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Space Mountain DL

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  1. X

    Ahhh boo hoo they shined a flashlight and let you see ahead and it’s the end of the world! OH NOOOO! Those darn flashlights are SO evil!


    1. Jane Cubelli

      Sure, it’s not the end of the world but have a little empathy if you can. Those flashlight people were being a-holes and time is precious. Now, if the posters want the thrill of the ride they would have to waste time going through again. It doesn’t take much to be a little considerate of others. Sarcasm is not needed.

      1. D Robinson

        I’d rather have light than puke! I got in line faster than a drunk woman and her friend who was helping her stumble along. Started walking fast to warn the first line attendant I saw to try and discourage the drunk one from getting on the ride. BTW it was the Rockin Rollercoaster at Disney Hollywood Studios. I don’t know how she was able to make it past the video part but then I find myself on the ride and the women were in the seats behind me. One of them threw up, right before we took off… it sounded so very disgusting. The other lady started yelling for assistance and thankfully the ride was stopped. I didn’t mind climbing out of the car from that spot and getting into another. I would’ve been really upset to have vomit on me during the ride. But I knew that was going to happen, I’ve witnessed a similar incident (not in a theme park). Wish the employees had more withitness to help stop that mess.

        1. Nina

          I don’t understand why someone would think that it’s so important to write about? There’s a lot more important things people would want to hear about. I think. Who cares. We all run into inconsiderate people in life. Just the way it is and sometimes it will change our plans. I think they should just deal with it. It’s life , get over it and worry about something important. If the flashlight people were drunk, they were just having drunk fun and probably didn’t even realize it was bothering someone else. Myself, if I worried about stuff like that all the time I would be a pretty unhappy person.

          1. Jacqueline

            Let’s see you get thrown up on it’s very unpleasant since it is a Bloodborne pathogen and flashing lights while riding a ride is disrespectful to others I’m so sorry you hate life and just except anything that comes your way good luck to you🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

      2. Lisa A Barnes-Powell

        Correct I agrees with you wholeheartedly

    2. TellinItLikeItIs

      Easy to spot the entitled people in the comment section. The “I can do what I want, screw everyone else’s enjoyment” people. You are what make the world terrible. I bet you were also someone who refused to wear a mask too.

    3. Tosp

      What an ass, lights on dark rides are annoying. And people wait in line a long time, shouldn’t have to deal with that bs

    4. Joel

      IDIOTS. All these comments are to stupid to be printed.

    5. Richard

      Obviously you had an amazing childhood. Hopefully God never blesses you with a child.

      1. Douglas

        Why are they seeing alcohol anyway? I drink but I can wait until I’m home or at the hotel. Disney shut down the alcohol.

    6. Katy

      Right. Doesn’t take much to ruin their entire experience.

    7. Marcie

      I was thinking the same thing, cry a river and get over or here is a idea quite being a cry baby

  2. Bob Angarola

    That’s why Walt never allowed alcohol in the park!

    1. Lala

      People bring in their own alcohol.

    2. Internet Avenger

      Except for just personal guests at Club 33…. Membership has its privilege.

  3. Tim

    I want to know what phones these people had as the light on phones is not that powerful to show much past the front of the train if even past the knees of the rider holding the phone. Like someone else has said I would much prefer the light over the unswallowing of the drunk guests.

    1. Cuyo

      With phones nowadays, the flashlights from them illuminate everything around where it is aimed. It’s not simply a small beam. They show everything in front of whoever in a circle. It exposes all the scaffoldings and the track. And they may have been bright, they don’t go far, but enough to ruin the experience.

    2. Darth Oswin

      I am Definitely using “unswallowing” to describe vomiting now, lmfao.

  4. I thought you were allowed to purchase beer and wine in the World Showcase. In fact I remember having 1 margarita while eating in Mexico! I no longer drink( it isn’t fun unless you are single with your girlfriends). I used to love SPACE MOUNTAIN! I have ridden so many times over the years. Now? I can’t because I have back and neck problems. I have never witnessed such behavior before. I think ( actually know) that I would walk away. I am there to have a good time! That’s why I stick mostly to EPCOT.

  5. Matt

    This will happen, but if you close your eyes it will be pretty much. The same experience minus the ice cream cone comet.

  6. sscain3

    We were at Disney World about 9 or 10 years ago and it was already starting. There was a group in the park who spoiled our experience seeing a Beatles group in England. The head a-hole of the group was the worst, but the whole group was wearing t-shirts that advertised that they “were drinking their way through the World Showcase.” They were all loud and obnoxious. It was obvious from their clothing and actions what their goal was. And it wasn’t being considerate of other guests. We called and complained after we’d returned to our room at a Disney resort. It was made up to our group by being given passes into a VIP area for the fireworks that night. I think sometimes Disney goes out of its way to not spoil the “experience” of some of its guests, when they need to end said “experience” before it begins. I have no problem with alcohol in the parks, but in this case, it was obvious the group’s goal was to be drunk and obnoxious.

  7. Lexie

    If they were drunk why were they allowed on the ride in the 1st place ? Shouldn’t that b a major rule cuz they could harm themselves or their fellow passengers !

  8. Alcohol should not be allowed inside park! Beer and wine maybe in sit down restaurants with 2 drink limit only, not allowed to carry out. Children should not be subjected to obnoxious drunks shouting, puking or fighting. Walt’s dream of the happiest place on earth for children and families deserves his respect to be carried on as he planned it with no alcohol! It’s worked for 70+ years. Keep his dream happy.

  9. Disney parks are now no better than the average corner bar. . just another reason to stay away .. better uses for one’$ money .and I had terrible treatment from Epcot .. was treated like a leper and bullied by staff.. never again.. ..no reason to visit any disney dumpy park again..

    1. Lee

      Bullied by staff, I really doubt that, sounds like you’re overly sensitive

  10. Skeet Jackman

    Dude, how else am I going to film your mom going down on me without light. SPACE MOUTAIN!

  11. I had a bad experience with cast mates at the baked potato stand across from Toontown train depot/Lion King Show. I didn’t know they were closed and I walked up to purchase a baked potato. The manager there looked at me and said in a sarcastic way to me “Can I help you!!? I asked if I could purchase a baked potato and she said. ” Aah were closed? What did you want!!? I told her a baked potato. She sighs at me and says” Don’t you see she’s counting her drawer!!? I only have orders for online orders!!
    I just said OK and I walked away. The thing is all she had to to was say was “I’m sorry. We’re closed.” Also she could have pulled down two of the blinds and left one open for her online orders. This would have been something to tell me they were closed. Easy as that.

  12. Garrett

    You say drink people ruin it.. but everyone knows you really mean black people. Wherever black people are in public, quality of life is awful

  13. Gary

    Listen up everyone Walt said in 1958 that he did not want alcohol in his park” Disneyland ” if you do not believe me get to this web site and read. ” Walt Disney talks early Disneyland by Jim Korkis ” For you alcohol drinkers you can not drink when you are there but do it after you leave! To higher ups these were Walt’s orders so get rid of alcohol period. And this is from a Disney Cousin! Walt was afriad of things like this happening.

  14. Denise

    I’ve literally rode that ride plenty of times while Disney themselves didn’t have the lights off and the whole inside is lit up. Kinda cool to see it’s a small track in a smaller than expected area, still not the end of the world and definitely not worth writing about. They serve alcohol, drunk people will be there. Duh.

  15. Lee

    Ya, close your eyes

  16. Susan Powell

    The world has changed.
    More violence& shooting & shooting off of the mouth.
    I’ve never had bad time at Disneyland.
    But that was in the 1950s
    & we lived a mile away.
    Now, it’s a lot different than that!
    I would not say we are better off now, so many seem to become so entitled!

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