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A blue sign reads "downtown disney." There is a green tree in the background.

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  1. Shellebelle

    Not sure why people mind being preached at. I’m preached at daily that my white race is evil, little children are wise enough to choose their gender and mutilate their bodies, inflation and election cheating are myths, transhumanism will replace my God, and black people have it worse than all people in the entire history of the world.

    1. Steve

      I would prefer if all those stopped being preached, including the religion it all derives from.

      1. Mr. B.

        You will be the first to complain about your freedom of speech when you have none.

        1. D. Gayle G.

          What about Freedom of Religion?

          Don’t we have a right to practice or NOT practice our religion freely? Freedom of Religion does NOT grant you to force your religion on others.

          When someone tells me that I will “burn in Hell” if I don’t “accept Jesus” I have several reactions:

          1) I call them religion salespeople. They cheapen their religion by selling it on the streetcorners.

          2) I remind them of Matthew 6, where it says you should NOT preach at the streetcorners.

          3) I ask them why they think GOD made a mistake by making me Jewish…

          4) I ask them if their goal is to be more like Jesus. When they say it is, I ask them when they convert to Judaism.

          5) I tell them that I would never willingly worship a hateful God who would punish people for not worshipping a specific way.

          6) I call them a “Transactional Religion.” I tell them they don’t do good for good’s sake, but because they’re BUYING their way into Heaven. I tell them the Atheists are better people than they are, because they do good because it’s the right thing to do.

          Seriously. And I’ll even get nastier.

          When people try to force their religion on me, it drives me further from their religion. There’s no need to go selling religion on the streetcorners if there’s any value to the religion.

          Just be a good person.

          I would be more inclined to consider converting if I were surrounded by really good people of the religion who show me the good qualities of the religion and the good values of the religion…than be threatened with fire and brimstone.

          This is why Christianity has been losing worshippers at a record pace recently. Because there are SOME branches (not all) of it that have gone SO far into the Fire and Brimstone that it sickens people.

          1. J

            Ooh boy. This is fun.

            1) how is preaching on a street corner any different from you putting a bumper sticker on your car? Does it “cheapen” the thing you’re supporting with the bumper sticker? Brainless logic.

            2) Matthew 6 says you shouldn’t practice your religion in a way that tries to gain you personally approval from others. That verse does not say nor is it meant to imply that it’s wrong to speak about religion in public. If you had half a clue about the thing you claim to be discussing, you would have done your research and you would know that, but you’re more interested in spewing talking points.

            3) There’s no mistake involved. You can accept Jesus as your promised Messiah any time you want. The historical records surrounding his life are well established not only in the gospels but in the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds, which substantially agree with the gospel records.

            4) If you’ve properly studied Tanakh you should know that God promises one of the prophets (I believe Ezekiel, possibly Daniel or Isaiah; I’m blanking at the moment) that there would be a day when the Old Covenant was done away with and salvation would be open to the gentiles. “My house will be a house of prayer for all nations,” as Isaiah says. So why would a person need to convert to Judaism if salvation is open to all nations?

            5) God lets people make their own choices. If they spend their lives choosing to pursue knowledge of him and choosing to spend time with him, they get to spend eternity with him. If they choose to have nothing to do with him, they are rewarded by having nothing to do with him in eternity. There’s no punishment involved. God gives people what they want.

            6) If you think people do good deeds to get into heaven then you truly do have no idea what you’re talking about. The idea that salvation is based on works has never, ever been orthodox Christian doctrine.

            “Just be a good person”
            Where do you get your definition of “good” from? Have you very carefully defined “good” in such a way that it just so happens to line up with all the actions you already practice and attitudes you already hold?

            Climb on off that high horse before you fall down and hurt yourself. You’re clueless.

          2. Goheidigo

            Perfectly stated. Thank you.

      2. Walt

        Steve so the things Shellebelle derive from religion? They do! but not the Christian religion.

    2. Walt

      Touche’ That Disney was neutral is bologna. Christian groups had faith based nights, Christian music nights, the pageant at Epcot – and on an on. Now the religion of secular humanism has replaced or at best infringed on it all. To those in the article that are offended? grow up.

    3. Amanda


    4. Chad

      Wow, you just made a far better case against religion than any secular person ever could. That was a whole lot of concentrated crazy, please seek mental help.

    5. Amanda Peterson

      Oh gawd🙄

  2. J

    Ah yes, the old “I support free speech except when people are saying things I disagree with” crowd.

    News flash: if you think that way, you don’t support free speech and should at least be honest about it.

    (That said, I find it really, really weird that Disney is allowed to regulate certain kinds of speech on their private property – the dress code, for instance – but aren’t allowed to regulate something like this.)

  3. Michael Quattlebaum

    If god is all powerful, I don’t understand why people have to try and convince others to believe in their faith.
    Let Jesus take the wheel… and stop bothering strangers with your superstitions.

  4. Vii


  5. Sally

    These aren’t Christians, they are heretics.

    1. Liberty Lane

      Says every Christian about a Christian that comes from another denomination.

      Besides, all of it is about as real as Harry Potter.

  6. Your mom

    Some of us don’t spend all this money to have your woke agenda shoved in our face, yet here we are……

  7. J

    Your “I personally don’t want to hear it” does not supercede someone else’s Constitutionally granted First Amendment right to free expression.

    When you graduate middle school and move on to high school, you’ll take a class called Civics where they teach you that stuff.

    1. D. Gayle G.

      “Free Speech” only grants that the government cannot pass laws to prevent speech, and it is limited. There are certain aspects of speech which are not protected by free speech. This includes such thing as Hate Speech.

      Now, the First Amendment also grants Freedom of Religion.

      Freedom of Religion does NOT mean you have the right to RAM your religious belief down anyone’s throats. NOR does Freedom of Speech grant you the right to ACCOST someone and force your words on them.

      If the person sets up a booth on private property, they are not covered by “Freedom of Peaceful Protest.” And if it is in a private commercial company, that company should have the right to say NO. Especially since they’re setting up as religious VENDORS.

      So the company should have the right to say, “No outside vendors permitted.”

      Now, if they’re roaming without a booth…then if they APPROACH a person to tell them their words, that’s accosting them. That’s Soliciting. And a NO SOLICITATION can be applied.

      The ONLY way they’d be covered by “Free Speech” properly is if they stood in one spot and waited for others to come to them and talk with them.

      Even holding signs is solicitation or protesting, which is not covered by Freedom of Speech on a business’s private property. Take it to the sidewalks OUTSIDE the private property.

      If I approached you and forced you to listen to me tell you about how you’re violating God’s will by having a Cheeseburger (mixing milk and meat) would YOU appreciate it? Especially if I kept following you to force my views on you as you’re TRYING to have a good time with your family?

  8. Eddie

    Now do Mohamed.

    1. Vee


  9. lovesdisney

    Well put, Matt.I was there in September and noticed the quiet and peaceful display of a couple of people smiling at people passing by.I have no time to hate .If you were interested the materials were on the table if not just head to the Parks or stores as normal.

  10. D. Gayle G.

    So, they’ve set up as a vendor on Disney Property? Are they paying Disney the typical fee for vendors? Do they have a vendor’s license?

  11. Clifton Brewer

    Folks just need to learn to not be triggered, I hate that term. All the anti-bullying, safe spaces ctc. have gives us a couple generations of wimps. I’m not saying time bullying isn’t a problem, but at some point you have to face a litle so you don’t grow up so fragile that a skywriter can ruin your day or whole vacation experience.

    If you really don’t like it that much go have your neck fused from C-2 down to T-1 like mine. Then you can’t look up, no more a problem.

  12. Mason

    Saying “California let’s everyone support their views” is actually a lie. Since in 2020 a man in California got attacked for simply for wearing a MAGA hat and a mask that supported police.

  13. Jayne1955

    I don’t want to be preached at. What I believe or don’t believe is no one else’s business anyway.

  14. Erik Hansen

    I believe religion is fine but no person of any denomination has a right to argue with me or change my experience at Disneyland/The Magic Kingdom, etc. All this religious talk whether Liberal or Conservative religion is so useless. Who cares about your arguments when we’re supposed to be having fun as fans of Walt Disney. Candlelight vigils and woke opinions can both exist and not hurt anyone.

  15. DG

    Can you do an article about how tired people are of pride flags and displays during pride month???? Isn’t pride stuff offensive to those who hold biblical values.

  16. Amanda Peterson

    Bull! I used to be in this cult and you’re lying!

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