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Nicolas Dromard in a Disney ad

Credit: Pirates & Princesses


  1. I’m not all that confident, Iger will do any of these things, but getting rid of park reservations, bringing back fast pass, and bringing back park hopping would be a big deal!! We shall see.

    1. Kathleen Chappina

      Former WDW Cast Member Entertainment. As I aged I was still a fan& annual pass holder. Detested lighting lanes as you often have to go from one side of park to the other. I miss the days of Olde when you could traverse the park and attractions that we all had to wait for, the lines moved and we were all the same .

      1. Totally agree! We gave up our passes last year after giving Chapek’s system a go. Not just his system but the lack of participation of his employees was the final straw.

        1. Lee Browning

          Mo doubt Chapek & Daniel’s were in bed together. Two closet cases!

        2. Kathy Skipper

          We also gave up our passes last year after a year of not being able to visit any more than 2 times. When we could go we couldn’t get the park pass and the last year we were also on legacy passes and the days we could and could not go became very confusing. I miss the days when we could wake up & decide we would go to the park for a few hours, have lunch, and do a ride or two at one park then zip over to another park to finish up the day! We also used to stay at the park for several days even though we live less than an hour away but the prices became too high to make that feasible. Florida residents and passholders kept Disney going during their slow times but now they don’t think they need us and as long as they keep pushing the middle class out in favor of the Uber rich or childless who can afford the prices and who seem to be causing major problems like fights then even if everything in the add is back I will not go back.

          1. Maria Guzman

            I 100% agree with you. I also live less than an hour and moved here during the pandemic. I feel like I pay for passes that I can’t use. I try to stay at the hotels ,but even 2 nights away is becoming unjustifiable. Hopefully there will be changes made as I’ve been coming for 30 years.

          2. DisneyDave

            Well said my sentiments exactly

        3. Tom Tichenor

          Former cast member here. Chapek, in opinion ruined Disney magic. Took my kids in 2014 and glad I did. We returned this post year and my heart hurt. I was just disgusted with the parks. Iger will hopefully restore the magic the parks once help.

      2. Trevor

        When my 4 kids were growing up in the 90s until about 2018 we travelled from the norheast every other year for a week to 10 days at the parks. During that time, the price we paid was well worth it due to the Magical experiences we always had. The character interactions and shows were a huge part of that. Since 2018 even after moving to central Florida, we have only been to the parks twice. Now that they have taken away alot of the magic and raised the prices it just isnt the same. Now they want and expect you to pay more and get less. Sorry not happening. Atleast not for us. Hopefully Mr. Iger can get Disney back on track and fix the mess Bob Paycheck has created.

      3. Sue

        Agree about all the back and forth throughout the day to take advantage of your lightning passes.,I am afraid I will never be able to go back as I really had trouble doing all the walking! I’m infuriated that I just now after the fact found out my DIL had to pay for those lightning passes as she was our coordinator. Could they scalp us for any more money? I could never go there without her and her ability and unfortunately having to be on her phone rather than enjoying the experience. I really think it’s sad to see everyone on their phones but it’s either that or wait hours I’m lines. I found it lost it’s magic. Tried magicmobile on our phones, that didn’t work and the employees at the resort weren’t even sure how to use it. Magic bands should be included as before, but instead we had to pay upwards of $30/each for them since we didn’t bring them along because we were link to magicmobile or so we thought. Parks weren’t as clean, Christmas decorations were
        Skimpy and ordinary. JIST TOTALLY LOST ITS MAGIC.
        Oh, and the VERY WORSE – paper straws!!!!! Nothing ruins a drink like a paper straw! 😖😖

        1. Hector

          They removed my Grand Daughter from park because she has cereal palsy and could not were mask noise bleeds .
          We showed supporting papers Walk out of park

      4. Becky

        Hopeful for any change in a positive direction. I would love to take my family back. We were lifelong pass holders. Being a FL Resident had so many perks that made you gladly justify the large fees and in-park costs. Free parking, photopass and more with the Gold pass. We haven’t been back since 2020. It was a hard time for everyone but they pivoted in such an abysmal direction. There’s no spontaneous trips, you have to plan/purchase your fast pass months in advance to ride anything. We dropped out around the time of Genie+ it wasn’t functional or justifiable for our family who frequently did weekend/day trips.

      5. Jo March

        Thank you. I feel the same way.

    2. Mary

      I agree, that is the least they can do to make it better. Hope he follows through and does bring back the magic

      1. Kathy

        We were scheduled to go see the 50th in 2020. That would’ve been our 6th visit. We’ve been following the changes made and all we could see was corporate greed and more corporate greed. Decided we wouldn’t go again. But I’m hopeful now that Bob I is back.

    3. Andy


      1. Joan

        Agree. Plus i have stayed away for several years when Disney felt need to seek attention as a political spokesperson, throughout their parks, sports, and tv venues. Everyone is entilted to a personal political opinion…..we have elections for that. If I m paying for magic (which ironically always used to include and celebrate acceptance of our “small world” diverse cultures, good vs evil, etc)…i ll wait for the magic Walt promised to return…i ‘m quite happy to seek political forums on cable news.

        1. Greg

          Joan, I’m confused by your statement. Are you saying you enjoyed Disney’s message of celebrating diversity as long as it was kept to the rides and shows but don’t like when that message is actually said publicly?

          1. Ahmed Faisal

            Me too. Keep the politics out of Disney and their subsidiaries.

        2. Andrew

          WDW didnt become “political” until Desantis passed his dont say gay bill. Facts are facts.

          1. Rox

            I disagree. Splash mountain reboot is political. All the woke movie reboots are political. And all the dont say gay hysteria would go away if people read what he actually said. There is a big difference between dont say gay vs teaching preschoolers about cutting off their junk.

            1. Carolyn

              You are absolutely right. WDW had become political and felt the need to change rides that had nothing to do with our country’s past. The Bill never said you could not say certain words it was about teaching to young children.

            2. Dhylan

              There’s no school that teaches preschoolers about “cutting off their junk”, so that in itself is a hilariously blatant exaggeration… but this seems to be the same rhetoric that called to ban math books with “woke language” LOL

              1. Steve

                If there are none and you dont eant there to be any, why ate you so upset it was outlawed?

          2. Eric


          3. Rich

            1. There’s no thing as a “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” Read it.

            2. People pay Disney for its entertainment value. Not political opinion.

            Facts are facts.

          4. Rain

            And that was passed because it needs to stay out of classrooms as well. Facts.

          5. Jo March


      2. Penne

        We stayed at Bay Lake Tower and had a reservation for the Hoop-Dee-Do … we walked to the Contemporary Resort to catch the boat to Fort Wilderness and GUESS WHAT ???
        Bob Chapek got rid of the boat transportation that I have been using for 41 years.
        Before that trip we stayed at Fort Wilderness and quickly learned that Chapek had cut back to one boat making the rounds … and we had to wait an hour for a boat.
        Yes – I miss fastpass, park hopping, and no reservations that allowed me to drive 10 hours to walt Disney World spontaneously !!!
        Last visit, I told my family that I AM DONE WITH DISNEY and if Iger does not rewind and bring the magic back …. I will still be done with Disney and I will sell my 600 DVC POINTS N

    4. David stowe

      I agree totally, I grew up a Disney child. I, and now my family has been there over 40 times since 1975 all prior to 2015, have not been back and promise not to go back with the changes that were made in the last seven years. I hope they can get it back to the way it was we loved it.

    5. monica

      Getting rid of the reservation means shoulder to shoulder people and at times not be allowed into the parks because it is at capacity. Remember

    6. Dennis

      Genie plus was under development when iger was CEO. Chapek gets blamed for it which is t right

      1. Steve

        And it had been the plan since Fast Pass was created.

    7. Baj


    8. Joe Salamon

      I just want Disney to stop their woke politics they should be a place where all people are welcome and not be political.

      1. Sheri

        “Woke politics” IS trying to make it a place where everyone is welcome.

        1. S

          Sorry, but not everyone is welcome at Disney theme parks. Just as Salazar Slytherin said some weren’t worthy of learning magic, only pure bloods were. Which is why when I take over Disney in a corporate raid, I will be catering only to the purists as they are the only guests who matter. I will make Disney great again.

        2. Steve

          No, it is your type exercising political power. You only want less than 10 percent of the population to be represented or have a say.

    9. Valerie

      I took my own kids to Disney during fast pass era. We loved it! These days, I don’t go to Disney. I live in central Florida and it feels like the magic is gone. We lived on the west coast of Florida when I was a kid and our family trips, to Disney, were magical times. I even remember my first trip to Epcot and the Figment explosion. But, as a teacher, I find the lack of racial diversity in this ad disturbing. This is mostly an ad for light skin people. I have a fair complexion and am among the white population, but the children I teach are from various races. So…bring back the magic, but make sure it looks more diverse than this ad!

  2. Sandra

    I would absolutely come back if Disneyworld could go back to how it was in the video!

    1. Connie

      I too will return if things go back to the way it was pre-pandemic.

    2. JeffT0962

      Too late. Our family of ten just got back and it was a horrible experience. “Just use the app” – except the app hangs, crashes, and drops linked accounts. And now you have the daily crowd walking around staring at their phones instead of their surroundings, I observed several toddlers getting run down with strollers or people walking. Bad, bad, bad. Next trips won’t be to Disney

      1. Sue

        Agree 100%

  3. Dan

    The biggest crime Chapek committed was killing the idea that every little girl that came into the park was a princess, and every little boy a prince. Even if your parents had to save for the trip of a lifetime, while you were in the parks you were special.

    Chapek’s profit before people may have made him popular with shareholders, but it meant “rich kids” went to the front of the line, while the masses watched from the sidelines. Worse yet, he didn’t see anything wrong with this. I suspect he even felt he was making the parks more accessible, because you only had to pay for the things your family needed.

    The previous all inclusive nature leveled the playing field. The wealthy could definitely buy an experience everyone else couldn’t, behind the scenes, special events – but this rarely took away from the little princesses and princes and their special day.

    Supply and demand – bringing these things back isn’t going to make the parks less expensive. Shareholders aren’t going to accept reduced returns for funzies. They need to be convinced that bleeding their fans dry isn’t their most profitable path in the long run. And Iger needs to contend with a much more hostile political environment.

    1. Vicki

      As a Disney “stockholder” (twelve whole shares!) I can tell you that most of us aren’t the ones benefitting from the higher earnings! I have had my shares since at least 1990 and my YEARLY dividend check has been $10 for almost 20 years! That’s just over 90 cents a share! The ones who are benefiting are the executives and the board members who have hundreds of thousands of shares each! And most of them got those shares, not by buying them, but as part of salary benefits (which I believe aren’t taxed by the IRS until sold?). What this country needs are laws preventing Corporate executives from owning stocks in the companies they over see! Then their decisions will be based on what is goid for the company NOT their personal pocketbooks!

      With Iger back, I may have to revisit my resolve to not ever go back to WDW! Dollywood can wait……

      1. Joan

        I also think that park reservations should be eliminated. A vacation no longer is a vacation. No more spontaneity. You now are monitored in everything you do. Walt would not be happy with what had become of his dreams of a family friendly experience.

        1. Exactly! Also, you have to make your dining reservations so far in advance, how can you be sure you can get a park reservation the same day, or vice versa? It just takes all the fun out of planning!

    2. Bob Stabb

      Well said!

    3. Ann

      Disney stock has been at an unprecedented LOW lately, so that part of your reasoning is flawed.
      However, I agree with everything else you mentioned.

      1. Rob

        I hope Mr Iger can bring back the magic ! The parks look run down and dirty… the food is bad and severely overpriced. A lot of the Cast members look sloppy and unprofessional not to mention most have a lack of social skills and knowledge of the their own parks.

    4. Dennis

      Are you aware iger opened 1 value resort and 1 moderate resort while at the same time 6dvc resorts and 4 deluxe resorts? Star wars hotel was being built while he was CEO but opened under chapek. He also started the charge to park at your resort.

  4. Meryl A Biszick

    When I moved to Orlando over 30 years ago one of the first things I did was to buy an annual Disney pass, and most nights found me there. But, decade after decade saw higher prices and less fun. Please, won’t you please bring back the happiest place on earth?

  5. Kdog

    Chapek sucked ass, with his cancel culture bullcrap and his wokeness…Walt was rolling over in his grave with disgust at all of the libtard bs Chapek Paycheck did to his creation!!

    1. Al Roberts

      That’s unlikely to change any time in the future

    2. Steve

      He was less woke than Iger.

    3. Paul W

      I see comment after comment with this same tired old idea. What I see sadly lacking is a REAL actual story of “My kid is has turned into a degenerate and Disney is entirely to blame.”

      1. Steve

        Well, my kid turned into a furry who wants to bang Timon because of Disney. But that’s alright with me, at least that was a good movie.

    4. Rob

      Exactly !

  6. Sandi

    My family has traveled to Disney world many times and have used all of the stated amenities that are no more. We loved fastpass and magic wristbands. They were a great convenience to our family and we would love to see them back again!

    1. AB

      Umm magic bands did not leave

      1. Kate Reuter

        Resort guests used to receive magic bands at no additional charge

  7. Hector

    Chapek did not care about the experience. His one and only concern was the bottom line. Everything was unnecessary. Just my opinion.

  8. Julian H

    Well the video highlighted only a few things that are missing now from staying on property, there are so many more things missing and yet the prices went up an up with less and less for your money. Things will need to change before we return.

    So much greed and penny pinching from Disney, I have to say some of this was agreed with Iger as well as Chapek, so I do not see much changing… I hope I am wrong, but we have moved like many others over to Universal, and before anyone shouts they are expensive too, yet they are, but you get far more value for your money than Disney does these days, it the truth.

  9. Rroe

    That commercial was done 7 years ago when Disney was Disney. Let’s hope Iger brings the parks back to the way they once were. So refreshing to see the “Good Old Day’s” once again.

  10. PJ

    I miss that Disney. Even the movies have lost that Disney flare. It’s what set Disney apart from other companies. Now it’s just corporate greed.

  11. Steven Marcus

    At every turn The Walt Disney Company MUST ask:


    Walt always wanted “Quality First!” If it was not perfect it would not fly.

    Cutting maintenance is NOT the way to save money!

    Allowing rides to operate while not fully operational and completely maintained is ripping off the guests…plain and simple.

    I am 70 years old and have been coming to Disneyland since 1959! I cannot count how many times I have been to Disneyland…maybe 50+ (my nephews have been in the thousand’s because they lived in Cannoga Park all their lives they both passed due to complications from COVID-19 at 43 and 35…at least 150 times a year.)
    I have also been to Disney World four times, but have not the slightest urge to ever go back unless QUALITY COMES FIRST OVER EVERYTHING ELSE…

    1. Drew

      I’m sorry for your loss.

      1. Steven Marcus

        No you aren’t. You don’t even know me!

        1. Sarah

          People can feel bad for the loss of others without knowing them. It is a small thing called compassion. To use your own words, you don’t know them. They may have also lost family to covid complications so understand your pain.

    2. Dvlkitten

      Condolences to your family for the loss of your nephews. I agree with all of your sentiments.

    3. Soph

      They must have been fat ducks to die so young

      1. Siovahn

        That was so rude!!
        My cousin died from Covid. She was thin but had diabetes. Never judge someone unless you have walked in their life.

  12. Karen Baker

    I miss the Old Disney as well. I don’t want to make a reservation to go to the park, I don’t want to be charged extra for a Genie pass and I had an annual pass which I enjoyed. I have seen the proposed cost of an annual pass and they are far too expensive. Bring back the old Disney when it was magical.

  13. I have just returned from a Disney Vacation where I could not ride a single ride. I paid the genie and it allotted me times at the same time as my lunch reservation. When arriving at my rides they were down. The state of disrepair was unbearably sad.
    I love to travel in November because it was low season but Magic Kingdom was packed!!! The Fast Lane queues we’re longer than the regular queue.
    The only ride I could get in was Carrousel of Progress, and it had so many issues. It clearly has not been maintained. And this one is one of Walt’s original creations.
    I’ve been visiting MK since 1974, and the crowd was worst than those of 1976 when they celebrated the USA Bi-centenary. The Magic is lost!
    I WISH Iger can make it Magical again.

  14. Dwhit

    Get rid of the woke policies! Bring back boys and girls! Get rid of the woke and politically correct policies! Stay in your own lane, family entertainment!!

  15. Carl

    Disney will never be that again. It is a company in decline with a tarnished image that will never sparkle like it did in the past. Going to Disney is work not a vacation. The massive cost for just one day for a family of 4 is beyond what most families can afford. Honestly Disney deserves to fail so maybe it can be rebuilt into what it was intended to be.

  16. Jason

    ALL OF THESE THINGS THAT ARE GONE NOW WERE TAKEN AWAY BY IGER AS WELL! Chapek was there but it was instituted by Iger!
    I’d love for these bits of magic to come back but I’m not holding my breath!

  17. Turtle

    The money seemed to be pouring in under Chapek, but where did it go? It doesn’t look like it was spent on repairs. It seems like you read about more ride breakdowns than in years past. I don’t know if they did any major refurbishments during the COVID closure period, but it could have been a good opportunity. It wasn’t spent on employees. The cast member size seems to have been trimmed, which has made everyone less happy. It wasn’t spent on food. Food sizes have shrunk, and many have complained about the quality. The money isn’t going to the shareholders. The stock price has taken a beating of late. It seems like the only ones who benefited were Chapek and a select few at the top of the food chain.

    1. Mike

      Agreed 100%

  18. Barbara Ann Horan

    I hope things change for the better, but I’m not holding my breath. Everywhere else prices have gone up – gas, food, restaurants, clothes and I don’t think they’ll ever come back to 2019 prices. The high prices are here to stay, like it or not. Paying extra to be ahead in line and making reservations to go to the parks is just not fun anymore, no more magic!

  19. Ljb

    I’ve been going to Disney world since 1979. It’s lost it’s magic. High prices, no airport transportation, work my phone for reservations for everything park related, no more pristine grounds or bathrooms. I hope Igar can bring back the magical experience, that I know he would want his and all families to experience

  20. Kristina

    I really hope they get rid of the pricing scale (different prices for different days) and lower the prices all together and reinstate passes as well as eliminating park reservations.

  21. Use to be Disney Fan

    My hope and wish for the Disney Company, parks and movie industry is this.
    Walt built this for kids and their families; the cartoons, movies, etc. were clean, wholesome and magical. He wanted the parks to be family friendly, magical and where families could come play together. His vision and legacy comes from the movie they made about Walt.
    The parks are now not magical, too expensive, and not the quality they were in the early 90’s. An average family can not afford to go. It has become a true trip of a lifetime, because they have to save a lifetime to get to go once with their family. When it costs the same, to go to WDW, as a trip to Europe for a week; something needs to change. I am talking about the average family of 4. Some families have more kids than 4 that want to go.
    We have no kids, but we loved it. Feeling the magic, feeling like a kid again. It meant alot to me to go, the year after my mother passed; the day after my birthday and right before Christmas, I was double whammied. It meant alot to go and feel the magic after that. We loved going every couple years, we can’t even afford it, anymore.
    Please Bob Iger, bring back the magic, bring back Disney the way it use to be and please make it affordable.

    1. Use to be Disney Fan

      P.S. Bob Iger, if you accomplish bringing back Disney the way it use to be, I will be back, many many times and so will others.

  22. Paul W

    Here’s an idea: The CEO, whoever he is, should go “undercover” and book his own regular vacation at the park, without taking advantage of any of the special perks of his position, and see what kind of experience he has.

    1. Steve

      That would require him to care about the experience.

  23. Absolutely ! Somebody needs to start jumping up and down on that reset button right now !!!
    I want it all back ✨🏰✨🥹

  24. DH

    It will take a Miracle too bring back Disney after the Plague of Chapek and the Woke Infiltrators in Disney’s Ranks

  25. Joann

    One of the biggest things I hope is reinstated would be the magical express to and from the airport. We just returned and unfortunately had bad experiences with other options. I miss magical express, especially as a prelude to arriving at the hotel. The best part was the luggage, transportation, direct to hotel from your check in at home airport.

  26. Dude

    My wife and I visited Disney at least once a year on our anniversary for 24 years thru 2018 unaware of who was at the helm. But we felt a shift in the Disney park’s “energy”. Something was off. Partially because it seemed (especially in Epcot) it was more about Disney movies and money vs the Disney experience. It just FELT like Disney became more about the money than the guest experience, so we stopped going. We still miss the atmosphere and ambiance, but didn’t feel like being fleeced anymore. I sincerely hope Iger brings Walt’s vision back to life.

  27. Chris Nielson

    I just want to have the old park hopping system back. Having to wait till 2 pm to park hop was BullS#$%! Chapek sucks and I’m glad hes gone!

  28. Mark

    My wife and I joined DVC in 2011 in part because of all of the perks that were used as an incentive to join. Now every single one has been taken away. EVERY ONE! I don’t think that Iger can restore what has been lost, but there are changes and policies he can put in place to try to bring some of the magic back. Removing Genie+ is probably not going to happen because it is making money for Disney(or sucking money from the guests). I would like to see ticket prices dropped by $10 and then reduce the price of Genie+ to $10— essentially a net-zero tradeoff. Then, reinstate the ability to “buy” Genie+ 60 days in advance(or maybe 30 days) for resort guests so you are not forced to awaken at 7 AM to try to book reservations. And bring back the 3 attraction allowance. Basically, it would be a “paid” fastpass system for those who wish to purchase it. Eliminate the individual lightning lane fee—that is a pure money grab. Restore the Magical Express, and if it is not free, at least make it minimal, say $5 per person, which would still save Disney millions but restore a lot of lost goodwill. Not only eliminate park reservations, but hire back enough employees to reopen the parks at least an hour early for resort guests. Sentiment toward Disney has never been lower due to all of the changes that Chapek made and it will take time to restore confidence that Disney is genuinely trying to “bring back the magic”. I hope Iger can do it.

  29. Tony

    People should not forget, that although Bob Chapek was the wrong guy to take over as CEO, many of the failings were introduced or already planed for under Bob Iger. Chapek tried to remove the “wokeness” that was implemented by Iger or those he hired into leadership positions at WDC. Iger also spent a huge amount of Disney capitol in buying IPs that have not panned out, like Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox. Yes, Chapek was the wrong guy, but he is also the fall guy.

  30. rteker

    After glimpsing through a majority of the posts, I think we can all agree on the following;
    1. Reservation system–Has to go
    2. Lighting lanes–Has to go
    3. Magical Transportation–Has to come back
    4. Disney needs to lighten the amount of IP’s or sell a few of them cause of how much they are costing the Disney company that they currently own.
    5. LOWER the prices. I mean lets look at how raising the park prices is a domino effect. Raise prices–>less attendees–>price goes up–>less attendees–>and it goes on and on until NO ONE can afford to go.
    Lets hope Iger can undo alot of the crap Paycheck implemented and bring the magic back and resurrect the soul of Disney.

  31. John de

    The writing’s on the wall…Igor was brought back to pump the stock back up to $200 and stage the company for sale!

  32. Depends if he is as greedy as Cheapy Bob

    1. Christie

      Bring back the dining plan. The fast pass system. Get rid of pay per ride rides. Bring back nagic hours. Unlimited park hopping. The Disney bus line to the airport. Get rid of reservations. Lower the park capacity. Then, I will return. Until then. It’s universal. Plus they have a new park coming. Hopefully Disney gets its act together.

  33. Mary Freeman

    Disney does not show values. We should not teach our children that money buys your way to pass everyone in line. We should all be equal and wait our turn. I liked the free fast pass that treated everyone fairly. Of all places Disney should represent this.

  34. Stacy

    This is the first little glimmer of hope to ever see Disney World again. We used to travel to WDW yearly from Delaware. Saving for the expense was worth it with the way things used to be. We loved waking up and deciding each morning what we wanted to do. We always included Epcot for dining in our plans at least once daily. We were experts at fitting our favorites from all 4 parks in one day (if that’s what we decided we wanted to do). We have refused to go back and pay to be restricted and left without spontaneity. I can understand the need for a limited time change immediately after the pandemic, but it is time to move on and bring back the magic. They decided to use the pandemic as a way to permanently increase prices, take away the magical spontaneity and to add additional greedy costs.

  35. Chip

    It seems to me that Disney under Chapek was fighting a wars on 2 fronts, one to cater/pander to it’s woke employees, the other to impress the stockholders with ridiculous post pandemic returns. Both approaches weakened the company, it is the original Disney product that allowed both causes to thrive rather than gouging the customers and waving a flag. Back to the roots that built the huge loyal fan base rather than alienating those people that came back regularly. If you want a workplace that is political and that workplace falters, you may not have a workplace much longer. If you want a company that makes consistent profits rather than a “one and done” mindset, don’t gouge your customers. Magical Express, magic bands, how about no fast passes or Genie+, no more park reservations, treat the customer right and they will consistently spend their money with you…

  36. James Renne

    I’m a DVC member. “Welcome Home!” is the signature greeting. But then a $25 per day charge to park your car at your home? Kinda wrecks the illusion.

  37. TWB

    I Hope Disney gets sold to China !!!

    1. Steve

      It would actually help. At least they would fire the woke seat warmers.

  38. Andy

    Sense of magic, not since of magic.

  39. Barbara Ann Horan

    I can’t imagine what it looked like and what the visitors had to go through without free transportation to the parks. It must have been complete havoc. I wish everyone could stand in line for rides and not have to pay for the right to essentially “butt up’.

  40. Greg

    Better yet go back to the Disneyworld of at least 1992-1995. What an awesome experience. Booked through Disney travel. No Disney bus but instated a motorcoach with a driver holding up a sign with our name at the gate. Wouldn’t let us handle the luggage. Carried everything himself. Stay at the Yacht club. All food paid for, waitresses would not accept tips. All entry to parks paid for. I’d be dressed in my tye dye and holy levie’s, show my ‘disney card’ to hotel or restaurant staff and get a ‘right away sir’. When I went to check out I said could they arrange the motorcoach and the kid said ‘you mean the airport shuttle?’ I pulled out my ‘Disney Card’ and got a ‘So sorry sir, right away sir. Please forgive me sir.’

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