Comments for Bob Iger “Alarmed” By Disney’s Decisions, Did Not Like “Don’t Say Gay” Response

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  1. Steve

    Go broke.

    1. S Nogg

      Y’all drink the Kool aid too much. Teachers K-5 DO NOT TEACH SEX AND ENCOURAGE SEX CHANGES. And parents have always had rights, THEY MAINLY REFUSED TO USE THEM. Teachers of young children are always begging for parent involvement. Parent input into curriculum has always been available in: Open House; Parent/Teacher conferences; letters to teachers/administrators; district committees; homework assignments; VOLUNTEERING IN CLASSROOMS to name a few. DeSantis encouraged this unnecessary bill for hateful political purposes. Unless you have proof of teachers doing what you say (and not “my neighbors niece said it happened”) then you are being as hateful and frankly, as dangerous, as DeSantis

      1. Dodger

        That bill was a gratuitous, shallow, vaguely worded attempt to make DeSantis appear like he was adding a feather in his cap. It was always about optics, and never about catering to parental rights that already existed. There were even points in the drafting process when state representatives moved to clarify the wording of the bill to avoid confusion, and DeSantis promptly shut that down. He actually wanted the phrase “age-appropriate topics” to remain vague. Very telling. Thankfully Iger sees through his BS and is not afraid to say so publicly. Disney will ultimately win the larger war, even if they don’t win every small battle along the way.

        1. Steve

          Then why are you and all the other wokesters so upset?

      2. Steve

        So you think the bill did nothing, but you are unbelivably upset about it.

        Sure. We buy that.

        Go broke.

  2. Dean

    Honestly, if you are going to post an article, at least get your facts right. The “widespread protests” was literally 1 protest with maybe 3 people. The controversy over the parental rights bill was no where does it you can’t say gay. Also, a lot of parents were upset that a kids park & creator of programming for kids was ok with teachers between kindergarten & 3rd grade talking to their kids about gender & sex. Chapek should’ve stayed out of politics. Stocks plummeted after that, as well as new movies flopping.

  3. Walt

    Parental rights are parental rights – Disney needed to stay out of it. Chapek and Iger are cut from the same cloth. Iger used the slow drip method to entirely change the company culture – Chapek just increased the rate too much too fast and raised prices ridiculously. Iger will not fixthe problems at this company but may return it to profitability for stock holders and everyone will be happy again…as therot from the inside continues. THEY BOTH SUCK.

  4. Anywho

    Disney is being held hostage by many activist gay cast members. Iger and co. need to realize creative talent is not exclusive to this demographic.

    1. Steve

      It is mutually exclusive with that demographic. They have no talent, just an agenda.

    2. AH

      Iger brought the vast majority into the company. He will not do anything about it.

  5. Sara

    Wow, you folks have no clue. The bill did NOT say “you cant use the words gay” but it did delineate that was the result. It is very bad for young kids who have 2 same sex parents or a gay sibling. they can’t really talk about them. if you dont want kids around gay performers, never ever never go to live performances (disney or stage), never ever go to any womens sports, nor many mens, whatever you do, dont go to any big cities. And for heavens sake get divorced cause apparently being around someone down the street who is gay causes you not to be able to live YOUR life, so may as well let your partner live theirs. and disney needs to support their cast members, who have gay, POC, trans, straight, non english speakers amongst them. so dont go! leave more room for those of us who dont care what others do as long as it harms no one else.
    (side statistic: your child is more likely to be harmed by a straight white man than any of those listed above. get over yourselves).

    1. Steve

      Keep your brainwashing out of schools. Thank heavens it is illegal Noe in Florida. Desantis landslide was a referendum on freaks.

  6. L

    I do not need any corporation to weigh in on political matters. The whole thing is about decisions that should be made by parents working with their local schools. Period, full stop. Companies need to stick to what we patronize them for and stay out of things that are not their business.

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