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Iger seen next to Mickey

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  1. JW

    Why in the world did the board of directors renew his contract early and issue a strong statement of support at the time??? It sounds like discontent had been growing among Disney executives for a while. It all makes no sense…but I’m glad he’s gone! Hopefully Iger will be able to make some changes soon that will please both stockholders and long time fans – because a trip to WDW is not nearly as enjoyable now as it was prior to 2020. We’ve already cut the number of our future trips in half.

  2. Rroe

    Iger is the Man……..Crowd Control, Genie +, out of control guests and reducing the outrageous prices I’m sure will be on Mr. Iger’s agenda. Bob Paycheck was Disney’s Albatross and I certainly hope Disney has learned a lesson with this bafoon.

  3. AH

    Genie+ was Iger’s baby brought to fruition by Chapek. Iger has made a lot of mistakes, and he now has a chance to fix them. Got a trip in the future hanging in the balance on how successful he is.

  4. Carl

    There is nothing Iger can really do to fix Disney. The problems are bigger than the Mouse can handle. Disney is becoming a failed company that may not survive its own stupidity. Greed, not taking care of its work force and ignorning its customers will doom a company, no matter how large it is.

  5. Liz H

    I am hoping Mr. Iger will return Disney to Walt’s original vision. A creative process that would bring family entertainment to a new level. As far as the park is concerned, a affordable family environment where the whole family could escape every day concerns and play together in a wholesome environment. The park is now too expensive, too much work with all the reservations and ordering in advance etc. They took the fun out of showing up in the park anytime and taking your chances there would be space and then once in the park being spontaneous and joyful. What do you want to do now? Now there is too much technology and declining service and quality! Prior to COVID went to the park at least three to four times a year. We will not continue if the parks stay the way they are now. The company has lost its way in terms of creativity and orignality as well as awareness of who their customer base really is. $10,000 suites and guided tours of the park for rich people does not sell tickets. Is Disney just going to just be for the elite? I could go on…they fired the whole room service staff at the Disneyland Hotel and did not rehire. Our family knew most of the employees by name. DLH was home away from home and the cast members like family. I am hoping this and other damage can be solved. Technology is not the answer. People are.

  6. Tammy

    I’m so glad Bob Paycheck is gone!
    I’m hoping to see the return of the Disney stores. I’m from Canada, and since the stores closed, I’m not purchasing from Disney like I used to. Between delivery charges, duty, and UPS brokerage fees, I now pay almost triple the sticker price.
    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Bring back the Disney stores!

  7. Rey I.

    So glad to see Bob Chapek gone!!! He killed DISNEY! Now with Iger at the helm, he needs to get back into everyone’s good graces! He can start with adding Annual Passes, at a reasonable price, to start. Then if he can remove the Park Reservation system, everyone will estatic! Good luck Iger but I’m glad that they finally got Bob Paycheck out of there

  8. Bravo Disney!
    We will get it right, and we will come back. Looking forward to new and exciting experiences.
    With a focus on kids and accessibility.. the magic can happen again!

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