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Bob Chapek at DLP Avengers Campus.


  1. Walt

    The company is lost. It needs to have a complete housecleaning from top to bottom and they need to return to entertainment not indoctrination. Don’t hold your breath. Ad everyone needs to get off Chapek’s back – oh he has plenty guilt but all this crap started under Iger. Can’t believe I long for the days of Eisner….

    1. AH

      yes it started under Iger, but BC does not have the intestinal fortitude or stones to stand up to the wokes.

      1. C. Alley

        Amen. Catering to 2 to 3% of the population didn’t make sense.

  2. AH

    the hiring freeze is just making permanent the shortage of cast members.

  3. Peter

    Good Article Zach. We visited Disney this year and won’t go back until Chapek is gone. Hard to believe the damage that this man has done. It breaks my heart to see what a money grabbing, squalid organisation Disney has become. It’s a crying shame

    1. Tg

      They started to get involved in politics and wokeness and began to sink. NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEIR OPPION. GET BACK TO MAKING KIDS AND FAMILIES HAPPY.

  4. Julian H

    Same here Peter, Disney has got so expensive and less and less value for the money, the service is lacking as is what was included in the cost are now additional charges. Just plain Greed.

    We have stopped going too and won’t go back until things change or improve. I’m not pitching Universal against Disney as I enjoy all the parks, and yes Universal is not cheap either, but you do get a lot more bang for your buck, a lot more.

  5. Three things:
    Better Pay and employee treatment
    Bring back Fast Pass, ditch the Genie
    Get rid of this insane park reservation system
    It would be a good start

    1. pamela deangelus

      Nancy, you summed it up perfectly.. you have to be up early and on your phone all day to schedule a ride.


    “Bob” doesn’t know the first thing about the “Disney way.” He doesn’t understand the importance of the cast members. And I’m sure he doesn’t know and doesn’t care how to treat people working under him. He doesn’t really care about anyone not in his tax bracket. And that includes most of the guests who come to Disney. Those of us below him don’t have anything to say that he wants to hear. It makes me so sad how Disney has changed and not for the better.
    Walt continues to roll over in his grave.

  7. PegH

    Unfortunately no real changes are likely to happen as that would result in Disney losing money and they won’t do it. One of Disney’s advantages was that the parks were clean; never saw overflowing trash boxes. I think Chapek should realize that the parks are probably part of the reason their stock is dropping. All the alcohol now being served (free beer) is just adding a bunch of brawling drunks to the mix. Disney needs to clean up their whole act. Eventually people are going to stop coming as they are priced out of the system. I feel that Disney may have a Board that is weak and is letting this go on and supporting Chapek

    1. C. Alley

      I disagree. If they stay on their current path they will begin to lose the long time loyal clients and cost them way more money than they are making currently.

  8. Alicia Lay

    Listening to the public is a great start. Disney has lost everything good. Dollar signs has taken over. Walt would be disgusted with the price of his park. I believe there is a speech that Walt gave stating what he wanted. Disney has and continues to rip people off. I’ve always been a Disney fan but in the last two years I’m just disgusted. Magic is gone. Bring back the happiest place on earth.

  9. Sandy

    I firmly believe that the heads of the Disney organization have totally forgotten what WALT DISNEY wanted. You need to think “happiest place on earth” abd go back to the original Disney concept!

  10. CP

    It would be great if they (the board and BC) just listen to the audience. It is so over priced and over crowded that families can’t enjoy what Walt envisioned. Stop giving in to all this “political woke stuff” and return to making it “The happiest place on earth” for EVERYONE!!! Greed gets you nowhere.

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