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Guests wearing face masks at Disneyland Resorts

Credit: Disney


  1. Bella

    I’ve gotten sick while AT Disney two times. Once was norovirus, very nasty. Missed two days at the park, slept it off in the hotel. Warned the staff cleaning when we checked out to wear gloves (pulled all the blankets off the bed, put all towels in a pile, took out our own trash, and tidied up to give them less to do, but I’m sure they had to sanitize). Most recently, I got bronchitis. I was embarrassed about the bronchitis because I got it the last day of my vacation, so flying home the next day I was making people uncomfortable with my coughing. I wore a mask and coughed into my arm, but I still got looks or could hear “ugh” comments. Covid has made folks downright ruthless. It’s not like I caught it on purpose. I doubt too many people are coming to Disney after they get sick. They get sick while they’re there, and have to ride it out. Your immune system gets so run down from the heat, humidity, going from heat to aggressive AC, mold from humidity, walking so much, and being so go go go in general. Its assinine to go somewhere with the worst crowds in America and worry about germs or get mad about stuff like this.

  2. Nita

    I avoided getting Covid from the beginning of the pandemic all the way through….until I took a trip to WDW in September. Felt sick the morning I woke up to check out and head home, by the next morning I was really sick and tested positive for Covid.
    I called the Disney resort I had stayed at and they seemed quite unconcerned, although they did thank me for letting them know. Hopefully that room was cleaned well since I’m sure someone else was already staying there!

    1. John

      Exact. Same. Story for me, Nita. Sitting at home with COVID I got at Disney. Made it almost 3 years…..

  3. Vk24

    Haven’t been to D-World since 2017, but the loss of spontaneity due to the reservation system, could possibly help a bit. If one wakes up and doesn’t feel well, they could just wait until the next day, or 2. But the res. system tosses that way out in the trash.

  4. Tim

    Prove that you caught whatever illness you got in the theme park itself. Could it have been from the store you visited or the plane and so on. The bigger question I have for those complaining about getting sick. What do you expect can happen. People grouped together tightly always causes the passing of illness. Now if I was that concerned, I would be more worried about the people seeming healthy than the ones that are showing signs. I can protect against those as I have an idea, they are sick. So here is my recommendation to all you people that are upset because people appear to be sick, don’t go because your fear is not going to allow you to enjoy your trip. By the way not everyone coughing, and sneezing are contagious. At this time of year people also suffer allergies. While it was light year for me, I spent the last 2 months with the runny nose, coughing from the drainage and sneezing. Now that the pollen is done, I am no longer doing that stuff. Happens every year in the fall and then again in May and June.

    1. Jaxx

      Exactly! I have cough-variant asthma and allergies, which means I cough and sneeze and have a runny nose (despite medication). Doesn’t mean I’m sick.

      People have to get over all this “OMG! Sick people!” crap. People have been going out in the world sick for thousands of years. It happens. Carry on with your life and stop whining, for heaven’s sake!

  5. Jerry

    Yep, we caught covid at disney the week of Nov 4th. wore masks the entire trip except to eat. I can tell you exactly when and where we were exposed. It was in Jock Lindseys hanger bar, had our mask down to eat and this older gentleman came over and immedately started coughing up a lung all over us. The waitress cleared our food and drinks and we left……but the damage was done.

    At this point covid is personal responsibility, we chose to eat in a location that was too crowded for my comfort.

    Another individual chose to go out in public despite being sick, and had a serious cough.

    we are on the back side of it, and had no serious symptoms beyond a scratch throat and runny nose. We are triple vac’d but the last was a year ago.

    1. Turtle

      At what point do you take inventory of your precautions and decide maybe they are failing you? Three shots and that didn’t stop you from getting it. You also wore the all important mask, but what help is that if you take it off to eat? If I thought the last line of defense between me and illness was a mask then I would keep it on at all times. It’s not like you can call timeout against the virus for meals.

  6. Kris

    The reservation system is definitely adding to this, but it’s not new. I went in February 2020 and a few days later I was sicker than I ever had been. Still don’t think it was Covid, wrong symptoms, but it definitely came from the park. The number of people coughing in the subs alone tells me that.

  7. Bev C

    We were at Walt Disney World from Nov 2-9, 2022. We caught the Sunshine Flyer bus from the airport and the first thing I noticed when boarding was two children with bad congested coughs. I immediately put on my mask (again). I also used it on the park buses from the resort, as I heard several guests coughing on each trip, but at the parks there are miles of hand railings and touchable surfaces just loaded with germs. On the flight home I had a scratchy throat and the next day I started coughing. A few days later I did test for Covid and it was negative, but this cough is still hanging on a few weeks later. Be prepared to pick up a bug on your next trip.

  8. Shawn

    What do you think the world was like before 2020? Did people without a cold not go to a Disney park? Get a clue.
    If you want to live in a bubble, and wear your little face diaper, and gloves (all of which will do nothing to stop the spread or stop you from getting a virus) are welcome to do so. In fact, why not go get your 12th booster shot. I’m sure these garbage filled shots will have no effect on your life, aside from shortening it.
    Covid is over people, move along.

    1. drh3b

      You are at best uninformed, and at worst a MAGA liar.
      Covid is still around, we just know how to treat it a lot better.
      As far as those shots go, I’ve had all 4, and work a job where masks were rarely worn, and never got sick so there’s personal empirical evidence the shots work. Masks don’t work well except really good ones, but still better than nothing.

      1. Steve

        You pretend to be the educated one and them make one of the most unscientific statements posted on this site. Typical.

  9. Jen

    We were just at Disneyland and came down with a bad cold from the park. There were sick people everywhere, coughing and sneezing without masks. Especially the kids. I couldn’t believe all the sick kids without masks coughing without even trying to cover their cough. Why are the locals bringing sick kids to the park wrecking other peoples vacations? I understand it’s hard for the tourists who arrive healthy but get sick there. What do you do when you’re tied to the reservations system and can’t reschedule or get a refund for unused days if you get sick? My understanding is that all days in the pass have to be used within two weeks so if you get sick you’re forced to forfeit the expensive tickets or go to the park anyway. Refunds should be allowed for sick guests.

    1. ClapBack

      It ain’t just locals. It’s ppl from other states who can’t afford to cancel their vacation to Disneyland. Locals can easily change their reservation and move to another day or time. Don’t put all the blame on us. We should be concerned about all the out of towners bringing in the viruses to us.

  10. Megan

    Getting sick happens anytime there is huge crowds. If I remember correctly, a ton of people caught COVID in Anime Expo on the Fourth of July Weekend. That happens when 120,000 people are crammed into a small area that is 1/3 the size of Disneyland.

  11. CT

    If you are afraid of getting sick, then don’t go to a crammed theme park. We have gotten sick a few times after a visit to Disney, but we have always recovered. No one is going to go through life without getting sick. I now view our visits as an opportunity to boost our immune systems.

  12. J

    If you are that concerned about catching something you have no business being in a theme park. Stay home while the rest of the world continues with normal life.

  13. B.P.

    My husband and I avoided covid for the entire pandemic. We still mask in public. We spent 1 day at epcot during the first week of Nov for the food and wine festival. We masked but had our masks off at times to eat at different kisks around the park. We both tested positive for covid a few days later. We tried to avoid them but SO many people coughing with no mask or real attempt to cover their mouth.

    1. drh3b

      The problem is that wearing masks does more to protect others than yourself, as you found out.

      1. Steve

        Actually, they do nothing.

    2. Steve

      You have a paranoid disorder. Get help.

  14. Brittney Tucker

    Just got back home today, December 3rd, 2022. Absolutely DISGUSTED with the number of sick people at Disney. Kids and adults very clearly sweating, coughing, runny nose. And of course woke up this morning feeling terrible. Disney should be screening people for temperatures at least.

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