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Chapek, D'Amaro, and Mickey

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  1. Gary

    Well if that is the case he has to go too. And there are people who Walt would have approved of to do the job. It has to go back to the Walter Elias Disney ” Disney Company ” PRONTO

  2. Carl

    He failed to push back on any price increases or elimination of performers. He should be sent packing. He eliminated any Magic just as Chapek did.

    1. Ken

      He is just as guilty of Chapek. I won’t have complete faith is Disney until he is gone too. I still won’t go back under the greed is gone and the magic is back. There was Disney magic when we went many years ago. It’s just not so special anymore and not worth my vacation time and money.

  3. Leslie

    Josh is a good guy. He was working under an oppressive leader that demanded things be the way he wanted them without considering anyone’s input.
    I’m surprised Josh survived under Chapek. He had a difficult run under him.

    1. Tim

      He was a yes man to Chapek. There is a reason that Chapek promoted him and that was because he goose stepped to Chapek. D’Amara needs to go along with about every other executive at this point. The other head that can’t go soon enough is Kathleen Kennedy.

  4. John

    People conveniently forget that Iger held hand pick most these people as his successors and was even there working with them during the pandemic when he “came back to help”. It’s laughable that people are celebrating his return as if he has nothing to do with it. Additionally, the parks in Asia get better upgrades due to the ownership agreements. Iger is responsible for most of this stuff and Disney should have looked externally rather than allowing an Iger cash grab.

  5. Jeffrey

    I have met Josh many times in the parks and he truly seemed to care about the staff and the guests. Hopefully he would not have his feet to the fire like previous leadership and is able to get back to help in making magic

    1. DHC

      He may be a “good guy”, but he stood by and watched the disgusting Chapek policies put into place. If he truly loves the parks and castmembers, he would have fought for them. He needs to go. Chop away Bob Iger, until every head on that awful beast that was Bob Chapek is gone. Their silence makes them complicit.

    2. Joey

      To be fair we don’t know what type of pushback he made behind closed doors, and was simply ignored by Chapek but didn’t say anything publicly to present a united front.

  6. Pete

    I’ve met Josh a few times. When he was promoted he did a few things for the cast members that were unexpected, like cutting prices in their cafeteria by as much as 50% at Disney World so we could actually afford to have lunch. He didn’t have to do that, and I think that says a lot about his leadership priorities. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one and hope he stays.

    1. Chris From Orlando

      Was this in Disneyland? Here at WDW it’s almost cheaper to eat on stage than eat the garbage Sodexo serves.

  7. Rebecca

    I’ve met Josh and he’s a really good and really kind person. I think it’s really awful to say things like “he never pushed back”. What, do you have the conference room bugged? How the heck would you know whether or not he pushed back? It’s pretty irresponsible to publish something like this about a person without facts to back it up. I’d guess (and I’ll say it’s a guess because I have no facts or evidence to back up my claim) that he had been suffering under Chapek.

    1. Penelope Dix

      I’m sorry for him, and I hope he doesn’t let this dampen his obviously remarkable talents. I wrote something below that I hope all these people understand deeply…

    2. Walt

      Doubt it. I’m sorry but in my role I “fought the man” and was the contrarian – it was not always successful but it made people to think and see things from a different perspective. You may be partly right – he’s ok but the rot is too deep. This company needs a thourough housecleaning ala twitter or the Roy Disney takeover bid.

  8. David

    To be honest, it sounds like he was not doing his job at all. Being nothing more than a yes-man, and not pushing back when the parks are in desperate need of maintenance, is a sign that he is unfit for the job.

  9. Penelope Dix

    This whole culture is so disgusting. The bad guys haven’t even been identified yet because they’re built into our genes. The downfall of Disney, trapped as a corporate juggernaut at a time when it’s medicine (orderly and meaningful anecdotes that living well means happy endings) is secured by its legal obligation to keep shareholders happy (above patrons). And this is infinitely scrutinized by a group of people who are paid to spew outrage and discontent into a pool of people desperate to find justifications for their own failings. I…just…can’t…anymore. This whole show is like watching a 6th grade rendition of Macbeth. Nobody here deserves anything. That is an empty promise. This whole thing was built by opportunists who saw a way forward, but that never meant it was the illuminated sojourn. Nobody wants to give more than they get these days, and that is at the root of why this whole ship is going to fall beneath the sea.

  10. M

    Hope so. #SaveSplashMountain

  11. Jarvis

    Only Joos allowed. Sorry.

  12. Mickeymouse3

    Jury is still out on good ol Josh. People say he didn’t fight back. Maybe he did, as far as he could without losing a paycheck..and not the Bob kind either.
    I’m for giving him a chance but he would be on a short leash.

  13. Stephanie Moore

    I also think all board members should step down and all top management should be replaced things need to go back like it was 12 years ago where the parks were in better shape customer service was great and there was magic

  14. No mercy

    He’s the one who told 2000 employees their jobs were being relocated out of state and they had 90 days to either move or leave.

  15. KMAN

    I’ve meet Josh personally a few times and he’s a great guy but that being said it was inline for him to step up and demand the correct course of action as As Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products , by being complacent and agreeing with what was happening it make him just as Culpable as BOB CHAPEK and warrants his removal , for Disney to move forward and regain there prestigious reputation. Along with other Senior Executives that were complacent .

  16. Dee

    Yes, D’Amaro needs to go also. Iger neds to ‘clean house’. Doesn’t matter if he is a nice guy, his business ethics & management are what’s important. As the head of the parks, he had a say & didn’t say anything. That makes him as bad as Chapek. I know I bought stock in Disney, because of the Disney magic. It is a long term stock. Chapek & others were looking to cash in fast. It was like another Enron. Glad Chapek is gone. But with regards to Iger selling to Apple, he has no authority to do that, it would be a shareholder decision. One I know I would vote NO to.

  17. Tad

    Here’s the thing; what we saw at the parks and resorts do not align with the reputation D’Amaro had built for himself. There is a reason fans and cast like(d) him. What we have seen in the parks and resorts are more inline with the reputation Chapek has built for himself from his time in the same position and every other department.

    Josh’s entire background is largely all customer/guest orientated. He is a career hospitality man. Chapek, on the other hand, is your typical cold businessman and a lot of his choices in his various roles reflects that.

    Without being in those meetings or board rooms we cannot definitively state Josh did not push back. By the sounds of things there have been a lot of rumblings in the mouse house of how Chapek was running an oppressive ship. There is evidence for this based on the slew of tweets from current and former employees from various departments. With these rumblings and uncertainty about Chapek’s future it wouldn’t make sense to do anything that would overtly throw you into his targets (like Rice) to end your time with the company if you valued your job.

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