E.L.F.S- What Ever Happened to Santa’s Elite Group of Elves

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Credit: Disney

E.L.F.S- Effective Liberating Flight Squad.

What ever happened to Santa’s Elite group of elves?

Credit: Disney

We saw them in the original 1994 The Santa Clause but haven’t seen them since.

Disney’s new series The Santa Clauses reveals in episode 3 exactly what happened to them.

When we were first introduced to the E.L.F.S, they were portrayed as some of the most important people in the North Pole. Which makes it extremely odd that Bernard and Santa never brought them up again.

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The Santa Clauses bring up the elite team through the appearance of their very last member. We also find out exactly what happened to them.

Simply put- they were too good at their jobs.

Credit: Disney

The last E.L.F.S member explained that there has not been any crime in the North Pole for the last twenty years. Which is roughly how long Scott Calvin has been Santa Claus.

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Without this elite group of elves, Scott Calvin might have never been able to remain Santa.

Along with his son, Charlie, they were the ones to help save Santa after he got arrested (for being accused of kidnapping Charlie) in the first Santa Clause movie.

Credit: Disney

It was all thanks to their special training, and portrayal as an elite extraction and combat unit, fully equipped with jetpacks and more.

Without them, Scott would have remained in prison and Christmas for the foreseeable future would have been forever ruined.

Sadly, the E.L.F.S is down to one member, and we see that the last twenty years have not been kind to the team. So much so, that they are down to one member.

Credit: Disney

Quoting the last elf- “I’m too old for this shift.” 

With being “defudged” and the lack of Christmas spirit, we see exactly what happened to our favorite elite team.

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