Comments for Explosive Diarrhea Reportedly Causes Uproar at Universal Orlando Ride

Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure

Credit: Universal


  1. Queen

    One does not diarrheae[sic] oneself. People are such idiots.

    1. sam

      queen……., of poop or language?

    2. Aaron

      Oh shush. It doesn’t matter.

  2. Mickeymouse3

    How does anyone not know they shat themselves? Especially with the warm, wet sensation that is diarrhea?
    Can we get a clean up on aisle 6 please? Stat!

  3. Elizabeth Frantes

    I’d guess it was a diaper blowout, and the parent decided that ‘they’re paid to clean that up’ and just bailed. I mean, look at how they leave loaded diapers everywhere, change the kids on upholstery, on tables in restaurants.

    1. LOUISE

      Only IDIOTS raised by MORONS would change a diaper and leave it laying around! This world is full stupid, nasty people!

  4. rteker

    The idiot was hoping the water ride would clean the seat but unfortunately this causes so much diseases that is in the mess such as dysentery which does they following; Dysentery is often spread through contaminated food or water.
    A key symptom is bloody diarrhea. There may also be abdominal pain, cramps, fever, and malaise.
    Prompt medical care is needed for bloody diarrhea. Treatment may include increased fluid intake, rehydration solutions, IV fluids, and antibiotics.
    they’d have to shut the ride down decontaminate EVERY inch of the ride which could take weeks

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