Disney Guests Hoard New Items, Stuff Bags For Profit

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Though the Disney Parks are home to truly iconic rides and attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and the son-to-be remodeled Splash Mountain, a major component of the Disney Parks experience is shopping.

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From Disney Springs to all of the various locales inside the Disney Parks, Guests have a lot of opportunities ot shop. There are even shops at the exits of rides for the “convenience” of Guests.

Anytime there is a special holiday or limited-time event at the Disney Parks, you can bet your Mickey ears that Guests will be offered some unique and more limited merchandise. We have seen this at Walt Disney World, with Guests going crazy for cups, mugs, and bags as the Resort continues celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Unfortunately, this sometimes means that certain Guests will start to hoard this special merchandise in order to resell it later for a higher cost, and recently, one Disney Park is facing an uptick of resellers.

Disney Guests shopping with Cast Members
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Disney Park merchandise can be a touchy subject. In the past, we’ve seen full-on fights break out over limited-edition items, and while Disney tends to keep things in stock, Guests can still feel the panic set in when a new item comes out and they’re not there to pick it up.

Some items prove to be so popular and coveted that resellers swoop in for their chance to flip these hot pieces of merchandise. This was shown in a few tweets from @dlp_guests_show:

People must have big houses to want all those Iron Man statuettes, maybe to put one in every room… (Translated)

Another person who must have a big family (Translated)

While Disney usually has a policy on how many items Guests are allowed to buy, Guests have ways around this, as we can see above. Typically, Guests will bring their kids as every Guest can make a purchase, even from the same party, and as long as the size or skew is different, the product counts as a “new” one. Hopefully, the merchandise lasts for those Guests wanting to purchase it for themselves.

We recently saw this issue emerge again at Walt Disney World with the Resort’s new Mr. Toad and Christmas-themed popcorn buckets.

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