Bob Iger “Alarmed” By Disney’s Decisions, Did Not Like “Don’t Say Gay” Response

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In a new report from The Wall Street Journalthe tension between Bob Chapek and Bob Iger is heavily discussed. We already knew that the relationship between the Disney executives was strained, but as more information comes out following the bombshell decision to essentially fire Bob Chapek, we continue to learn more about the two CEOs.

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The WSJ says that tensions between Bob Chapek and Bob Iger date back to the very start of Chapek’s tenure as CEO, with Iger also taking issue with how Chapek handled various controversies.

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One of the main issues Iger took with how Disney was being led, specifically with the continuous price increases at the theme parks. Chapek assured these would boost revenue and limit overcrowding, but crowds are still rampant despite Guests paying a lot more than they used to.

Perhaps the largest and most public issue was how Bob Chapek handled the “Don’t Say Gay” situation coming out of Florida. This event is long and quite detailed, but essentially word got out that Disney had backhandedly supported this controversial legislation by donating to sponsors of the bill.

This caused Guests and fans to voice their concerns about Disney backing the legislation, leaving Disney between a rock and a hard place.

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Eventually, enough pressure mounted against Disney, forcing Bob Chapek to make a public statement. This was too little too late for many, though, and The Walt Disney Company suffered for it. Disney saw mass protests involving its own employees as well as some infighting with its Pixar animation division.

We are long past this controversy, but the damage has been done, and Disney’s response did not match Iger’s at all.

Iger took to Twitter to post opposition to the bill, a faster reaction than Chapek made as CEO.

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The report also states that executives began considering ousting Chapek in the spring, but the board ultimately decided to extend his contract by three years. This was decided back in the summer.

What are your thoughts on Bob Iger coming back?

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