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  1. Steve

    This “book” (used very loosely) is not canon, no matter how much the contract JKR signed says it is. Making an actual movie of it after 3 lackluster prequels is probably enough to kill Harry Potter permanently.

  2. Eowyn

    The only place JKR is “controversial” is online . Her books are still bestsellers. HP World is jam packed with thousands of fans wearing & buying HP merchandise every time I go, which is frequently. The students in my school are all still eating up the HP books, demanding the return of the HP club, and wanting to find out their house. The fact is the overwhelming majority are not all that fussed.

    1. Steve

      That is always the case. The media is gaslighting all of humanity.

    2. Mike Lloyd

      You are exactly right. This article is also skewed in it’s depiction of JKR as “anti trans”. Actually she is pro women. A completely different position.

      1. Trixie

        Agree. Sadly, people like Radcliffe & his kind can’t or won’t see the difference

      2. Peter George

        Totally agree – she just states a biological fact and gets pilloried for it by some vocal mini minority. Probably more than 99% of the world’s population would agree with her.

      3. Mark

        Harry Potter has run its course. Dan is not interested in it anymore. Can’t say I blame him, he spent an inordinate amount of his childhood invested in the character, now he wants to move on with his life as an adult.

      4. Jay

        Yea, pro woman! That’s why she actively goes out of her way to criticise organizations that help trans people. That’s not transphobic at all! Dysphoric teens should just go back to good old fashion self-harm rather than be provided chest binders and trained to use them safely!

  3. Frank Bryce

    Amazing how saying that sex matters and that men are men and women are women is now considered “extremely controversial”, an opinion that 99.9% of the world held until only recently. When will the madness stop? These people are delusional. They need serious mental health counseling. Affirming and enabling mental illness doesn’t help anyone. Good for JK Rowling for standing her ground. I think I’ll buy a new set of books.

    1. Pam

      The fact that you think 99.9% of the world’s population until recently considered there to be only two genders says more about you than it does about gender beliefs. The person with mental health issues is you. Why do you feel so threatened by the idea that there are more than two genders and always have been? Why do you insist on believing something that a little bit of research would prove to be false? Are you afraid that you’re gender identity is less than secure? Are you worried because you secretly feel like you should be in a female body? Maybe you should go see a mental health specialist.

      1. Thunder

        There are only 2 genders, Pam. God wanted it that way. Accept it.

        1. Hul Akan

          No. There are only two sexes. There are at least five genders: feminine, masculine, neuter, animate, inanimate.

      2. Steve

        Another creepy post from the child groomer demographic.

      3. Rick

        Because there AREN’T more than 2 genders. Go to any cemetery you want and have a body exhumed…show me anything other than a male or a female…you cant…because there are only 2. You are only Lying to yourself and others by pushing this crap.

  4. Jayne1955

    Cursed Child sucks. I don’t know why it’s so popular. I’ve read lots of MUCH better fanfiction that kept to the original story better.

    1. Steve

      Is it? I don’t think I ever saw a Harry Potter fan say they like it. Even fewer consider it canon.

  5. michael

    Her “loud” controversial voice? Your bias is showing again LOL!

  6. Tim Yarbro

    What if, let’s say that the majority of the world thinks the same way she does?
    Does that still make her controversial?

    1. Steve

      Controversy is dictates by The Media, and we know who runs that.

  7. Roxanne Miller

    I hate to say it but when you have incidents for example like the swimmer 🏊‍♂️ who was born male but sucked as a male swimmer so he got a sex change so he could compete as a WOMAN in the Olympics there just seems to be an abuse of power in some instances because of course you know someone born male still has that strength and all made him best in the world as a FEMALE SWIMMER all because one little thing was gone? Now if you are truly Trans and all mentally then yes you deserve to live life the way you were meant too but people like that male swimmer 🏊‍♂️ turned female just to become #1 yeah that’s what gives the community a bad name.

    1. Steven

      Not to mention he calls gay people Queer. That hasn’t been an acceptable term in forever

    2. Tayla

      I agree

  8. Steve

    People confused about their gender should receive mental help centering on accepting reality, not irreversible mutilation.

    1. Tayla

      I actually agree with this being a mental illness because of how quickly it’s spreading to the masses. It has definitely become a fad. There’s no way in hell that this many people suffer from that mental illness. The only reason that they stopped making it a mental illness was because they saw the profit they could get from y’all. Don’t y’all realize how they’ll use you and abuse you and don’t really give a f*** about you it’s all about the money bro. They don’t care if you make a life altering decision it’s your life at least they got their money.

  9. Julia

    Like everyon else. Every person has to be able to have and speak their own own opinions on matters, without being ridiculed for it. Why’s it ok for me and not for you. Or visa versa.

  10. L

    Thank you Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson for being such brilliant humans! Trans and nb’s deserve better than Rowling and her dehumanizing opinions.

    1. Tayla

      But it’s just an opinion. And your opinion of her is that you don’t like her because of something that she said. Who cares life’s hard enough. I don’t want to see the Harry Potter / wizarding world series destroyed and taken away.

  11. Jesse

    That’s a long time Harry Potter fan I can say without a shadow of a doubt I couldn’t care less if somebody said something controversial. These movies have brought so much joy to my life. I am so excited for the new game release and I love watching every one of the movies it brings magic to my life. I’d appreciate it if people would stop trying to ruin other people’s lives and take the magic out of other people’s lives just because someone said something that they didn’t like. Sometimes being quiet and just accepting that someone has their own opinion is better than trying to silence them forever.

  12. No More Rainbows

    I’M Anti-trans. And sick of the gay show the internet and hollywood has become as well.
    J.K. is a severe feminist who values ACTUAL women being what they are and not some imposters with mental issues. Which I can understand. The only place these views are “controversial” are on the internet where some mentally ill, colored haired, tatted, pierced up Karen can cry and whine about wanting to be something they’re not. Or trying to normalize sexual immorality in one way or another. It is nothing more than fringe elements in corrupting and downward spiraling societal structures. We have been far too comfortable for far too long and this is what produces rebels without a cause, who make up issues in order to find one.
    Normal people outside the net have no problem enjoying her books or a world without having to worry about catching the ghey. Lol

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