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  1. Deb

    I’m fed up with the way people are behaving I just don’t get why so many people are just horrid,rude ,mean , entitled call it what you want I just don’t get it,be happy and courteous for Christ sake

    1. Idontcare

      You can thank social media for making everyone an entitled narcissist.

      1. Linda

        It will happen more and more as Disney allows the multitudes of people to enter. How anyone can enjoy what the park offers…is beyond me. There is just too many people at any given time. Tempers will flare with frustration and impatience. I’m sorry Disney feels the need to pack us in like sardines.

        1. The Antikaren

          Right. It’s Disney’s fault for existing. Not yours whatsoever for, yknow, actually going during peak seasons.

          1. Fleebish

            Dunno if you’re a Disneyland fan or not, bit I can assure you the EVERY.SINGLE.DAY is peak. They oversell tickets !ND this Genie BS makes people stand in lines that literally don’t move. Doesn’t mean people have the right to act like jerks..but disney needs to pull back o, the greed.

        2. Todd Hudson

          You say that but honestly i feel like there are less people in line and such then 20 years ago. I dont think its that its the fact the new generations all think they are entitled and dont have considerations for other people. If you cant deal with a crowd then dont go or go when the parks arent as busy. Ive been going to Disney nearly all my life since i was 4 im nearly 50 now. Yes Disney has gotten more greedy with money but what they had with the free fast passes a day and can add to after you use them seemed to help alot not this new genie+ crap they have now

        3. Kevin

          There’s money to be fleeced from all the sheeples. I mean peoples.

    2. Jason Laird

      Totally 100% agree Deb.

      1. People like that need to be taught a lesson

  2. Chris Kinney

    Some people just suck.

    1. Chris, that’s the truth!

      1. Joe Jernick

        Just another moron. They’re spreading like wildfire!

  3. Greg

    Well, this is what happens when we now live in a country full of entitled a@@@holes. They need to be told “sorry, the planet doesn’t revolve around you”

    1. Sam

      I worked at Disneyland in the 80s, and witnessed this kind of thing all the time. With the size of the crowds getting larger I’m sure that these altercations are more frequent, but it’s nothing new or unusual for any crowded public place. (I’ve witnessed far worse on a regular basis at sports events.)

      1. Patrick

        This nothing new(in regards to crowding)your spot on.. What is new is the already distant attitude many park goers have right from the gate .. as though it’s their own private park Experience…Walt(if alive) would have a few brief Mesmerizing words to say to them.💯

    2. Jason Laird

      I totally 100% agree with you Greg.

  4. Kathy P

    I had an issue at WDW last year. My granddaughter and I were in line at an ice cream cart, we kept about 4-5 feet behind the young gal in front of us, well as the line moved up she turned around and commented “you need to step back, you are too close to me”…my granddaughter looked at me like “we did we do”. As she was leaving with her ice cream, I commented kinda loud…”maybe a Disney park is not where people should be if they are worried about someone being too close to them”😉

    1. F'Lama Tia

      Or maybe you can just, yknow, do what she asks and not whine about it. Social distancing isn’t that hard.

      1. Dr B

        Um, didn’t she say that SHE WAS DOING JUST THAT?

      2. ZachinKY

        Or maybe stay home Karen

  5. I re-read the article and still cannot find an altercation! One did happen involving a woman next to me. In ShopRite! That was an altercation!

    1. Drummy

      Why did the author let people go ahead of him and the person in front? Not doing that would have avoided the whole argument idiot.

      1. Marie

        He let them go through as in passing by to the other side of the line, not ahead of him…

      2. Davidc

        I was trying to understand that as well? She moved to the side I get it the author was holding back to leave room for her to return. But was letting other people pass?? If it is a queue line why are you letting other people pass. I would keep moving forward and allow her to return to the line when she chose to. Reasonably! What she did with the cast members is between her and the cast members. At the time they split Us in the line I don’t care what she’s doing anymore. Some people will never be happy. And some people feel a need to make a scene. But the story is confusing.

      3. Kim

        I was thinking the same thing. Why let people pass you in line????

        1. Todd R Hudson

          Might have been a dad and son that had to leave to go potty and was getting back in line happens alot when you have family and a little one cant hold it before the end. Happens all the time

  6. Mel

    You can’t fix stupid!

  7. Okay; here I go again bringing up race. I am a 65 year old black woman and all of my life I have experienced disrespect and rudeness such as the above from just about everybody. Now; this type of unchecked behavior has spread and is happening to everyone. I feel your pain but am not surprised. Neither do I care.

    1. Ed

      You’d be surprised what you find when that’s what you’re always looking for. Maybe see where you are at fault or contributed to your perceived disrespect.

      1. Katy

        You can tell you don’t know any poc. You don’t have to be looking for it for r a c i s m to find you. You should try educating yourself before defending r a c i s t s

    2. Debbie

      It has nothing to do with race. I myself am not black and plenty of people have been rude to me. That’s a huge problem in America, if someone is rude to you,it must be a race issue!

      1. Rick

        Not, rudeness It is not based on race its based on lack of social understanding and lack of social graces.

        1. John Burkholder

          Playing the race card is so old…past time to put it to rest

          1. Kidd

            PAST TIME TO PUT RA CISM TO REST. How bout that?!!

        2. Jason Laird

          Totally 100% agree with you Rick.

  8. Anonymous

    Your best day is that moment as they are having their worse day. Sour grapes. I make olive branches if they don’t want to ride on my reading rainbow then tough titty!

  9. Drummy

    Some people see any request as a personal attack, and turn a situation into a passing contest.

  10. Idontcare

    I rather enjoy the increasingly common violence among Americans. I just wish someone would occasionally include me.

  11. Ellen

    I have been going to WDW for many years Just went in Sept 22 and was amazed at number of locations thru out parks (not just restaurants) where alcohol is provided. Some people can’t handle it This might be contributing factor to fights breaking out. Disney needs to cut down on booze, leave it for after parks at restaurants and bars. But booze equals bucks. High priced drinks like ones at Star Wars attractions makes profits. Some people are just plain rude without drinking though

    1. Vicky

      I honestly don’t think I could put the responsibility on Disney. Disney does well with checking IDs. The issue really seems to be with the guests. If these guests are adults (assuming due to them having alcohol) then they know what they should and shouldn’t have and how much or how little they have. Blaming Disney over intoxicated guests is just as ridiculous as blaming Disney for anyone that has issues with sugar. Just because it’s available doesn’t mean you should have it. I haven’t seen signs popping out in front of guests telling them to buy… pretty much anything. I do believe that if someone causes issues due to alcohol, they should be removed from the park. That is a better option than having the police called and being arrested for drunk and disorderly in public.

      1. Jason Laird

        Totally agree with you Vicky.

  12. Art

    I worked at Disney World in the 90s and this happens more then you think. Now, it’s just publicized more cause of social media. I’m sure cause their are more people in the park it’s more widespread but people were a-holes before we could blast it on social media.

  13. DJT luvsputin

    So good for him. He explained his side then kept his distance and did what the cast member instructed him to do. Apparently the woman had too much attitude to deserve to be at Disney.

  14. Vicki Smith

    You can’t reason with, nor understand crazy. People are just looking for fights and reasons to argue. God help us all

  15. Lisa

    This was very silly.

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