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  1. Blaine

    Perhaps, for those who protest the manufacture/use of the plastic bags, you may repurpose them by pouring your drinks in them, since that’s an issue too?

  2. Ken

    Just decline the bag. They’ll get the hint.

  3. Walt

    Really this is what people get worked up about? These same people are the ones who are on their phones (plastic and rare earth minerals) and use a multitude of other products that “destroy” the environment. Plus Disney is MADE of Plastic! Disney Toys squirted out of machines in china are plastic, then shipped in boats and planes burning fossil fuels. These IDIOTS -and I do mean IDIOTS need to get a clue.

  4. Rooftop Voter

    The backside of water—–the highlight of the cruise. Tried doing it at home, not the same

  5. Deb

    The Disney plastic thing is a joke. All you need to do is to look at how much plastic is used with food and drink in the parks. I bought a burger at The Land. It was removed from a warmer oven and the lettuce and tomato was served in a plastic container and not on the burger. Try going to Epcot and get those festival drinks. All plastic. Yet one of my favorite things at Disney World was those drink stirrers that you got with those mixed drinks. Each establishment had their own stirrers and people collected them. Those of you that believe Disney is saving the planet have been hoodwinked. Complaining about a plastic bag that is a Ziploc promotional tells me that you don’t have better things to do with your life. In many cases getting rid of plastic items is just saving Disney money. Now wouldn’t it be great in Epcot that when you bought one of those expensive alcoholic drinks you got a stirrer. People wouldn’t trash them, but save them.

  6. Mickeymouse3

    Disney is only to happy to accept Ziploc’s money in exchange for a plastic baggie distribution…aka advertising.
    I will agree that baggies really serve no purpose for the Jungle Cruise and more than likely most bags will be tossed away somewhere.

  7. Bobby

    Nothing to see here. No one really cares. We let those 8 to 10 people have their moment. Let’s move on now.

  8. Paul W

    It’s really not hard to figure. Nobody is going to take home a straw or a lid and they are a pain to pick up. These bags, people will take home as a free souvenir. And if they don’t, they are easier litter to deal with than straws and lids.

  9. M

    People have become ridiculous. They’re giving out a FREE bag to protect your stuff from getting wet of which many complained….and you complain?
    I do think Disney could do better on plastics by using bamboo or hemp products but to keep from getting wet what’s your solution then? Don’t just whine offer an idea! Phlebs.

  10. lorraine

    but yet they give you paper straws

  11. Rita

    I want one!!! …I’m assuming it’s an advertising gimmick deal with Ziplock. Disney has always partnered with other companies to sponsor rides.

  12. Dawn

    To keep their phones in…. Same as on Splash.

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