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Pooh Corner illuminated in the dark with an angry emoji.

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  1. Rob

    I wish people would stop reporting on what “So and so” said on social media. These aren’t stories. When was the last time you walked into Walmart and thought “Wow! They’ve really given up on product selection! These shelves are bare!” There’s still supply chain issues globally.

  2. faackanders2

    May be related to Winnie pooh character copyright expiration from original book. Tigger still has a few years left to go since that character was not in original book.

  3. Tom

    I always know when I see a notice coming in from you all that it’s gonna be more people whining about silly crap… Seriously? This is all you have to worry about?

  4. C

    Honestly disappointed in the selection. Went to Disneyland, CA Adventure and Downtown Disney. Very few unique items, most shops had the exact same merchandise. I get supply chain issues, especially since I work in retail buying, but Disney has a lot of buying power to have such a small selection.

  5. Jennifer

    I was very disappointed in oct when I took my son for the first time in a very long time. There was really no good Pooh themed merchandise as well as being right next to splash mountain (which is closing) we wanted a special souvenir to remember the ride by and there was absolutely nothing…not one thing for splash mountain. My son was so disappointed and wanted something specific to the rides.

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