Iron Man. That just sucks balls.

    15. Hildy

      I was hoping that this wasn’t true. After all this work that Robert Downey Jr. put into the character. I would rather see a fresh unknown actor portray Tony Stark.

  2. Debra

    Not Tom cruise as iron man he will never be Robert Downey Jr

    1. Step

      Heck no. He is a horrible actor and person.

      1. Denise

        I agree! Plus he may be a drama QUEEN!

    2. Bebe

      Tom Cruise is to big to play in low movies from Marvel (cartoons from old kids).Tom Cruise is on high level in Hollywood

      1. Monica M

        Tom Cruise is a Joke!!!

  3. Jessica

    We want John Stamos

    1. Jayne1955

      Speak for yourself.

    2. Bet you do no cuase then he would be worried about his hair and would want to be singing beach boys songs all through movie so this is a Big NO

  4. Gordon

    Not a Tom Cruise fan at all

  5. Sue Ellen

    Robert Downey Jr IS Iron Man!!! ‘Nuff Said!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Tom Cruise needs to retire! He is wreacking franchises! He can’t wreak this one!

  6. Jayne1955

    I can’t stand Tom Cruise and I have no interest in seeing him anywhere the france.

    1. Jayne1955

      FRANCHISE! I hate autocorrect.

  7. Julian

    Thanks for the waste of time article!

    1. Todd

      I was pretty sure that this article was going to be about a deepfake, but I had to skim through a bunch of nonsense before I found the confirmation at almost the end of the article.

  8. Jaybro

    Thank you to all of you. My sentiments exactly! If there was a “like”button I would press it for all of your responses!

    1. Chris

      Here’s my like as well

  9. Michael Kane

    It’s The Multiverse ? Why are you people against it ? Tom cruise is A good actor and your insane thinkin otherwise, but regardless almost every Character has switched in Multiverse

  10. Gabriel

    It would be interesting (to say the least) to see Tom Cruise as a variant of Iron Man. However, unless we get confirmation from Feige, it’s probably not going to happen

  11. Kevin

    Tom Cruise may be a competent actor, but he’s no iron man first of all they will need to give tony Stark platform shoes. Even when Tom was in the ok as Jack reacher b but Netflix improved the character by using Took Richson.

    1. Kevin

      ALAN A RICHSON sorry for the name typo

  12. Son of Magneto

    Charlie Sheen would be a better replacement than Tom Cruise imho

  13. D

    I think Tom Cruise will be portraying Tony’s father and somehow this is a new timeline if the Dad was the original Iron man or that Tony Jr went into a time hole and he was brought together with his Dad and Tony Jr showed him how to be another Ironman. That’s what I think. Robert Downey Jr will always be the original Ironman but I think this is an interesting storyline.

  14. Jeff Albertson

    Worst Iron Man ever!

  15. Lori

    No, No. Absolutely not.

  16. Cookie

    Are you kidding? RDJ set a tone that can’t be followed.

  17. Doris

    Please no Tom Cruise! Not a fan and never will be.

  18. Austin

    Dude could have atleast thrown some actual facts in the article, and atleast make the trailer look better with the cgi you used.

  19. Anita

    Well that’s a movie I won’t see Tom cruise sucks!!!!!!! Why are you always messing with perfection pay Robert what he’s worth he’s the only Iron Man just like John Wayne is the only true grit Star.

  20. Ann

    RDJ is Iron Man, end of. Tom Cruise will never replace him.

  21. Veronica

    Why does he think he can play any role? He needs to stay in his own lane! Robert Downey Jr will always be Iron Man! Plus, he died!

  22. Richie

    Lmfao, is this a joke? He isn’t tall enough. How can anyone take this seriously? RDJ is the only IronMan.

  23. Uma Arte

    He could be iron man, but not Tony Stark. Maybe in another multiverse? Maverick Stark maybe. But no, never Tony.

  24. Karrie

    There can be only one Ironman and Tom Cruz isn’t him!!!! RDJ FOREVER!!

    1. Karrie

      Damn auto correct

      1. Has nothing to do with autocorrect because Cruise is a legitimate word.

  25. Tony

    That role should only be recast by the his daughter in Endgame. Cause she loved him 3000. And he was in awe of it.

  26. Armaan

    Aw hell naw!!!

  27. Ronald

    Amen! Tom cruise is NOT the actor for iron man. I’ll stop watching if they really cast him

  28. Kim Walls

    There’s no other Iron Man then Robert Downey Jr. Anyone else will ruin the franchise. Tom Cruise no no no no no no no

  29. Rocky

    Tom cruise legend actors no doubt ….Iron man 4 no….way it’s mostly CGI movie Tom cruise not fever

    Tom cruise real life iron man 🏍️

  30. Rocky

    If Tom cruise cast MCU superhero movie then Tom cruise reputation down because Tom cruise meen No CGI his only Hollywood actor who make movie is realistic (MI series,top gun, top gun maverick,days of thonder)

  31. Laura Wells

    Can’t stand Tom Cruise. There is nobody that can replace Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. Leave well enough alone.

  32. Maria Bolton

    Really Tom Cruise!¡!!! He is no way the person to do Ironman. How insulting to Robert and Roberts fans. Thee only and I mean only person to be Ironman is Robert Downey Jr.

  33. Romeo

    Tom can never fill in RDJ shoes as Tony Starks character is based on a rebellious prodigal son as RDJ in real life so it really fits his character.

  34. Lollie

    No Tom Cruise thank you. RDJ is the only one I’ll watch.

  35. Lou

    I read all the comments. If this is real Tom Cruise is not the replacement of RDJ. My first movie of RDJ was “Chances Are” and after that movie I didn’t see him in many movies. I was excited to see him in other movies and I didn’t. Apparently, he was in rehab for a very long time and then Iron man. RDJ has been an actor I followed when he returned to the Hollywood scene. This man can act. I was bummed out to see his character die and for whatever reason why, it was a fitting ending for Marvel (I disagree) but it was a ending that was played out. Loki’s character has been played by the same actor in the movies and the show, so it doesn’t make any sense why RDJ still can’t be the Ironman! RDJ may have other plans away from Marvel and I can’t wait to see. Ironman has always been my favorite Marvel character and to see RDJ play that role was exciting and it was the right Actor, no one can replace him but someone has to and Tom Cruise! Maybe, but if it’s true I’ll give a watch. If Ironman is to be replaced, it needs to be a new actor not Tom Cruise.

  36. Johnny

    They are going to have to shrink the suit a bit. 🤪 I’d rather see a dildo play Ironman than that douchebag psychopath. Movie is going to flop so hard, please just give the money for the movie to a charity and except that Ironman died with RDJ playing him.

    1. When Tom cruise was young he really should of been Peter Parker(Spiderman)But I can see a new Ironman,but who should been Black panther is the brother from Lovecraft,who now starting in Creed 3 Johnathan sumthing, really thou !!!! 2023 or 24.

  37. Drewski

    I don’t believe it will happen it would be cool for Tom cruise’s Tony stark could be from another dimension but casting him nah don’t see him wanting to do it.

  38. Theyhateus

    Yet black panther is dead 😒😒🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  39. It’s not Marvel’s fault they were bought by Disney Disney don’t F this up with a mockery like Tom Cruise Robert Downey Jr. Brought not only success but also Captain America and all after iron man as he cared for the real life version image of these characters not just the acting matters here when you touch on, NOT YOURS, BUT, Our Marvel Heroes we want Marvelous not just exemplary Characters RDJ or Nothing.

  40. RDJ is the perfect actor as his Character gives Tony Stark life. He is irreplaceable. Theres no place for a Tom Cruise Ironman unless the mask stays on he says nothing. Look at RDJ interviews and you will see why he, Stark and Ironman are one! 💯🤞🏽

  41. Marie

    My favourite marvel character ruined 🙁

  42. Hopefully, the MCU management will see these posts.
    Tom Cruise IS NOT IRONMAN and this would be a BAD CHOICE!
    IRONMAN was killed off, and it should remain that way.
    If they want a new IRONMAN that is a different story, and don’t name him Ironman or Tony Stark.

  43. Bl

    It would be a total travesty to use Ton Snooze as iron man

  44. When Tom cruise was young he really should of been Peter Parker(Spiderman)But I can see a new Ironman,but who should been Black panther is the brother from Lovecraft,who now starting in Creed 3 Johnathan sumthing, really thou !!!! 2023 or 24.

  45. Mel

    It’s a deep fake. Do a quick search and you can find pretty quickly it’s a deep fake. There aren’t any real Iron Man 4 trailers yet. It’s all deep fake or concept art.

  46. Sheay

    I love Tom Cruise but he is not on Iron Man’s level. Leave that to RDJ.

  47. Uriel Starr

    No for me…. I will not be watching it…..bad choice…….Goodbye Iron Man if T Cruise is in it

  48. Eric

    Iron Man is Robert Downey Jr’s thing and Mission Impossible is Tom Cruise’s thing!!!

  49. Juls

    No! No! No! You guys screwed up bad! You have the biggest Scientology member ever that is gonna represent a shame of yourself. Disgusting. Shameful week get somebody better. What a what a sad, sad, sad ending to a good era of Iron Man. What an embarrassment to the league drop them him! Boycott the movie don’t go!

  50. Rob

    If not Tom Cruise then who? His dislike here is confused with his endless scrutiny media rubbish, every critic have no record of any wrong doing right ?? Whatverrrr…
    Tom cruise’s versatility in acting is by far the best and the so makes him applicable to this role

  51. My generation grew up with both these guys making a bunch of movies. On-screen, off-screen their both creepy, and eccentric, in amounts of weird occasionally. How would we know, what or where we’d be after the non-stop lifestyle of people, never stopping the grind, hardly for a vacation! So, how would this and that change the way you look at yourself in the mirror? How many people have been introduced to them all, compared to you.

    Anyway, no vote for Cruise- too old. Downey too- overworked. Marvel, DC, kinda holding the bag after, many, many, people are out of the picture, I think. Actors, Actresses, fans, not usually the best for new creativity, in my opinion, when they say change isn’t a good thing, bring back this, that. That’s a repeat, a re-run. Yeah, take best and go forward with a nobody. Take a chance like 20+years ago, and tone down the committee’s and boardroom discussion about how this happened and that. Keeping it simple… and having easy ways, is not blockbusting because it’s the longest way around and the most complicated as possible for all involved, is the problem. Oh, yeah 18-20hr days on the job is a ridiculous pace for those involved back then and is it different now? Could that be a problem? Mmm… maybe. IDK. ✌️

  52. Eric

    I don’t know how everyone else feels but please can you guys only publish or post what has been set in stone. Or at least actual proof on what’s going on in the MCU. If there isn’t a trailer out there for IRON MAN 4 then don’t talk about it. And if Cruise is going to be Ironman then let’s look at actual photage of him. These fans do great work but if you don’t have actual photage of Tom Cruise in an actual Irom Man 4 trailer then please wait until have something concrete. Thank you.

  53. Darren Negron

    I think Tom Cruise is a great actor for the things that he has done but I don’t think this roll is meant for him

  54. Ginny lee

    I’m sorry but Tom isn’t fit for iron man if he is in it I can’t bare to watch I’m sorry marvel your doing this all wrong and I wouldn’t think Stan Lee would approve

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